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Dying Light Mission 13: The Clinic – Find Dr. Camden

by Prima Games Staff

Let Camden Examine Zere’s Infected Samples

The mission begins with some pretty standard stuff. Just follow the waypoint on the map until reaching a building that requires Crane to duck and crawl under a security gate. Once he’s in the building Dr. Camden will radio in and report that he can see Kyle on the security cameras, then advise that he take a trip to the bottom floor via the nearby elevator.

Find a Way to Dr. Camden | Reach the Office Area

The map should update with a shaded area that points to two locker rooms. Search them both, but look to the ceiling to find the path to the security office in which Crane can open the door. A lone zombie will come through, and a stealth kill with a melee weapon will allow players to cover themselves in guts for some much appreciated camouflage. They can also choose to just kill everything in the path as well. it’s a preference thing.

Use the Vent System in the Office Area

Wait for Camden to open the door and then hack through the zombies that occupy the hallway on the opposite side. The office is close by, but a few zombies in suits stand in the way. Take them out and then climb into the ventilation shaft to complete the objective.

Find Lab Storage | Find a Way to the Generator Room

Move through the vents and in the only direction available. At some point the objective will update and ask players to find the generator room, which is conveniently marked on the map with a waypoint. The problem is the room full of zombies just beyond the ventilation shafts. This can be solved by going back to the pipes just prior to the room, cutting up the dead body and smearing its guts all over Crane to act as camouflage. The exit to the zombie filled lab storage is on the southwest side. Just run for it if Crane is covered in undead goo.

Tip: An alternate way through this room is to lure the zombies into a group in the middle of the room using a Firecracker, then shooting the oxygen tank on one of their backs. This should take out the lot of them.

As players continue to move forward there will be Goon waiting for Crane to drop down. We would advise against that, instead suggesting that there are some gas-filled tanks laying about. Why not shoot one of them when the Goon is nearby to blow him up? If that doesn’t seem like a good idea, the shotgun can make short work of this dude. Just don’t jump down. His hammer can detonate the tanks and cause massive damage to our hero. When the Goon is out of the way, raise the forklift up and crawl under to get through the door.

Tip: Don’t forget about Firecrackers. They can be used to distract the Goon for a non-lethal approach.

Restore the Power Source

The generator room is just across the hall from where the Goon was (is?) hanging out. Smash out the window and climb through, then fire those suckers up.

Tip: Not a tip, but did anyone else watch the original Resident Evil? Firing up generators in buildings with hoards of zombies is not a good idea. We just want to go on record with that, even if players have no choice in the matter.

Run Decontamination Process

Backtrack out of the generator room and into the hallway. There’s a Demolisher at the north end, as well as a few folks in decontamination suits. Toss a Firecracker all the way down to the Demolisher, then shoot the tank on the back of one of the other foes. This should at least kill the lower level enemies, meaning Crane can then dance with the big guy without having to worry about outside interference. Remember, dodge, then counter attack when the big galoot is off balance. Oh, player can also ignore the entire group and simply retrace their steps back to the decontamination room. That’s probably the better option.

Give the Samples to Camden

Turns out the best way to kill a room full of zombies is to decontaminate them, which sure beats having to hack them to bits and spread their guts all over the game’s protagonist. Do so, then move through the series of rooms to finally meet up with the mysterious Dr. Camden.

Contact the GRE

Head all the way back the way that Crane entered the building, but stop short of passing under the security gate that blocks the infected from getting in. For us it was night time, which meant we weren’t leaving until sunrise. Actually, sitting here (Feel free to grab a drink to pass the time) is a great way to survive the night undetected for some bonus experience.

Either way, when the safety of daylight arrives, head to the waypoint on the map and climb all the way to the top of the structure to contact the GRE. This will bring the mission to a close, meaning players can return to our free Dying Light walkthrough, or just fire up the last quest of the game, Mission 14: Extraction.

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