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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 6 – The Agent

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 6 – The Agent

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  • Dossier #10 | New Helghan Prison
  • Dossier #11 | Echo
  • Audio Log #21 | Shipping Manifest
  • Comic #18 | Pages 35-36
  • Comic #19 | Pages 37-38
  • Dossier #12 | Containment City
  • Audio Log #22 | Delivery Concerns
  • Comic #20 | Pages 39-40
  • Audio Log #23 | Emergency Call Report
  • Comic #21 | Pages 41-42
  • Newspaper #5 | Vekta Daily
  • Audio Log #24 | Shots Fired
  • Comic #22 | Pages 43-44
  • Comic #23 | Pages 45-56 


  • The Agent [Complete the chapter]

As the chapter begins, Lucas is coming to with an unidentified voice speaking to him. The voice tells him to follow its instructions and it’ll get him out of there. Although not revealing their identity, the voice tells Lucas that they are close. Just then the door to the cell opens and the mission begins.

As you begin to move, the voice will continue to give you instructions. Just follow them and whatever you do, keep moving. The voice continues to talk to you, saying you’re lucky to be alive and that the Helghast worked you hard. You have to be on the ball. The voice will give you instructions and you have to make split second adjustments. Although not hard, you need to pay attention.

Eventually the voice goes offline. Keep moving forward until you’re confronted by two Helghast guards. Luckily, the voice makes its identity known and takes them out before the guards can take you out. Looks like Echo and Lucas will be teaming up on this one.

As you begin your journey with Echo, you engage in a deep conversation about the struggle between the Vektan and Helghast. She patches you into the ComSec network, allowing you to hack into automata and designate targets for Echo to engage. Since you don’t have any weapons, marking targets is key. Put your cross hairs on a target and press L1 to mark it. Echo also shows you how to hack Spider Mines. To do this, simply look at them and again, press L1. This allows you to take control of and even detonate them. 

When Echo takes you to the next room, hack the Spider Vine as instructed, crawl through the window and detonate it by the door. Shortly after, Echo will give you a pistol and leave you for the high ground. Your objective should now be displayed on your screen. If not, press the D-Pad Up to view it. You also have use of your Tactical Echo again. Time to get a move on. Start heading for your objective and take down the two Helghast guards with some well-placed headshots. 

There’s quite a few guards up ahead. Try marking one for Echo to snipe and take the other down with a melee attack. This is an excellent strategy. Try to avoid having Echo engage single targets in a large group unless your back is against the wall. One solider dying only alerts the others. Try to have her pick off isolated Helghast to clear a path. As you move to the platform, the bridge will be retracted and the control panel is on the other side. Hack a Spider Mine and have it charge the control panel to use the bridge. 

Keep moving towards your objective. Just after the bridge when you head inside, take down the two guards and climb up on the boxes. Time to take a trip through the ventilation again. When you reach the other side, make your way around to the right and through the double doors. Take the guard down with a pistol round to the back of the head. If you get caught, hunker down and start taking out the Helghast by any means possible. Move across the open area and up the escalator. When you come across two Helghast soldiers with shields, think about hacking a Spider Mine to detonate near them. Keep moving towards your objective and use the access panel after all the Helghast soldiers are down. 

When you finally make it to the containment center, use the access panel. Echo tells you she can’t make it to your position and will find another way around. Your new objective is to escape New Helghan and should be marked on your screen. If not, remember to press Up on the D-Pad to display it. As you move along what can only be described as slums, you get a real opportunity to see the suffering that people of New Helghan must endure. You even get a chance to save one or two. Do your good deeds and keep on going. 

When you get through the slums, go through the double doors and melee the Helghast guard. Use the access panel and mark the container as instructed by Echo. Head into the ventilation system to your left. If you’re spotted, go loud and put some Helghast in the ground. When you exit the vent, be sure to grab the ammunition and especially the EMP grenades. Keep moving towards your objective, which will take you down. When you come to a drone, Echo will warn you and advise you not to take it head on. Move around to the left of the drone and use the access panel to open the elevator doors. You’ll have to back off a bit since a squad is headed your way. If you get cornered by the drone, toss your EMP grenades and run past it. Make your way back to the elevator and use the access panel inside to continue. 

Pro Tip: Even if you’re being engaged, you can sprint past the Helghast and use the access panel in the elevator. As soon as you interact with the panel, no damage can be done to you. 

Once the elevator reaches the top, exit and walk around to another access panel. Go through the door and hack the Spider Mine. Use it to destroy the control panel, opening the door in front of you. As you move forward, Echo will lose her cloak charge, handing her sniper rifle over to you. She instructs you not to shoot anything she doesn’t mark. Listen to the lady. 

Echo will now show up as your objective. She isn’t very easy to see at times, so press Up on the D-Pad to have her location displayed on-screen. Targets she marks will appear as diamonds. If she marks it, you shoot it. Her first instructions are to take out the spotlight. Do as you’re told. Follow her as she makes her way across and keep taking down the targets she gives you. When the container moves you to the other side, sprint and climb down the ladder to take cover. When you get the all-clear, climb back up the ladder and take down the guards marked by Echo. When the coast is clear, Echo and Lucas engage in another deep conversation about the conflict between their two civilizations. Lucas begins to realize things aren’t as simple as he once thought. 

After a short ride on a container, give Echo her rifle back. She’s headed to the control room while she tasks you with disabling the security system. As Echo goes back to her role of over watch, start to move towards your objective. Use your pistol to shoot and disable the security cameras nearby. Your Tactical Echo will pinpoint the location of enemies in the area. Mark isolated foes so that Echo can take them out. This is far more effective than risking detection yourself. Once it’s clear, use the access panel before moving on.

Keep heading upstairs — picking up a very large gun along the way — and meet Echo in the control room. Grab the Petrusite Capacitor as instructed and head outside. Run down the stairs and to the right where you can place it into the generator. Now that that’s done, it’s time to defend Echo while she works her magic. Use your Tactical Echo if you want become properly scared. There’s Helghast everywhere! Good thing you picked up that rather large weapon. Once Echo gives you the word, start using L1 to mark any enemy targets you want ATAC to attack. Focus on the Attack Walkers, not the infantry. There’s a total of four that you need to take down. 

Hop up on the ATAC as Echo instructs you. She asks you to give her 48 hours and Massar will be dead, leaving Stahl with nothing. As the ATAC takes off, it loses power and you crash land. Once you’re on your feet, start moving towards your objective. Get into the ditch and sprint forward. Don’t stop until you’re safely in Vektan hands. 

When Lucas reaches safety, he’s reunited with Sinclair. Just like Echo told him, Lucas asks Sinclair to stand down, but Sinclair doesn’t seem to think it’s a good idea. He tells Lucas to watch his step, that trust is easily lost and you can’t ever get it back. Lucas reasons that Echo saved his life, but Sinclair isn’t having it, laying on a guilt trip saying, “You’re going to side with her over me?” Sinclair tells Lucas that Visari, Massar and Stahl all want the same thing, to wipe the Vektan out. Lucas pleads, telling Sinclair there are innocent people in New Helghan. Sinclair isn’t buying it, and sends Lucas back in to find Massar and the weapon she’s working on.

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