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God of War Walkthrough – Path to the Mountain

by Bryan Dawson

Once you reach chapter 2 in God of War, you’ll need to make your way through the Path to the Mountain. This God of War walkthrough for Path to the Mountain will take you through the second chapter to ensure that Kratos and Atreus make it through, alive and well. A few new game mechanics will be introduced here, you’ll encounter new NPCs, and you’ll find a ton of items to collect along the way as you complete the puzzles within.

At the beginning of the chapter, drop down and slowly move along the ledge below. Leap over the gap in the path and climb up the wall as you move beyond the waterfall. Climb into the cave above, and jump over the barricade blocking the path. In this room there’s plenty of loot on the lower area. Before you follow Atreus to the upper platform, gather all of the loot below.

When you’re ready to move on, turn the wheel on the corner. This lowers the bridge. Now throw your axe to hold the bridge at the current height, and have Atreus drop the chain so you can climb up. Collect the loot at this level, then climb up the wall, stopping roughly halfway up to lower another chain before you can climb to the top.

Keep moving until you hit another cutscene, then head up the platform and continue forward as you maneuver between the rocks ahead. After a tutorial battle, head up the wall to get out of the area and cautiously watch the right side of the path as you continue. Open the chest when you see it to find Hel’s Touch Light Runic Attack Gem, then follow the tutorial.

Move the object blocking the path ahead and continue to take down the enemies as they appear. Make your way up the wall where the last group of enemies appears and you’ll hear someone singing as you near the top. When you encounter the Revenant, make good use of Atreus’ arrows to keep the enemy pinned down and make the fights much easier.

After taking out the first Revenant, head into the adjacent room and jump off the ledge to the far wall. Make your way to the top, then head right to find more loot. Jump over the gap in the path to reach a fork. If you head left you’ll find a bunch of enemies and get some back story. If you decide to go right, there’s a Nornir chest for the taking. To unlock the chest, the three seals are found behind it and to the right (when looking at the chest), behind Kratos on the right, and just beyond the bridge in a nearby room. There’s an Idunn Apple in the chest.

Cross the bridge beyond the chest and jump up to the ledge on the right to find a chest. Drop back down and head into the next room. Take out the enemies (Spartan Rage is your friend here), then continue on to the next bridge. Under the bridge you’ll find an iron gate with a small hole. Line everything up with the hole and use your axe to break it and lower the bridge.

After you cross the bridge, head to the right and collect some loot along the way. Lift the gate ahead for another cutscene, then take out the enemies that spawn afterward. Notice the chain that you can’t get to in the room? Lift Atreus up to the wooden wall adjacent to the chain so he can drop the chain down for Kratos.

Head up the chain to reach the next area, then follow the left wall from there. As you continue forward you’ll start to hear a voice and eventually run into Brok. You can speak with Brok to upgrade you weapons and armor.

When you reach the next bridge, throw your axe at the nearby trees so Brok can continue on his way. There’s a gate far ahead, but before you make your way through it, look to the left to find another bridge that can be lowered. Drop down and use the chain to reach a chest and more loot.

Go back to Brok’s location and continue through the gate ahead. Duck down under the rock just beyond the gate and throw your axe at the panel to open the door nearby. Just one throw will do for the first door, but the second door will require two axe throws to open it. Make your way through the second door to find a hole on the left wall. Toss your axe at the same place on the second door to find more loot through the wall.

Go back to the previous room and toss your axe at the nearby wooden panel. Quickly collect your axe and throw it at the device near the wooden panel to stop the ceiling from moving. Cross the gap and enemies will spawn, but if you jump back over to Atreus and recall the axe again you’ll make quick work of the enemies. Raise the ceiling again, collect the nearby loot and access the wooden panel to the right of the door (using your axe) to get it open. You’ll need to do this repeatedly in rapid succession to get the door open and avoid the ceiling trap.

Call your axe back and you can now climb on top of the fallen ceiling to find another chest. Facing the chest, there’s a seal to the left. Throw your axe at the wooden panel and recall it to take down the first seal, while the second seal is behind Kratos to the right, and the final seal is in the room through the newly broken down wall.

Keep moving to initiate another cutscene, then make your way to the big gate ahead. From the perspective of looking at the gate, head left and climb up to initiate a puzzle. You need to throw your axe through the broken portion of the nearby panel to lock it down. Once you see the script on the door line up, recall the axe, then simply line up the final panel with the other two and you’re good to go.

