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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Haven Side Quests

by Bryan Dawson

The side quests in Haven are meant for players who just started their adventures in Dragon Age: Inquisition. All of these quests can be completed with minimal effort using characters at level one.

Haven’s Best and Brightest

Description: Even in these trying times, good help is not so hard to find. Explore Haven and meet some of the Inquisition’s crafting masters.
Starting NPC: N/A
Requirements: Meet with the war council.
Reward: 50 XP

Quest Objectives

  • Speak with the smith
  • Speak with the researcher
  • Speak with the quartermaster
  • Speak with apothecary

Head out the main gate of Haven to the surrounding village-like area. To one side is the blacksmith area where you meet Harritt. Speak with him to complete the side quest and unlock the next two side quests in the Haven area. Before you move on to the next objective, read up on the next two side quests (The Right Armor and Piece by Piece) to finish them now.

Find Solas in the corner on the west side of Haven. There’s nothing in the building behind him, but in the building to the left you’ll find Adan, the apothecary. Speak with Adan to unlock the Passing Notes and Mixing Potions side quests, then head over to the main chantry building.

Inside the chantry building at the end of the hall is the war room and two offices (on either side). Enter the office to the left to find Minaeve, the researcher. Speak with her to complete the quest objective, then head outside the chantry building. Nearby is a tent where you’ll find Threnn just outside. Threnn is the quartermaster. Speak with her to complete the final quest objective.

The Right Armor

Description: With the right materials, Haven’s blacksmith can craft some pretty decent armor.
Starting NPC: Harritt
Requirements: Complete Haven’s the quest “Best and Brightest”
Reward: Armor

Quest Objective:

  • Have some armor made

To complete this side quest, you simply need to craft armor. To do so, you need raw materials and a crafting schematic. These are generally found out in the wild, but luckily there are enough raw materials in the blacksmith’s area to suit your needs. Head over to Harritt’s area just outside the main gate to Haven. Pick up the loot near the Craft Armor table and then interact with the table to craft the armor and complete the quest.

Piece by Piece

Description: The blacksmith can also improve existing armor.
Starting NPC: Harritt
Requirements: Complete Haven’s the quest “Best and Brightest”
Reward: Armor

Quest Objective

  • Modify some armor

This quest takes place in the blacksmith area outside of the main gate into Haven. Find Harritt, then look for the Craft Weapons table in his area. Pick up the loot nearby to find everything you need to upgrade a piece of armor. If you don’t have any armor to upgrade, complete the quest “The Right Armor” to obtain armor that can be used for this quest. Access the Craft Weapons table and add the item obtained from the loot to a piece of armor in order to complete the quest.

Passing Notes

Description: Some technical notes were found while exploring Haven. They look like someone named Taigen put a lot of work into them.
Starting NPC: Adan
Requirements: Visit the Hinterlands area
Reward: 100 XP; Regeneration Potion recipe

Quest Objectives

  • Find Taigen’s notes
  • Return the notes to Adan

To begin this quest, speak to Adan, who is located on the west side of Haven in the building to the far left of Solas’ location (marked on your map). Speak to Adan and ask if he needs any help to initiate the quest. Head to the newly marked purple area on your map. Once you arrive, scan the area to find the object you’re looking for. Pick up the object (Taigen’s notes) and speak with Adan again to complete the quest. As soon as this quest is complete, you can begin the “Mixing Potions” quest in the same room.

Mixing Potions

Description: A recovered recipe can be used to mix a potion at a loadout station. There, the potion can also be equipped or replenished. Potion loadout stations are found in the Inquisition’s base of operations or at any claimed camp.
Starting NPC: Adan
Requirements: Complete Haven’s the quest “Passing Notes” and have one Elfroot in hand
Reward: 50 XP

Quest Objective

  • Visit a potion loadout station

This quest requires an Elfroot to complete. If you do not possess an Elfroot, head to the Hinterlands to find them in large numbers throughout the area. Once you have an Elfroot, head back to Haven and find Solas on the map. Move to his location, then in the building to the far left of Solas you’ll find Adan and a Equip Potions table. Access the Equip Potions table and select the open slot at the top of the dial. Assign a Regeneration Potion to the slot (which requires one Elfroot) to complete the quest.

Know Thy Enemy

Description: Some items recovered in battle may later be worth studying.
Starting NPC: N/A
Requirements: Visit the Hinterlands area, obtain one research item
Reward: 50 XP

Quest Objective

  • Give Minaeve an item to research

Before you can complete this quest you need at least one research item. The fastest way to obtain one is to travel to the Hinterlands and defeat enemies, looting their bodies until one is found (listed in the valuables section of your inventory). Once you have a research item, head back to Haven and enter the main chantry building. Go to the far end of the building and into the office on the left. Interact with the table Minaeve is standing next to in order to hand over the research item and complete the quest.

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