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Dying Light Mission 12: Broadcast – How to Kill Demolishers

by Prima Games Staff

Use the Sewer Tunnels to Reach the Radio Tower

We’re going to combine two objectives into one here, as the next is really the same thing using slightly different words. Head for the waypoint on the map, then take the stairs down and go through the iron gate at the bottom and on the left. It’s a short, linear trip forward until the objective is complete.

Find the Underground Path to the Radio Tower

Traveling around in this game is fairly simple, with the only complication being any zombies that might block the path forward. Luckily, the advanced free running techniques possessed by Kyle Crane help him to avoid any trouble. We only mention this because the first part of this objective is no more than following the waypoint through the sewers, but that all changes when players bump into the zombie child.

Zombie children should be viewed as alarm bells. They make an incredible amount of noise, and if they aren’t shut up fast enough they’ll call more aggressive zombies to the area and make life difficult for our main character. When players hear the soft cries of the child zombie, run to it and hush it up as fast as possible. Do not stand back and let it scream.

After silencing the zombie child, prepare for an onslaught of fairly easy to handle undead, although things are complicated by how many of them show up. Try to back into a room or corner that forces the attackers to funnel themselves into a kill zone. It’s a tough fight (if you even have to bother with it) but when it’s done the waypoint is only a short distance forward. Head for it and turn the wheel to open the door.

Tip: Pay close attention to first aid kits hanging on the walls. There are a lot of them down here, which is a pretty good indication that players will need them. Even if they don’t, there’s no harm in having a few in the bank.

Players should continue to move through the sewers until they are forced to drop through the floor, then continue moving until reaching a room with what appears to be Virals and Volatiles. Stay high in the tunnel before dropping in the room, using the explosive barrels laying about to take out the bad guys in large batches. Whatever remains can be picked off with headshots from just about any firearm.

With the area seemingly clear, head to the south side of the room and climb up where one of the undead enemies was previously standing. This will allow players to move forward, climb up and then backtrack through a single door. From here there are a series of pipes and walkways that will allow players to cross to the doorway closest to the waypoint.

Tip: Try to avoid using guns as much as possible. The noise only attracts more zombies, which then requires players to use more guns, which then attracts… we’ve made our point.

This is turning out to be a very long objective, but for the most part there’s a straightforward formula to get through. Don’t make noise, keep heading in the only direction possible, and now that Crane is clear of that room, try to smear some zombie guts on him. There are quite a few undead pests in these sewers, but rather than fight them all, try to take one out quietly, then borrow its intestines to Rick Grimes past the rest of the hoard. Even if sprinting is the desired method of travel, it’s only a short distance to complete this marathon of a task.

Jump Down | Search the Containers

Take a look below Crane’s position and locate a pile of garbage, then jump into it to knock off a very easy objective. This will soon update, though, and players can complete the second by looking at the two waypoints on the map, then heading to the shaded areas that they point to.

It’s a dangerous task given the amount of medium level enemies that are sitting around. This makes it absolutely essential that as little noise is made as possible. If there’s a chance to smear some guts on our protagonist, take it and keep searching for the access card. If Crane comments that there’s is nothing to find, head to the next waypoint and continue the search.

Tip: We found a Goon, Toad, Demolishers and other dangerous foes at both search sites. A combat approach is not advised here. Instead, try to sneak in and complete the task using stealth.

Our second search site contained two Demolishers, which is usually a good time to pull out the guns. Not here, however, as the noise will see players in a complicated fight. The rest of the infected are simple enough to kill, so try to take them out early if killing the big guys (they give off a huge amount of experience) is a priority. With no other zombies to worry about, dodge the Demolisher’s attacks and counter when they’re off balance. It’s really not that hard. Should players really get jammed up, toss our advice out the window and grab the guns. This battle might even be enough to level up the Power skill set.

Tip: There were holes in the roofs of the two shipping containers at the site where we found the two Demolishers. Just saying, it might not be a bad idea to just free run to these locations, drop down and conduct the search.

Enter the Power Substation

Not that we’re complaining, but it seems that an access card is kind of silly for someone with our excellent free running abilities. Oh well, head to the new waypoint on the map and climb the stairs to reach a barbed wire fence that encompasses the tower. To the right of the fence is a rock that players can climb on to gain access to the area. Just be sure to watch out for the zombies on either side.

Once Crane is safely situated on top of a shipping container, get out a gun and start shooting all the red barrels laying about the area. Guns aren’t so bad here since the substation is closed off, meaning more undead scum aren’t going to join the fight if there’s a little raucous. When all the barrels are gone, use a pistol to headshot the lower level foes, then a rifle to take out any Toads situated on the rooftops. This should leave two Goons, both of which can either be killed or avoided. Players will be looking to get inside a building that sits near the second Goon and on the northeast side of the yard.

Turn on the Transformer

Search the building and head through another door. Survivor Sense will show three spots where Crane can try to restore power, and we found that it was the one on the left that worked, but it might vary depending on what order players attempt it.

Turn on the Control Panel

This panel sits at the base of the tower (near the first Goon). Either go after him with a shotgun to clear the area, or just lure him away and then run to the panel and switch it on.

Hook Up the Amplifier

Things are getting worse for our hero, but it’s nothing that a few guns and some advanced parkour can’t solve, right? Clear out the zombies with whatever method works (we went shotgun), then head to the west side of the tower and begin climbing up. As with previous climbs, the game likes to treat it as a sort of puzzle, but there’s always a logical path as long as players take their time. We hear there’s a bomb coming soon, but since there’s no countdown there isn’t a reason to rush this. Make the right moves and get level with the objective marker on the mini map.

Return to Old Town | Find an Exit

Use the zip line to get Kyle’s boots back on the ground, then head into the tunnel and start moving in the direction of the objective marker. There’s opportunity to become distracted by zombies here, but we opted to simply run past them. This mission is long enough.

Contact Dr. Camden

This objective is nothing more than a formality. Crane will do this on his own, so players can just sit back and enjoy the conversation. When the mission is complete, feel free to return to our free Dying Light walkthrough. Either that, or jump back into the fight with Mission 13: The Clinic.

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