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Dying Light Mission 5: Siblings – Bolters and Rahim

by Prima Games Staff

Meet with Jade in the Boxcar

After the marathon that was the previous mission, we sincerely hope that players took a moment to get some rest and stock up at the vendors in the Tower. That nonsense with Rais was no joke, and something tells us that there’s more of that to come.

The first objective of this mission is quite simple, just free run to the waypoint marked on the map. If there’s an unsecured Safe Zone along the way it might be worth clearing, but otherwise just stick to the task at hand.

Find an Entrance into the School

There shouldn’t be any bad guys hanging around outside the school, and the entrance that Jade was talking about is on the southwest side. It’s a door that’s bolted shut, and trying to pass through will trigger her to give Kyle further ideas on how to get inside. Look for a waypoint on the map, then move to that location and go through the door.

Tip: Inside that door is also a Bomber and a chest that requires its lock to be picked. Avoid the bomber, then loot the chest.

Get Inside the School

Open the hatch and go inside.

Look for Antizin | Turn off the Alarm

There’s a waypoint on the map that will take players to the location that needs to be searched for Antizin, but this school is a gold mine for supplies of all nature. Spend some time looking around and grabbing up whatever will fit into Mr. Crane’s greedy little pockets, slowly but surely getting closer to the objective.

About the time that the loudspeaker is activated we ran into some human goons, and these guys can take a lot of melee damage. If the gun players picked up in the previous mission is an option, now is a great time to use it. Go for headshots on these fools, as one bullet to the dome should be sufficient to bring them down. If the gun isn’t an option, try to lure them through the door (into the room with all the body bags) so that only one can attack at a time. Throwing Stars and Throwing Knives are also a good second option.

Continue moving through the rooms and picking up supplies until reaching an area that is shaded out on the map. That’s the room with the alarm, and turning it off will knock off part of this objective.

With the alarm off, the path forward is fairly simple to navigate, although there are a lot of enemies and supplies to be concerned with. How players approach it is a choice in style however, so we’ll leave the details in the hands of each individual gamer, instead explaining what needs to be done.

First of all, head to the waypoint and run up the stairs, keep moving forward until there is another shaded area of the map. There’s humans and zombies in there to complicate things, which is once again why a gun would come in handy. The same as before, however, players can also get by with some Throwing Stars and Throwing Knives. When everything is dead, search the place and check in with Jade for further instructions.

Meet Jade in Storage C

There are a few options as to how to get through this highly dangerous section of the mission. The first is to methodically move from room to room and kill all the zombies, then loot the place for all its worth. The second option is to move quickly past the slow moving foes and head straight for the waypoint, which just so happens to be another stairwell. Either way, snatch the key from a nearby locker before heading out.

Tip: As players are descending the stairs there will be a Bomber who emerges from behind a door. The door will have a C and arrow pointing to the left beside it. Make sure this guy doesn’t blow up within three meters of Mr. Crane.

The path to Storage C gets crazy after reaching the bottom of the steps. There’s another Bomber in front of Kyle, but there are also lower level zombies behind him to block a retreat. Use a Throwing Star to kill the Bomber, and if that’s not possible lure him closer to the rest of his zombie pals and try to take them out with some friendly fire. When it’s all done, meet up with Jade.

Eliminate Rais’ Thugs | Leave the School

It’s gun time again, if that’s an option. We know that’s the third or fourth time we’ve said it, but the value of a firearm can’t be stressed enough in this mission. Should players possess one, go for headshots on the human targets, then be sure to loot their bodies for anything that can be kept or sold to a Vendor at the Tower. When the thugs are down, leave the school.

Meet with Jade Back at the Tower

The enemy that appears just outside the school is called a Bolter, and they only come out at night. The good news is they will most likely run away rather than attack, but given that their tissue can be used as a crafting agent, perusing and kill them is still a good idea. Their locations are marked on the map, but getting to them among the Virals and Volatiles will be a task.

The trip back to the Tower is sketchy given that there are Virals and Volatiles out and about. For players that have been securing Safe Houses nearby, these would be a good option to pass the night, continuing with the trip when daylight breaks. In our case, daylight was almost there, so we opted to stay out and hide from these foes, getting a nice boost in our Survivor experience for the trouble.

Talk to Zere and Quartermaster about the Bolters

Zere is in the Tower, and talking to him will give players an objective to move on for a secondary chat with the Quartermaster. This will result in Crane’s map showing the location of these Bolters, a handy feature if players are going to snag a sample.

Sneak Close to a Bolter and Get a Tissue Sample

If it’s daylight then players will want to catch a nap and wait for night, then sneak out to look for a Bolter under the cover of darkness. The cool thing is there is one very close to the Tower. Get a weapon out and sneak up behind the Bolter in the crouched position, then hack it up when within range. This triggered a night pursuit for us, something is once again made more manageable by the fact Crane is so close to the Tower. Of course, players could also just deliver the sample to the Safe Zone that Dr. Zere hangs out in since it’s right next door.

Look for Rahim on the Overpass

Want to hear a cool feature? Even though Rahim is in immediate danger, players won’t be penalized for staying the night at the Safe Zone where Dr. Zere hangs out. Grab a nap, then head out first thing in the morning to find Jade’s brother and bail him out of trouble.

Once at the overpass there will be signs of a struggle (understatement), but there is no immediate danger to Crane. Just loot through all the bodies until the objective is complete.

Check the Train Yard Buildings for Rahim

Players should be able to reach the next waypoint by hopping from rooftop to rooftop, and can even take part in a pretty nifty parkour opportunity that will take them past a hoard of zombies hanging out on a second overpass. Continue moving on until dropping down to the ground level and opening the door that sits at the location of the objective marker.

Look for Rahim

There are some bad things hanging out near the train car that Rahim is hiding out in, and if players have anything that goes boom, now would be the time to use it. It’s not an impossible fight using strictly melee weapons, but at the same time it’s not exactly the most efficient approach. Either way, make them dead.

When the lower level undead are down, get ready to battle another Toad, something that is far easier than it seems. The Toad only has one advantage on players, and that’s its ranged attack. Try to fight it from a distance and the Toad can do damage. However, get up close and personal and this puss spewing fool can be hacked up faster than even the most common zombie.

Place the Bombs at the Volatiles’ Nest

Pay close attention to the map and start free running for the nest. Players will encounter some regular zombies along the way, but these are nothing to fuss with. Just run past them unless it’s not possible.

Tip: If players must fight, try to kick zombies off of the ledges that are scattered around the terrain. Rather than hack away and waste time, a swift kick in their undead guts should knock them down a few floors.

Two bombs need to be planted, and like everything else in this game there is a handy little objective marker to guide the way. Once the first bomb is in place, head up a floor to plant the second one, then get out of the building and get clear of the blast zone. Just be mindful of the Goon (Mr. Hammer) who would just love to get up close and personal with Kyle Crane.

Help Rahim Get Back to the Tower

Backtrack to the train car that Rahim was originally hiding in to trigger a cut scene, then get back to the Tower for a chat with Brecken. There are one or two more specific objective updates that will appear on the HUD, but nothing that takes further explaining. Upon Crane’s return there will be a cut scene that brings the mission to an end. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or get right back out there and proceed to Mission 6: The Pit.

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