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The Evil Within Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions – Escape Ruvik, Brain Puzzle, Blood Man

by Prima Games Staff

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This chapter begins in the foyer of a very large mansion, and players will find themselves exploring most of it before all is said and done. In fact, it would be quite difficult to direct you using left and right turns, so instead we’re going to split things up, making our guide much easier to understand.

From the foyer there are a total of four areas that players will need to explore, the first of which is the second level. When you hit the top of the stairs you’ll be looking at doors on your right, left and directly in front of you. For now, go through the double doors in front of you.

As soon as you enter the room, look to your left and you’ll see something glowing on a table. Walk over and snag the Lower Safe Dial, then do a quick walk about to make sure there are no more valuables that Detective Sebastian Castellanos could use on his travels.

Tip: Ruvik will chase you three times during this chapter, once upstairs, and once for each of the two areas that you’ll explore downstairs. You can’t defeat him, so just run as far away as you can. We’re not sure if he appears at the same time for everyone, but we easily got away by just running to another part of the mansion. When he stops giving chase, return to the area you were exploring. He won’t show up again.

Exit back onto the second floor balcony and turn to your right. If the door is locked, that’s your left. We meant your other right. To put it simply, go in the other upper level door that’s unlocked. When you enter the room, look to your left to see a ladder that leads to the second story of a bookshelf. Climb it and snag the Upper Safe Dial. Just be careful of the creature laying on the floor. He’s not dead.

After heading back down the ladder you’ll want to make your way down the long hallway that rests just to the right when you first entered that room. There are doors that line both sides, and as per usual we would advise that you go through them all and steal everything that isn’t nailed down.

Tip: The Shotgun will often knock enemies to the ground, but not kill them. If this happens, quickly approach your downed foe and set them on fire. This saves ammunition for times when you really need it.

As you make your way down the long corridor, following the right turn to an area with some broken floor tiles, a scripted scene will see you in a bit of trouble. It seems you’ve stepped in a trap, and if you’re not quick you’ll be chewed up by the giant instrument of death at the end of the hall. In order to escape this, aim your Handgun at the light that rests above the machine’s teeth. If you hit that spot you’ll free yourself.

Head back to the area where you just got caught in the trap and you’ll notice a door directly in front of you. Go through that door and look to your left. There is a Goddess Statue that will give you a Key if you smash it. Go ahead… we’ll wait.

Continue looking around the room until you see a hallowed out fireplace. Crouch and pass through it to find yourself at a machine that is hooked up to what used to be a person’s head. Follow the on-screen instructions to look around, move the needle and even insert it. It’s this puzzle (plus two more like it) that is the key to opening the giant door in the foyer. For this one, look at the diagram on the desk to see where A-2 Fear is located, then move the needle to the corresponding place on the actual brain and insert it. We’re not sure what the point is, but the game doesn’t progress if you don’t play along.

When you exit the hidden chamber you’ll witness a short cut scene type event that shows Ruvik and what we assume are his parents. Watch it, then leave that room to see the giant device of death a ways down the hall. Don’t go that way, instead turning to your left and continuing on, making sure to burn any bodies you find along the way. After you pass through another room you’ll find yourself back out on the second level of the foyer.

Tip: There are quite a few motion sensor traps on this level. Approach cautiously and disarm them for the valuable parts.

Head back down to the main level of the mansion, this time going through the foyer door that is to the left and leads to the dining area. It’s in here that you’ll find some Green Gel, as well as the Mansion Dining Room Note. Make sure to grab it all.

We’ve mentioned it in previous chapters, but this game is quite linear (which isn’t bad), so continue moving in the only directly you really can. When you come across two creatures doing terrible things to a dead body, lob a Grenade at their feet to make easy work of them. For us, this is when Ruvik started to give chase again. If it’s the same for you, just run away and back into the foyer. When he gives up you can just mosey back to this area one more time.

As you keep moving forward it won’t be long until you reach your second of three brain puzzles. This time you want to look at the diagram to locate the F-7 Consent region, then move the needle to the corresponding section of the brain and insert it. With this out of the way, make your way back to the main foyer.

Tip: Just to the left of the main door in the foyer will be one another which is out of place. You’ll notice blood on it, and if you go inside you’ll be able to snag a Krimson Post Newspaper Clipping that provides some history on Castellanos, as well as lets you return to Nurse Tatiana to save your game.

The final brain puzzle that you must solve is found to the right of the big door in the foyer. Head through there, looting up and moving forward for a room or two. It’s about this time Ruvik will make his third appearance, and just like before you need to run as far away as possible. When he gives up, just head back to exactly where you left off.

Keep on keeping on until you enter a room with a large piano. In the corner of that room you’ll notice a something glimmering, and if you approach it you’ll take possession of the Mansion Music Room Note. What’s even better, however, is that the painting just above there is where the Upper Safe Dial and Lower Safe Dial will fit. Inserting them will give you access to the third brain puzzle. Hooray!

Interact with the machine to take control of the needle, then look to the table and take note of where C-4 Hope is located. Find that spot on the subject’s head, then move the needle and insert it accordingly. When this is done, backtrack all the way out to the main foyer, slaying any creatures that dare block your progress.

Go through the main door and into what is perhaps the longest hallway in video game history. There isn’t a lot to do, so just sprint forward until Ruvik shows up to spoil the party. Seriously though, that was an awful lot of work to spend a few seconds behind that door.

The next few sequences are about three parts challenging and seven parts creepy and cool. It’s all kicked off by a short cut scene, but when that is over just start moving in the only direction you can, doing your best to keep up with what we’ll call Blood Man. Once he gets angry and starts chasing you, run away as fast as you can.

Eventually you’ll come to an area with what looks like motion sensors that crisscross a large room. There is a path through them if you crawl, so approach and start making your way. We can’t say for sure what happens if you mess this part up since we were successful, but we assume it’s horrible. Just watch your step.

When you’re finally through that mess of trouble you’ll find yourself with a whole new batch of problems, this time in the form of falling iron gates and the return of Blood Man. It’s kind of scary, but if you remain calm it’s not that hard to get through.

Keep moving through the gates, doing your best not to let any of them fall on you. When you reach a dead end, look for a chain on the door. When you find it, shoot it and the gate will open and allow you to pass through. Continue to do this several times until you emerge on the other side, relatively safe and hopefully not too badly injured.

Continue moving forward until you find yourself in a barn, watching a cut scene that you likely want to pay attention to. It seems to be revealing more about Ruvik and his troubled past.

When the scene ends you’ll be the one stuck in the barn, and of course, it’s on fire. Look around for two wheels that you can use to maneuver an overhead cage. Use the one wheel to lower it to ground level, then the other to move it as close to the broken ladder that leads to the loft as possible. When it’s in position, step on the cage, looking back and shooting the wheel that raises and lowers it. This will deliver you to the loft where you can try to escape.

Try as you may, however, you’re not getting out of the barn that easily. It’s the return of Blood Man, and this time he’s brought a few of his creepy creature friends. In order to deal with this unfortunate turn of events, try to stay away from Blood Man, at the same time killing any of the minions that he brings with him. When the last one is down you’ll find yourself back in the mansion, standing in the middle of the long corridor you worked so hard to access. Run to the end of it, passing through the next room and between two bookshelves. This will trigger the end of the chapter.

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