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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 3

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 03: Them or Us

After the cinematic at the beginning of the chapter, leave the club and use one of the cars outside to make your way to the plane, your next destination. When you reach the hanger, another cut scene plays. After the cut scene, head into the room adjacent to the plane to find blueprints for the Dynameat weapon, as well as the materials to make it. There’s also a Frank statue in the same room, and a change of clothes.

Head back outside and hop in the car. You have to trek all the way across again to reach the location marker of the illegally infected. When you reach the building, enter the door and look to the left to find the blueprint for the Zombie Raker weapon, as well as the items required to make it.

Talk to Lauren through the window to get your next objective. You have to find two items, a tattoo kit and her wedding ring. The first order of business is the tattoo kit, which is marked on your map. Head over to the location, then climb on top of the school bus to reach the opening above and get inside the school.

The zombies inside the school are far more powerful than the zombies outside. They’re hardly impacted by light attacks, so make sure you use Y when attacking instead of X. It will take a good number of heavy attacks to bring down each football zombie, and they will not hesitate to tackle you, so be aware of this as you make your way through the school.

Two football zombies are in the first room. Take them down and head through the door in the corner. Two more football zombies await, but you can run past them if you don’t want to fight. A blueprint for the Flaming Sword is found in the lockers on the left near the items required to make it, and there’s a staircase at the end of the room on the right. Head down the stairs and take out the football zombie just ahead, as well as the two other football zombies in the room to the right. The item you need is in the corner of the room.

Grab the tattoo kit and head back outside. Head over to the next location marker to find several gang members waiting for you. Take them down and head inside the enclosed area. Food and blueprints for the Defiler are sitting on the ledge next to the items required to make the weapon. Climb the scaffolding to access the window just ahead.

Immediately inside the building are two more gang members. Take them out, then find the ring on the table in the next room. The Undead Solutions book is also on the table. Make sure you grab the book as it reduces the detection radius of zombies. Now it’s time to head back to Lauren, the next location marker.

Give the items to Lauren, then head through the door and follow her up the stairs and around the corner. When she stops, head into the door ahead and to the right to initiate another cut scene.

In order to complete the next objective, you have to destroy three cameras, two relays and burn two sets of supplies. The first order of business is to take out the cameras. There are several guns on the table nearby. Pick them up to make it easier to take out the cameras. Do not use them against the zombies at all, as you need them to destroy the cameras and to get to the relays.

All three cameras are marked on the map. You just need to be close enough to shoot them. It only takes a couple of shots with most guns to destroy each camera. Once all three are down, you must disable two relay stations. This section is a bit harder. Do not get near either relay station without at least a couple guns, food or rations to replenish your health. Both stations are guarded by armed soldiers that will shoot you on sight.

As you approach each relay station, take out any guards blocking your path. This should only be one guard at most. Once you have a clear path to the relay station, quickly run to it and hide behind the relay so it serves as a barricade between you and the soldiers. From behind the relay, take out the remaining soldiers. With the relay as cover, this shouldn’t be overly difficult, but if you take damage, use the food you have with you to replenish your health.

Once the relays are down, all that’s left are the two sets of supplies that need to be burned. When you get to the closest warehouse, use a car to drive as close as possible to the supplies. This will help with taking out the nearby zombies. With most of the danger out of the way, get in the forklift and drive over to the large metal containers. Position the forklift so you can climb on top of it and reach the top of the containers.

There are several crates at the top. Throw one at the laser security system to the right. The supplies are just inside. Use any weapon to take them out, then proceed to the next set of supplies. When you open the door marked on the map, a cinematic begins.

After the cinematic is a boss battle against the mad doctor. This is not a normal boss battle. You’ll see multiple images of the doctor, but only one is real. The first thing you need are the chests with body parts in them. These are scattered around the lab, but only have one attack in them. Find the image of the doctor that’s attacking someone and use the chests to attack the doctor. With each destroyed chest, the doctor writhes in pain, allowing you to use an attack by pressing Y and B at the same time.

You’ll pass out after each attack and have to find the doctor again. Just follow the sound of the screaming patient to determine where the real doctor is hiding. Ignore all of the other images and focus on the image of the doctor that is attacking a patient.

Defeat the doctor, then head into the next room to find the supplies that need to be burned, as well as blueprints and items to make the Acid Jar. Anything you had in your inventory before being captured by the doctor is also on the floor in this room.

With the doctor down and the supplies destroyed, head up the stairs and out of the building. Find a car and make your way back to the communications tower, the next location marker on the map. Open the door to the room you started in at the communications tower to start another cut scene.

It’s that time again. You get to trek across town once more. This time you’re heading to the police station. Find a car and make your way to the location marker. Before you enter the side door to the police station, make sure you are well equipped with plenty of weaponry and at least one food item.

As soon as you access the door, a cinematic initiates, followed by a mini-boss battle against several armed soldiers. There are a variety of guns and other weapons scattered around, as well as food items, but you won’t have much time to pick them up due to all of the bullets you need to dodge. Use the left analog stick to avoid the gun fire and explosives used by the soldiers and take them down as quickly as possible.

With the soldiers down, head through the next door to find the blueprint and items for the Z.A.R. weapon. Continue down the hallway, but just before you reach the end, hug the inner corner so you can see the end of the next hallway. Hilde, the main boss here, is waiting at the end of the next hallway. If you move slowly, you can aim your gun at Hilde and shoot her while safely around the corner to avoid her counterattack.

After you lay a few rounds into Hilde, she dashes away. Head down this hallway, picking up any weapons or food supplies you may need, as well as at least one grenade. When you round the next corner, you’ll find more food supplies and a cardboard box ahead. Use the box to trigger the laser trap at the bottom of the stairs. Throw the grenade up the stairs toward the end of the hall to take down the zombies that await.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll find a slew of zombies in the room to the right, but you only need to head up the stairs to the left. Any zombie that doesn’t directly block your path to the stairs on the left is an optional kill.

Take the stairs and open the door at the end of the hallway to greet several more soldiers and zombies. Take them down, then proceed up the next set of stairs. Open the door at the end for another cut scene followed immediately by a boss battle against Hilde.

There are a plethora of weapons and food items on the floor in this room, and as you damage Hilde she’ll call on more soldiers to help her. It’s best to take the soldiers down first, but stay on the move to avoid the various explosive attacks from all of the enemies. There’s a katana sword and knife on the floor, so if you prefer close ranged attacks, you have that option. In many cases, it’s faster and easier to take out the ancillary soldiers with close range melee attacks.

Once Hilde is down, head to the hotel to meet Red and Annie. It’s fairly close, so you don’t need a car unless you have one readily available. When you get to the hotel, head up the stairs to the door on the second floor to initiate another cinematic.

You need to explore for awhile before you can proceed with the story. There’s a blueprint for the Bomb Toy nearby. Grab that and then explore the area. In the lobby of the hotel is the blueprint for the Knife Gloves, as well as the boxing gloves and chef knife needed to make it. When you’ve wandered around long enough, you’ll get a notification to head back to the communications tower to meet up with Red and Annie. When you get to the tower, speak with Annie to complete the chapter and earn the Napalm Bomb blueprint.

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