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How to Get the Cat School Gear in The Witcher 3

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you the locations of all the Cat School Gear diagrams, including for the Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted versions.

Before you get started, know that you can only craft the Enhanced version if you already own the regular Cat School Gear. The same applies to all of the gear, meaning you must own the Superior variation if you hope to get your hands on the Mastercrafted stuff. You don’t have to have the gear to obtain the diagrams, however, just to have an armorer or blacksmith make the gear.

You also need to ensure that you are a high enough level to use the weapons or wear the armor. This, along with what materials are required to craft the gear, can be found on the diagrams. Ensure that you are studying them prior to trying to have them crafted.

Cat School Gear – Standard

We’re going to start off with the standard Cat School Gear, so the first place you’ll want to visit is the Drahim Castle Signpost. The diagram is down a few ladders once you step inside the castle, but you may also want to loot all the way to the top; we found some good stuff here. When you’re done, you’ll have the Feline Steel Sword Diagram.

The next piece of gear is located to the northeast of Oxenfurt. It’s directly east of the Temerian Partisan Camp. The exact location has a Signpost called Est Tayiar, and when you arrive you’ll want to look inside the tunnel for a brick wall that can be smashed with Aard. Do this, grabbing the Feline Silver Sword Diagram in the process.

Your next destination is the shipwreck to the southwest of the lighthouse (to the west of Novigrad). You can swim there from the Lighthouse Signpost, climbing on board and dropping through the deck to find a chest. Inside you can grab the Feline Crossbow Diagram, but it can’t be used if you haven’t reached level 29.

Swim back to the Lighthouse Signpost and fast travel to the northwest of Novigrad. If you don’t have a fast travel point unlocked, go there on your trusty horse, Roach. We’re talking about across the bridge by the St. Gregory’s Bridge Signpost. When you’re there, hit the west side of the cliff and follow it in a clockwise manner. You’ll come to a path that leads to a cave entrance, which is where you need to go to get the rest of your gear.

You’ll need the fancy illusion killing device that Keir Metz gave you back in Velen. When you use it, the cave will open, and a short distance inside is a Golem. Just to ensure he’s not a problem, spend a moment killing this fool.

From the main cave entrance, go through the right tunnel, smashing your way through any blockades that stand in your way using Aard. Grab all the loot you find, then exit back out to the main cave area, this time following the tunnel to the left. You’ll have to swim, but eventually you’ll reach some statues. They all have to face in if you wish to proceed, so use the levers until they face the center of the room.

Correctly aligning the statues will cause the floor to open up. Drop in and use your crossbow to kill three drowners, then grab some air and dive back down to the bottom. Snatch a key off the bottom of the pool, then surface, climb out and return to the main cave area where you killed the Golem.

There’s only one area left to explore, which is the locked door behind where the Golem used to be. Use the key to open it, then murder the thing that occupies the room. It should be fairly simple. Block and dodge, then slice him up when you get the chance. With your foe dead, loot the room, including the chest that has the Feline Armor Diagram, the Feline Gauntlet Diagram, the Feline Boots Diagram and the Feline Trousers Diagram. If that’s the set you are looking to use, head to your nearest armorer and blacksmith to get it crafted.

Cat School Gear – Enhanced

Start at the Reardon Manor Signpost and head to the northeast. You’ll eventually come to a cave you can enter even as you ride Roach. Use your Witcher Senses to find loot, spotting the chest with the Feline Steel Sword Diagram – Enhanced inside. Loot it and return to the Reardon Manor Signpost.

Head into Novigrad using the Oxenfurt Gate. As you cross into the city, look for a merchant in a building directly in front of you. Do not go inside the building, but instead look for some scaffolding a short ways to the right. There is a ladder hidden in there. Climb it and enter the building, then go to the top and snag the Feline Silver Sword Diagram – Enhanced from the chest.