Make your way through the door and into the cave, then head to the right for another cutscene, followed by a battle against Brenna Daudi. You can beat Brenna Daudi with ease by just keeping your distance and chipping away with your axe. Defeat Brenna Daudi and collect the loot in the area before moving on.

To open the nearby Nornir chest, from the perspective of looking at the chest, there’s a rune behind the chest just above it, another on the left side of the waterfall, and the third rune on the far side of the area, behind Kratos. You need to be quick taking out all three runes because they reset after a short time. Inside the chest is an Idunn Apple to increase your maximum health.

Locate the nearby chain and destroy the nearby wooden barrier. Use Atreus to lower the chain so you can find a piece of lore before you move on to the next area. Drop back down and continue forward through the cave. Once you get outside of the cave, help Atreus take down an animal, then follow the bore when it runs away.

After Kratos drops down to the ground, turn around to see another chest. Loot the rest of the village before you continue with your journey. As you move down the path, lift the stone pillar in the way, then follow Atreus as he runs off. Eventually you’ll get to another cutscene, then follow the on-screen directions to get a second cutscene.

Head left out of the building to find the white-petaled flower near the small waterfall on the side of the building. Collect the flowers and head back to Atreus and the witch to get one more cutscene. Ignore most of the loot (especially the Nornir chest) in the passageway below the witch’s house. You don’t have what you need to collect all of that at this time, but you can come back to it later when you do.

The main piece of loot you can collect right now is the casket near the Nornir chest. Move the cart out of your way and look behind the wall it was blocking to find the loot. Once you have it, head back to the upper area, jump over the two small gaps in the path and open the chest just ahead to find a Talisman of Concentrated Vitality.

After a short tutorial, make your way over to the boat and start rowing. Once you reach your destination, continue toward the next objective to get another cutscene. There’s a lot you can do and explore in this area now, but if you’re just looking to progress the story, paddle over to the dock and get out of the boat.

Make your way up the stairs and speak with Brok. Feel free to buy or upgrade your gear if need be. When you’re ready, leave the shop and jump straight forward to take out the enemies that spawn ahead. There’s loot in the rooms to the left and right, but when you’re ready you need to head through the tower (via the large doors ahead) to continue the campaign.

Take out the new enemies in the new, then explore the left side to find a Jotnar shrine. Now head to the right and toss and axe at the post near the poison gas to shut it off. Do this again for the pool of poison ahead, then drop down the next ledge and throw your axe at the adjacent post to clear the next batch of poison from the ground below. Head up the wall next to it, then jump over and continue through the next door to get a cutscene that introduces Brok’s brother, Sindri.

Turn around and leave the shop, then head up the hill to the right. There’s another Nornir chest here, but to open it pay close attention to what the seals look like and their orientation. Find the three posts in the area and throw your axe at the panels that match the seal and orientation of the seals on the chest. Get all three right and the chest will open to reveal a Horn of Blood Mead.

On the other side of the shop is a small hill that leads to more chests. One chest is near the elevator. Throw your axe to clear the poison, but you’ll need to stand by Sindri to see the post that you need to hit. The second chest is inaccessible for now, but the third chest is found up the middle path toward the next objective.

Collect the Hacksilver from the chest, then climb up the nearby wall. Use the axe to clear the poison here, then make your way to the left to find still more poison. There’s a casket nearby that holds Arcane Bracers. Collect the loot, then head back to the previous area to battle another Revenant. There’s a hidden chamber to the right, but you can’t access it right now. Instead, head to the left and through the passage ahead.

Climb up the wall to find more enemies at the top, loot the area and clear the jars to find a path that leads to a chest and Arcane Shoulder Wraps. Once the area has been looted, make your way toward the door to find an ogre. Stay mobile when you fight against the ogre, blocking and evading its attacks. When it misses, use light and strong attacks with the occasional Spartan Rage to really dish out some damage. Once you’ve damaged the ogre enough, follow the on-screen directions to finish it off. Collect the remaining loot in the area, then head through the doors to complete the chapter.

At this point you can move on to the next chapter, A Realm Beyond, or go back to our God of War game hub for more strategy and advice!

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