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Shinji Mikami Teases E3 News, Could We See The Evil Within 3?

by Liana Ruppert

Back during BethesdaLand in 2017, Shinji Mikami shocked fans when The Evil Within 2 was first revealed. Now the creator is teasing something special for gamers at this year’s showcase over on his Twitter. 

The above tweet teases something planned for E3, though the details of what he could have up his sleeves are still under wraps. Shadows of the Damned fans are definitely holding out for a sequel, though there was no shortage of The Evil Within 3 predictions in the responding thread as well.

The retro fan in me will always hold down the fort for more Dino Crisis, but a new Evil Within wouldn’t be unexpected given the incredible success that the sequel saw back in 2017. If so, it’s likely that the reveal will happen during Bethesda’s planned showcase just like with the second game, though this is all speculation at this point. 

E3 officially begins with its first round of press conferences on June 7th later this week! Are you ready for all the big reveals planned? Any particular games you’d like to see get some of that spotlight? Hit us up with your hopes and predictions over on Twitter @PrimaGames and sound off with what you’re looking forward to the most! 

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