Return to the Oxenfurt Gate Signpost and fast travel to the Novigrad Gate you’ll find in Oxenfurt. Head east until you reach the Aerama’s Abandoned Manor. If you already have this Signpost unlocked, fast travel there and skip our nonsense in the middle. Either way, when you arrive you’ll want to look for some stone steps, exploring the burned out building until you find a chest that contains the Feline Armor Diagram – Enhanced.

Your next stop will be to the east and slightly north of the Hangman’s Tree Signpost. If that doesn’t work, go south and slightly east of the Hindhold Signpost. You’re looking for a cave, and in a chest inside that cave is the Feline Gauntlets Diagram – Enhanced.

Make your way back to the Reardon Manor Signpost and start heading northeast. You are headed close to the shore. If you prefer, you can also find this spot by heading north from the Benek Signpost. Look for another cave, then go inside to find the Feline Boots Diagram – Enhanced.

The final piece of gear before we move up a level is the pair of trousers. For this, you need to go back to Oxenfurt, and more specifically, the house where you found and confronted Whoreson Junior. Instead of going upstairs, however, go to the cellar and look for a wall you can smash with Aard. Do so, then use your Witcher Senses in the tunnel to find another weak wall. Smash this with Aard to reveal a chest, then snatch the Feline Trousers Diagram – Enhance from it. This will give you the complete set of enhanced gear.

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Cat School Gear – Superior

All four pieces of armor are located in the same spot, which is a welcome change from the running around we did to get the enhanced versions. First, head southwest from the Dragonslayer’s Grotto Signpost. You can also go directly west from the Downwarren Signpost. You’re in the right spot when you find some ruins, and within those ruins is a chest. There’s also an Earth Elemental, so we advise grabbing the Feline Armor Diagram – Superior, the Feline Gauntlets Diagram – Superior, the Feline Boots Diagram – Superior and the Feline Trousers Diagram – Superior, then getting out of there.

Find the nearest Signpost and fast travel to the Drahim Castle Signpost. You want to take the road that goes southwest, but when it splits off, go straight off-road. This should lead you to the Ursten Cave, and inside it will fork to the left and right. Take the right path, using your Witcher Senses to find the Feline Silver Sword Diagram – Superior.

Leave the cave and head to the nearest fast travel point, then look for the innkeeper icon on your map near the St. Gregory’s Bridge Signpost in Novigrad. From the icon, head north and across the water. When you hit the shore you will be at the Smuggler’s Den. There is another cave here, and inside is where you can use your Witcher Senses to locate the Feline Steel Sword Diagram – Superior. This will complete the superior set of gear for the Cat School Gear.

Cat School Gear – Mastercrafted

Luckily, there are only three locations to visit to find the gear for this set. The problem is it’s all on the islands that make up Skellige, and there are some really tough beasts that stand in your way. We aren’t here to tell you how to defeat them, so try to ensure you are at least level 22 or higher to be able to take on all evildoers in the next portion. Even then, some will be tough.

Head to the Rogne Signpost on the main Skellige Island. You want to go east from this location until you reach the Kaer Gelen ruins. The dungeon you want is to the north, and a room inside and on the left will hold the Feline Steel Sword Diagram – Mastercrafted. Grab it and go.

Head to the most southern Skellige Island and fast travel to the Harviken Signpost. You want to go east (and a bit north) from there, stopping when you reach the Troll Treasure Cave. Head inside and follow the right tunnel, using your Witcher Senses to spot a wall you can smash through with Aard. In that room you’ll find the Feline Silver Sword Diagram – Mastercrafted.

The final location you need to visit is to the southeast of the last, along the shore by one of the boat icons you should see on your map. Travel there and look for the Wraith Treasure Cave, heading inside and moving forward. When you reach another section of cave, use your Witcher Senses to spot what you came for, the Feline Armor Diagram – Mastercrafted, the Feline Gauntlets Diagram – Mastercrafted, the Feline Boots Diagram – Mastercrafted and the Feline Trousers Diagram – Mastercrafted. This will complete your set, then it’s on to the Bear School Gear.


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