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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 2

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 2: It’s Somebody’s Funeral

You have to make your way to the sewers, which is pretty far from your current location. There are motorcycles and other vehicles nearby. Take one as far as you can before you have to get on foot. Watch out for the bikers along the way. Take them down and combine the motorcycle and steamroller. Ride your newly combined vehicle to the building with the sewer entrance.

Head into the sewer and try to have a flashlight with you. The first room has a large number of zombies on the floor. Many of the zombies are still alive, so continually stomp (hold Y) as you progress through the room. There’s a sawed off shotgun in the next hallway. Pick it up and use it to make your way down the next hall.

In the room just before the doorway, there are two weapon blueprints and the items you need to make the Electric Crusher weapon. Make the combo weapon and walk through the door into the graveyard. Head to the far side and access the gate to initiate another cut scene.

After speaking with Gary, get in the blue van in the corner and drive to the left, right next to the entrance to the building. Get out of the van and climb up to the top of the vehicle, then jump up to the roof of the building.

There are several weapons on the roof, so stock up if you need to, then break the glass covering the dome of the skylight and fall down into the building. Open the door for Gary, then kill the zombies in the next room. Head through the doors and down the stairs to the end of the hallway. Open the doors at the end to initiate another cut scene.

Move through the morgue, inspecting the body drawers until you find the correct one on the far side in the middle. The drawer is locked, so you have to find the keys. Head into the next room to find the blueprint for the Iron Edge weapon, next to the weapons needed to create the combo. The keys you need to continue are in the adjacent room, but a zombie attacks as soon as you enter the room, so be cautious as you step through the doorway.

Grab the keys on the counter and open the body drawer. Unfortunately, the body is nowhere to be found. Follow Gary into the next room and help him with the coffin. After a brief cut scene you must drive the corpse to the club.

The hearse is not the most durable car, so make sure you drive safe enough to make it all the way to the club. When you arrive at the club, another cut scene begins. This completes the chapter and awards you with the Junk Car vehicle blueprint.

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