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How to Unlock the Ciri Gwent Card in The Witcher 3

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you the location of the Gwent card, Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno, one of the most powerful cards in the game. The only card that comes close to it in terms of value is the Geralt of Rivia Gwent card we told you how to unlock not too long ago.

The quest you’ll need to complete in order to earn Ciri’s Gwent card is called Big City Players, which takes place in and around Novigrad. To begin this quest, visit the Notice Board found in Hierarch Square, the same place where you see two witches burned at the stake the first time you arrive. After you collect all of the notices, you’ll see one that speaks of Vimme Vivaldi, the banker you can find on the west side of the same square. Approach him and lay down a challenge in a game of Gwent, thus beginning the quest.

Vesemir – Vimme Vivaldi

If you have a powerful enough deck, the Vesemir card you earn from beating Vimme Vivaldi isn’t likely to make its way into your deck. Well, it might, but it will likely be one of the cards you choose to return to the pile before the start of a round.

The card itself is not a Hero card, which means it can be affected by special abilities your opponent puts on the board. It also only has a value of six, which means that as a Close Combat option, there are many other highly powerful cards that will better suit your needs. The upside is that it is neutral, allowing you to play it in any of your four decks. It’s sure to find a home somewhere, even if it isn’t your favorite faction.

Morvran Voorhis – Marquise Serenity

The second part of the quest will take you to the Passiflora, also known as the place where you can hire a strumpet. If you’re tracking the Big City Players quest, you should have an objective marker leading you here (after you beat Vivaldi), so not much of an explanation is required.

After you beat Marquise Serenity, she will hand over her Morvran Voorhis card. As you might expect, this card is exclusive to the Nilfgaard deck, and as a Hero card with a value of 10, it will certainly find a home, especially as a Siege unit.

Esterad Thyssen – Sigismund Dijkstra

You can find Sigismund Dijkstra at the Bathhouse in Novigrad. Again, if you track this quest you will have an objective marker leading you there after you beat the two players mentioned above. Head into the Bathhouse and turn left to find Dijkstra in his office. If he’s not there, he could be waiting for you on the top floor of the Passiflora as part of A Deadly Plot. Finish that quest prior to trying to play him in a round of Gwent.

When you beat Dijkstra he will hand over a powerful Close Combat card called Esterad Thyssen. With a value of 10, it’s not as good as the Ciri or Geralt of Rivia cards, and it can only be used in the Northern Realms deck, but it will definitely find a spot on the Northern Realms roster. It’s also a Hero card, which means special ability and weather cards won’t have an impact once it touches the board.

Ciri Card – Scoia’tael Trader

The Ciri card is called the Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno, and it is the second most powerful card in the game. In fact, like the Geralt of Rivia card, it is an absolute game changer if you wind up drawing it at the start of a round.

Head to the southwest of Novigrad to find the Scoia’tael Trader you can win it from. If you aren’t clear on how to find him, make sure you’re currently tracking the Big City Players quest you picked up off the Notice Board in Hierarch Square. Once you beat the first three opponents we already spoken of, you will have an objective marker leading you to this player.

By now you should have a fairly strong Northern Realms deck featuring the cards we mentioned above, as well as a few more if you managed to complete the Old Pals quest that earned you the Geralt of Rivia card. This should be more than enough to take out the Scoia’tael Trader.

When you beat your opponent, the Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno card is yours. It’s a Neutral card that can be played in any of your four decks and has a value of 15. As a Hero card it is not affected by special abilities or weather, meaning once you put it on the board it’s there to stay.

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