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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 4 – The Patriot

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 4 – The Patriot

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  • Newspaper #03 | Vektan Daily
  • Audio Log #12 | Last Call Home
  • Dossier #05 | Chancellor Visari
  • Comic #08 | Pages 15-16
  • Comic #09 | Pages 21-22
  • Comic #10 | Pages 17-18
  • Comic #11 | Pages 19-20
  • Dossier #06 | New Helghan
  • Audio Log #13 | Tyran’s Wrath 


  • The Patriot [Complete the chapter]

The cut scene begins with Lucas in a rescue ship on his way back to see Sinclair. You have minor control here, so just follow the soldier and walk through the security checkpoint. Shortly after you do, some large explosions go off, knocking everyone to the ground. It’s a Helghast terrorist attack on the Vektan Security Agency. What looks like a Vektan soldier comes over to help an injured civilian, only to reveal they are really Helghast and execute them. The soldier moves to do the same to you, but you melee them to gain full control back. The fight is on. 

There are civilians mixed with Helghast here, so be sure to use your Tactical Echo to locate enemies and take them out. There’s a small pocket outside the VSA that you must deal with first. Fight your way into the building, clearing the main floor. Take out the reinforcements before dropping down to find another large group of opposition. Take your time and work your way around the perimeter before dropping yet another level. When the area is clear — the dramatic music has stopped — order your OWL to hack into the security system to bring it back online. This triggers one more wave of Helghast to attack. Fight your way through them and head back upstairs to meet up with Sinclair and continue the mission.

As you board the ship with Sinclair, it’s clear he’s angry. His character’s overall tone is beginning to sound full of hate for all Helghast, not just political and military. He explains to Lucas that he always knew this would happen, an attack on their own soil. A video broadcast of Vladko Tyran begins to play. He’s the leader of the Black Hand, a terrorist organization made up of former Helghast soldiers and agents who aim to reignite the war. Intel comes in that the Black Hand have taken over the FlyRail system. Sinclair and Lucas head to intercept. 

Pro Tip: Stay off the FlyRail tracks. Trains come through at extremely high speeds and you are not fast enough to move out of the way. If you must cross, do so immediately after one passes by. 

As soon as you hit the ground, look to your right and kill the Helghast soldier. Use your Tactical Echo to pinpoint the location of any more in the area. Just keep shooting and heading up the tracks towards the objective — Up D-Pad — displayed on-screen. You need elevation, so climb the first ladder you come to. There’s going to be random Helghast scattered throughout the area, so keep an eye out. There’s an open door on the train you’re headed to. Use your zip line to breach the door, but be prepared to fight. Make use of the cover in the train and order your OWL to attack the Helghast. If you have a grenade — Watch out for civilians — now is a good time to use it. When the train is all clear, order your OWL to hack the control panel to complete your objective. 

Head back to where you originally boarded the train. Look out for Helghast soldiers and drones. Best to stay inside and clear as many out as you can before moving on. When you do head out, climb the first ladder you see to get an elevated view of the situation. Double back towards where you originally jumped out of the ship and take another ladder up to the next level. Kill any Helghast nearby and take a third ladder up so the train and your objective are in front and below you. Jump onto the roof of the train and keep moving forward. When you reach the open roof panel, aim inside and shoot any enemy soldiers you see. Drop down and order your OWL to hack the computer system to complete your objective. 

After checking in with Sinclair, there will be an explosion, dividing the train. Climb the ladder in front of you and head outside. Stay on the platform at the top of the ladder. The Helghast are everywhere, and this is a good spot to take them out. Keep heading towards your objective, which is on the side of the platform closest to the city. The third train is below you. You’ll have to drop down on top of it and enter through a roof hatch like the previous one. You’ll find lots of Helghast in here, so if you have any grenades left, send one their way. When the train is clear there’s nothing to hack. The bombs can’t be defused in time. 

A cut scene plays where you are rescued by Sinclair’s ship. You need to stop the train. Use the mini gun and shoot out the cable hooks as instructed. When you do, word will come that they have a location on Tyran and the Black Hand in Vektan territory. He’s got hostages, which Sinclair says are important but off the record, since killing Tyran is more important. Sinclair again starts to show personal hatred, claiming he wants Tyran’s head on a stick. The cut scene ends with you using your zip line to meet up with your squad on the roof of the target building. 

When you hit the roof there will be Helghast on the floor below you. Just shoot them through the roof, rather than jump in and deal with them on all sides. Use your Tactical Echo. There are civilians mixed with Helghast, so make sure you’re shooting the right people; not a part of the chapter you want to go crazy with the grenades on. Repel through the skylight and finish off any stragglers.

There are three areas you need to rescue hostages from. Use the Tactical Echo to mark hostiles and be sure to check your objectives — D-Pad Up — to find their locations. The first room should be the kitchen, clear it and free the hostages. The second room should be the gym. Follow the same strategy as before and head upstairs to the final room. 

Pro Tip: The walls are thin, so use your Tactical Echo to mark the locations of Helghast inside and take them out by shooting through the wall. No need to risk getting killed if you don’t have to.

Clear the third room, which contains the broadcast link. Untie the hostage and prepare to move out. Take down the advancing Helghast and move to the balcony to repel down the building. Repelling is beyond your control, so enjoy the cool breach, finished off by an epic Helghast kill. Of course, things can’t all go your way, as Lucas is soon attacked by Tyran, who stabs him in the left shoulder. Tyran runs away telling Lucas to “Keep the knife. You’ll need it.” Get back to your feet and follow the leader of the Black Hand. Jump onto the moving platform and then climb up onto the ledge. There are only two Helghast to kill here, so do it quickly and run through the doors.

Tyran is escaping on a ship headed for the Wall. This event is mostly scripted, but you do have some interaction. Lucas will run and grab the dangling rope from the ship. Be prepared to fire your pistol at the Helghast inside the ship. It’s a bit tricky with all the movement, but you should get it handled with relative ease. When prompted, climb up the rope to be greeted by Tyran. He respects that you are persistent, but comments that it’s in your nature to lose. Just before he shoots Lucas, you grab that knife — the one Tyran said you would need — and stab him in the foot. He kicks you in the head, knocking you off the ship and to the ground. Don’t worry, you’re in for a soft landing.

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