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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 5

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 5: Soldier of Fortune

Your next objective is to find Diego at the museum. The upcoming boss battle is much easier if you have ranged weaponry with you, so stop by a weapons locker and pick up as many high ammunition guns as you can. Of course, your next objective is across town, so secure a vehicle and head over to the location marker on the map. When you reach the museum, head up the stairs to the main entrance to find blueprints and items for the Mauler weapon on the floor just inside. In the next room are blueprints and items for the Chuck Axe, as well as a slew of zombies.

Build the weapons, then head into the next room. Take out the zombies here and continue to follow the location marker into the next room. Access the control panel to initiate another cut scene followed by a boss battle against Diego.

The boss battle is much easier if you have ranged weaponry. If you didn’t bring any, there are a few hand guns scattered on the floor. Take out any zombies in the nearby area, then focus on Diego. Shoot him as much as possible while he’s in the air, and dodge as soon as he throws objects at you. When he hits the ground, run up for a big attack with Y and B, then press X twice to take two full stocks of life from his health bar.

When he ignites after falling to the ground, you do not want to be anywhere near him. For this reason, you must hurry over to him when he falls to the ground. If you wait too long, he’ll be able to get into the air before you can grapple him. With his jetpack ignited, dodge to avoid his charge, then continue attacking him with ranged weaponry.

Eventually he’ll hit a switch and make the attractions in the room start to move around in a circle. Get to the edge of the room as quickly as possible to avoid the attractions. If you’re caught in the middle, use the dodge roll to get out to the edges without taking much damage.

After about 30 seconds of the attractions moving in a circle, they’ll stop and you can continue the battle again. Finish off Diego to get another cut scene and your next objective of finding the gang members. If you need to replenish your health, there are snacks on the ground, or you can head to the museum cafeteria to find food. You’ll want to have at least one ranged weapon for the next section, so grab one from the museum or get one along the way.

When you approach the location, gang members rush out to attack. Take them down, then continue toward the main area. Take out as many gang members as you can before you get too close to the tennis court (your destination). Dodge any Molotov cocktails thrown at you and switch to a melee weapon if the gang members close in on you.

Once the gang members are down, walk over to Linda at the end of the court to free her and earn experience points, then it’s time to head to the next objective, escorting Diego to the plane. When you reach the hanger, you’re told to explore for a bit before you can continue the storyline. Head outside and kill zombies or clear safe zones until you receive notification to return. Alternatively, you can sit in the hanger for about 15 or 20 minutes until you get the notification. Once you get the notification, talk to Rhonda again to complete the chapter and receive the Blambow blueprints.

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