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Dying Light Mission 14: Extraction – Rais Boss Fight, Ending

by Prima Games Staff

Confront Raise at the Top of His Tower

Anyone reading this has done their fair share of moving around Harran. Most missions have at least one objective that requires some free running travel, and this is no different. Rather than try and explain all the left and right turns, how about we all just meet back in the Slums? That’s the location of the tower that Rais is camping out in. If all else fails, just keep heading for the mission waypoint until the objective updates.

Run Away from the Zombie Hoard

It’s nice of the game to advise this since it’s been a rock solid strategy for us since the very first mission. Put Crane’s skills to the test and flee from the undead attackers. The ultimate goal (for this task) will be to drop into a sewer.

Get Out of the Sewers

Watch out for the zombie child that sits at the bottom of that epic fall. Make sure to shut it up as quickly as possible to minimize that damage it does to both Crane and by alerting other undead. When it’s down, get busy with the free running, as this place is filled with Virals and Volatiles (of course it is), and they are going to be nearly impossible to fight. Just treat it like a night pursuit and head for the waypoint. When Crane jumps a gap and clings to a ladder, the pursuers will all jump to their deaths in a desperate attempt to follow.

Meet Rais at the Top of the Building

Move across the yard and climb up to reach an elevator, then ride it until Crane is forced to disembark. There are a few zombies here, but a shotgun should take them out in fairly short order. Try to hit them while they’re bunched up to conserve ammunition.

There’s more fighting to do while players make their way forward, but the pockets of undead are small and easy to manage with a strong melee weapon. Keep working through until Crane locates Karim, then jump to the crane off the side of the building.

Players will eventually have to return to the building, at which point there is more melee action against the infected. Hack through them, but consider running past if that’s an option. After making it to the crane, climb up and continue making progress toward the ultimate goal, Rais.

Tip: There are a lot of opportunities to kick the undead off the side of Rais’ tower. This not only saves Crane’s melee weapon from unnecessary deterioration, but it’s also really, really fun.

Confront Rais

Here we were, all prepared to do some big walkthrough to help players defeat Rais, the game’s biggest antagonist and no doubt toughest boss fight. It turns out, however, that this portion of the game is all about the story (which we’re totally cool with, by the way), and taking Crane’s nemesis down is as simple as pressing the buttons as they pop up on screen. Players don’t need our help for that, but perhaps there are other things we can assist with. Return to our free Dying Light walkthrough to get more tips, tricks and information on some of the extracurricular activities in Harran.

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