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Destiny – Wolves’ Guard

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you where to find the Wolves’ Guard at Campus 9 on Venus. This Queen’s Wrath Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC.

All Queen’s Wrath Bounties are handed out by Petra Venj at The Reef. Her stock refreshes with the weekly reset on Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST, so if you don’t see what you want this week you’ll have to check back then. Of course, any target that gives an Ether Key is worth hunting even if there isn’t a Bounty, but targets like the Wolves’ Guard we’re going to talk about today are only worth your time if the Bounty is active. Once you load up on all of Petra’s tasks, it’s time to leave The Reef.

Wanted: Wolves’ Guard

Head to Orbit and then set a course for Venus. You want to choose the Patrol option, which will spawn you in at the Headlands. Summon your sparrow and head left, following the path as it curves to the left. As soon as you reach the Ember Caves, turn right and follow the path until you find yourself on another winding road. This will deliver you to the Citadel. Ride past this area and you’ll arrive in the Waking Ruins, and you’ll want to stick to the left until you see a door. Go through that door (you can ride through) by turning left, following the only path you can all the way through to the other side. This is Campus 9.

As you walk out into the open area of Campus 9, the target you seek can be found on the opposite side of the building that has a satellite sticking up out of the roof. So basically the opposite end of the yard from where you entered. You may want to spend a moment clearing out some of the other enemies in the area, as it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed if you stir up the hornet’s nest.

The target itself is a Scorch Captain with a Scorch Cannon, but it’s also surrounded by several level 28 Dregs. Our advice is to hit the Wolves’ Guard with a Heavy Weapon, Shotgun, or something else that deals major damage to end this fight quickly. When your foe falls, you’ll see that the Bounty is completed.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no Ether Key for your troubles here, but the fight is also much easier than other Queen’s Wrath Bounties. You can either continue to roam around Venus (there are a lot more targets on this planet), or you can head back to The Reef and turn your Bounty over to Petra Venj. Our suggestion is finish all six of her assignments at once, and then turn them in together. We find that this can give us better rewards, although we have no proof to back that up.

If you’re off on another adventure, let us tag along by visiting our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide.

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