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Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 – Departure

by Bryan Dawson

This walkthrough of Final Fantasy 15: Chapter 1 – Departure covers the entire first chapter of the game, including a few of the side quests that may give players trouble. The main quests are The Pauper Prince, Hunter Becomes the Hunted, The Mutant Marauder, The Errand Prince, A Gentlemen’s Agreement and Ill Tidings. The side quest included is Kitty Catering, which takes place in the Galdin Quay area.

All of the quests in Final Fantasy 15 offer waypoint markers on your map so that you can easily see where to go next. In addition, you can access the Quest portion of the main menu to see what the next quest objective is, just in case you forget.

We’ve also got coverage of the Search and Rescue side quest and tips on how to fish in the Galdin Quay area, as well as the basics of the combat system in other similar articles. Be sure to check those out if you’re struggling with any portion of the Departure chapter.

When the game begins you are displaced as Noctis of another time. Run forward as the king to continue into the real game.

Chapter 1 – Departure

At the onset of the chapter, the car won’t run so you must press and hold R2, then look around for awhile until the main title appears. After the cutscene that follows, try to walk away from Cindy and you’ll earn yourself a World Map. Now it’s time to visit the local tipster to gather information.

Quest: The Pauper Prince
Recommended Level: 1

To accept the quest, try to buy something from the convenience store nearby. This prompts the quest to appear in the menu. Head over to Cindy and speak with her. When prompted, ask your friends for assistance and you will accept the quest.

Once you’re on the quest, follow the waypoint marker to the first group of Reapertail enemies and taken them out. Proceed to the next two waypoints to find two more groups of Reapertails that must be defeated. Complete this quest and Cindy will call you to begin the next quest, Hunter Becomes the Hunted.

Quest: Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Recommended Level: 1

There’s a field to the north of the old shack where you can find items used for cooking. Once you get inside the shack, examine the cart to get some information on the Mutant Dualhorn sighting. Immediately after reading the note a group of enemies attacks. Take them down, then head to the second nearby shack. As you approach the other shack, a group of Sabertusks is spotted. Warp up to the nearby windmill, then take out the enemies to complete the quest.

Quest: The Mutant Marauder
Recommended Level: 2

As you head toward the location of the enemy, you may want to make camp if it’s getting dark. This allows you to eat a stat-boosting meal to prepare for the coming battle. There are a few elemental deposits just south of the location of your target. Be sure to collect them before battle and prepare any magic spells you choose to use.

When you engage the Bloodborn, it’s weak to ice and resistant to fire and javelins. If you continuously attack you will get caught by a few of its attacks. Just watch for the wind-up before each attack and dodge accordingly and you won’t have much trouble bringing it down. If you get into a bind, use Blizzard to inflict a decent amount of damage. Don’t worry too much about damaging your party members, so long as they have a moderate amount of health they won’t be in any real danger from the spell. Head back to Cindy to get the car back and complete the quest!

Quest: The Errand Prince
Recommended Level: 2

After getting the car back from Cindy you can offer to do her a favor to begin this quest. Drive to the next waypoint marker and park the car. Speak with the main at the front desk to remove the item from your trunk and meet Umbra the dog. Tell the bride-to-be that you’ll see her soon and continue on your way to Galdin Quay, the next destination on your journey.

Don’t forget to refuel the car when you arrive at the destination. Head across the pier to the waypoint marker (stopping at the shop along the way if you need supplies). When you arrive at the far side of the dock, you’ll collect a coin from a “friendly” encounter, then head through the dining area and down the stairs to complete the quest.

Make sure you search at the very end of the pier because you’ll find a Rusted Bit (required to upgrade your weapon). Speak with the reporter sitting down at the bottom of the stairs to begin the next quest, A Gentlemen’s Agreement.

Quest: A Gentlemen’s Agreement
Recommended Level: 3

Make your way out to the mineral deposits and collect the items at your destination. After the first two you will need to head north toward the camping grounds to reach the upper platform and the last two mineral deposit sites. When you get to higher ground there’s a large beast blocking your path. Don’t worry, you don’t fight it yet. Just wake it up so it moves along, then collect the Garnet Stone. Head back to Dino, the quest giver, to give him the item and complete this portion of the quest.

Speak with Dino again when you’re ready to set sail for the next portion of the game and complete the quest. You won’t be able to come back to the port for awhile, so make sure you’ve completed any side quests (Kitty Catering below) or fishing you may want to do before you head out.

Side Quest: Kitty Catering
Recommended Level: 1

After speaking with the reporter that begins the quest, A Gentlemen’s Agreement, head back up the docks to find a cat in the middle of the walkway. Stop and interact with the cat to begin the Kitty Catering quest.

Head back to the shop you passed when you first arrived in the area and take the stairs down to the beach. Continue to the right along the beach to reach the first fishing spot. You can check out our fishing tips to get a better idea how to catch a fish, but once you have an edible fish in-hand (the yellow dots on the fishing map), head back to the cat.

Unfortunately, the cat won’t eat raw fish, so you need to get it cooked. Make your way to the nearby dining area and speak with the bartender.  The bartender can only help if you catch a Coctura fish. If you already have one you can just speak to the bartender a second time. If you haven’t caught one, go back to the fishing hole and catch one for the cat, then head back to the bartender for your second chat.

When the bartender is done with the fish, interact with it one more time to complete the quest and earn some experience points and a Dragon Scale item.

Quest: Ill Tidings
Recommended Level: N/A

After the cutscene featuring the fall of Insomnia, Noctis and crew head back to their home town. Once the car heads off to the side, get out and take care of the soldiers as you make your way to the next waypoint marker. When you get to the next set of enemy soldiers, use the concrete as cover so you aren’t constantly taking damage. Spells work well here, but you can also take a more active approach and just attack the soldiers relentlessly. Continue to defeat the soldiers on your way to higher ground to complete the chapter.

Continue on to Chapter 2 – No Turning Back or head back to our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide for more tips and strategies!

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