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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 6

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 6: The Collectors

Your next objective is to head to the collector’s house to get the parts needed to fix the plane. As you may have guessed, you’re heading across town again. When you get to the collector’s house, head inside through the garage door to initiate another cut scene. There are quite a few zombies in and around the house, but the kitchen and pantry have a large supply of food if you need to stock up or regain health.

Head into the house and navigate through the horde of zombies, up the stairs in the living room, then into the side room since the hallway is blocked. As soon as you enter the side room, zombies fall through the skylight. Head through the rooms until you get around the blocked off area to the double doors that lead to the collector’s bedroom.

More zombies fall through the skylight once you’re in the collect’s bedroom. Clear the room of zombies, then move the painting and disable the alarm to initiate another cut scene. Head outside and down the stairs into the backyard. Take out the larger zombies to find the plane rudder, then hit the particle board against the wall to find the altimeter. All you have left is the flywheel.

Head back around to the front of the house (you can go through the house as a shortcut) where you’ll find a receipt on the ground. This gives you knowledge that the flywheel is across town. Get out of the house and find some transportation to get to the next location marker.

When you reach the location, you’ll find blueprints and items on the shelf as you enter. This allows you to make the Hail Mary. To the left is a crate. Destroy the crate to find the flywheel, then get back to the hanger, which is the next location marker on the map.

Access the door to the hanger to initiate a series of cut scenes. When you have access to your character again, you are tasked with finding a way out. On the counter ahead is a blueprint for the Electric Rake weapon. At the moment you do not have any weapons, so build the weapon before you continue. If you look around the room, you’ll also find a sledgehammer and a few other weapons.

Head out the door to the right of the blueprints, then continue down the stairs to the next door to initiate another cinematic, followed by a boss battle against the loader. There are three loaders you have to fight, and speed is of the essence. The longer it takes you to destroy each loader, the more each room fills with flames. As soon as you enter each room to fight a loader, look around for weapons and rations. Some will become unreachable once the fire starts to spread.

Use the weapons you have available to quickly take down the loader. If it makes any noise, dodge immediately to avoid the thrusting attack. If it sits up straight, dodge roll away to avoid the spinning attack.

When the first loader is down, quickly move into the next room to face the second loader. Avoid its initial thrust attack or you’ll have to deal with a horde of zombies right off the bat, in addition to the loader. When it’s almost dead, it heads over to the far side of the room to unleash the zombies anyway, but at that point it’s almost destroyed. Ignore the zombies and finish it off.

Head into the next room to take on the final loader. It grabs explosive barrels from the side of the room, but with proper aim, you can hit the barrels out of the loader’s claw before it has a chance to use them. Destroy the final loader to complete the chapter, earn the blueprints to make the Acid Rain weapon, and initiate another cut scene.

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