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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 10 – The Savior

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 10 – The Savior

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  • Newspaper #09 | Vekta Daily
  • Dossier #19 | Lucas Kellen
  • Comic #35 | Pages 69-70 


  • The Savior [Complete the chapter]
  • New Shadow [In ‘The Savior’, complete the mission without being spotted]
  • Violence is the answer? [In ‘The Savior’ kill 20 soldiers and still complete the mission] 

When you begin this final chapter, you’re playing as Echo, and your primary objective is to get to Templar’s Point. Wait for the radio conversation to end before dropping down and using a melee attack to kill the guard. Do as your on-screen instructions say and deploy a maintenance bot to disable the camera directly in front of you. You do have the ability to cloak, but the cameras will disrupt this. When the camera is down, move on.

Head to the right of the destroyed camera and exit through the ventilation. Don’t try to melee the guard or you’ll walk right into the path of the camera. Take the guard out with a pistol headshot and then do the same to the camera. There are two more guards to your left, so take them out and then use the VSA access panel . Note that the panel confirms your identity as Lucas Kellen. Not overly relevant to the main objective, but still interesting.

Head through the doors and up the stairs. Take the camera out with a pistol shot. There’s one more guard at the security desk. If he heard anything take him down quickly and go through the double doors. Head to the right to use the security camera outside, or you can go through the single door.

Pro Tip: Press down on the D-Pad to activate your cloaking ability. It won’t fool security cameras, but people won’t be able to see you. Stay quiet and don’t get in their way. If you’re careful, you should be able to walk among them without being detected. 

Now that you’re reached Templar’s Point, you’ll get some new objectives. You need to find the sniper rifle and deactivate the lower tier surveillance cameras. Hop down on the path to your left but be careful of the incoming patrol. Let them clear the area before moving on. Follow the path all the way to the end and head down the small set of steps just to your left. Move just to the right of the stairs and go through the bushes and into a ventilation system. Follow the vent to the left and use the access panel to disable the lower tier surveillance system. 

Double back through the vent, and when you exit, turn to your left. Your next objective is above you, so head up the stairs. You’ll come to a soldier and security camera. Don’t try to take either of them out; just sneak by using your cloak. Follow the path all the way around to the right and up another set of stairs. There will be a vent up top. Climb inside and grab the sniper rifle to complete your second objective. 

Exit the vent the way you came in and go back down the stairs you just came up. Vault over the side railing to get to the ground level. Press Up on your D-Pad to reveal your next objective: disable the upper tier surveillance cameras. You should be able to head straight there without any trouble. 

When the cameras are down, display your objective on-screen and head to the overlook. It’s actually located in the same area as your first objective — the lower tier cameras — but when you go through the brush to enter, head through the left ventilation shaft instead of going right. Just be mindful there is a lone soldier patrolling the area. 

When you reach the overlook, adjust your scope with the on-screen instructions. Sinclair is giving a speech to try and drum up support for a war against the Helghast. Feel free to listen for a moment before taking the shot. When you do, Echo will say, “For Kellen” as she pulls the trigger. Enjoy the amazing camera work on the bullet’s flight path. When the bullet hits, Sinclair dies, as does his hope for a new war against the Helghast. Congratulations, you’ve just completed Killzone: Shadow Fall!

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