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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – Conflicting Interests, Locate the Bavarium Scanner

by Bryan Dawson

Head up the coast and speak with Looch to begin the mission. You are tasked with finding the military base and locating a Bavarium Scanner. Take the boat into Vigilator Nord and prepare for a battle in the settlement. It’s important to pay close attention to the laser sights in the area as the snipers will not hesitate to take a shot at you if you cross their path.

Don’t move in too far as there are a ton of enemies that can easily surround you and make this mission a lot harder than it has to be. Take each group of enemies out one by one as you slowly work your way into the area. It’s best to liberate the settlement so you don’t have to worry about all of the enemies surrounding you.

Make your way over to the shipping containers to find the scanner you need to retrieve. While it’s possible to get the scanner without liberating the settlement, it’s much easier once the enemies are no longer a concern. If you’re in a hurry, grapple to the top of the containers and set explosives to blow them open, then search through them until you find the scanner.

With the scanner in-hand, head over to Cima Leon to the west. Watch out for the aerial defenses surrounding the area, and fly low if you decided to take the skies on your way to the next location. When you reach the next location marker, grapple up to the grate, place the scanner and watch the cut scene.

After the cut scene, head down to the valley and pick up the scanner, then speak with Sheldon at Cafe Francesco in Fortalessa to the south. You need to clear any Heat you’ve acquired along the way in order to do business with Sheldon. Once that’s done, speak to Sheldon in the middle of town and give him the scanner to complete the mission. If you have enough territory liberated you can speak to him again to begin The Secret of Vis Electra mission.

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