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Destiny – Wanted: Kaliks-12

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill Kaliks-12 at the Skywatch region on Earth. This is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Begin by visiting The Reef and speaking with Petra Venj. She is the one who will give you the Bounty to kill Kaliks-12. If she doesn’t have the Bounty, make sure it isn’t already in your Inventory. If it’s not, you will have to wait until her stock refreshes each Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST. Since Kaliks-12 will give you an Ether Key upon defeating it, this is still worth doing even if Petra Venj isn’t offering a reward. Your reward will come from the chest you open once your foe is dead.

Wanted: Kaliks-12

Head to Orbit and then set a course for Earth. You want to choose the Patrol option, and when you spawn in you need to summon your Sparrow. Ride it forward and to the left, passing through nearby Canyon and into the Mothyards. Continue through the Mothyards and up the hill toward the Lunar Complex. You do not want to go right from the Mothyards and end up at the Forgotten Shore.

Pass through the Lunar Complex, ignoring any enemies (there will be quite a few) who try to engage you. Just keep running and jumping until you see daylight and your HUD (Heads Up Display) informs you that you’ve reached Skywatch. The area is quite small, so you can hang out just about anywhere you want and you’ll still be able to see the event kick off.

When a message appears at the bottom left that says A Pack of Wolves is Prowling, it’s time to go to work. You’ll need to defeat four or five waves of foes, which is easier with several high level Guardians, but is also possible even if you have to run it solo. We’ve done this several times as a level 33 and without the help of other players.

The key factor in the first wave is killing the Scorch Captains who will be carrying Scorch Cannons. You can pick these weapons up when you kill the foes carrying them, and each one will give you 10 shots to send your opponents to their doom. If there are several other Guardians around, you’ll be lucky to get one, but if you do you should save it for the final wave, as this is where Kaliks-12 will be, and this Servitor is by far the toughest foe in the fight.

If you’re in a big group, make sure to put some damage on Kaliks-12, but let the other Guardians do all the heavy lifting. The rewards are the same. If you’re alone, use the Scorch Cannons to blast your way to the final wave, and then bust out your Grenade, Heavy Ammunition and Super Ability to put a beating on Kaliks-12 that it won’t soon forget (except it will, because it’s dead… until it respawns).

When you solo this event, the key is movement, staying out of the way of any incoming damage. Take care of your health first, and then focus on destroying your opponent second.

As soon as Kaliks-12 falls, there will be a message in the bottom left hand corner of your screen that tells you of an Ether Key, and shows a timer that is counting down from 90. You have until the timer runs out to find a chest, using the key to open it and claiming the rewards. Look for a thin beam of light sticking out of the chest. You’ll find that it’s easier to spot if you are high up and can see more of the map.

After grabbing the loot, head back to The Reef and turn the Bounty over to Petra Venj for your reward. If you have more to do, you can read about them at our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide.

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