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Dark Souls 3 Profaned Capital – Find the Jailer’s Key Ring, Wrath of Gods Miracle

by Bryan Dawson

This guide offers a walkthrough of the Profaned Capital area in Dark Souls 3. This area is divided into two sections and can be completed quickly or you can take your time to collect some important loot. Within the Profane Capital you will find the Jailer’s Key Ring, Wrath of Gods miracle spell, Cursebite Ring, Eleonora axe, Onislayer Greatbow and much more!

Travelling through Irithyll Dungeon will eventually lead you to the Profaned Capital. Starting at the Profaned Capital bonfire, there are two routes you can take. One is an optional route that leads to some decent loot and an encounter with Siegward if you’ve been keeping up with his quest line. The other route is a direct path to the boss, skipping all of the optional loot. If you’d like to head directly to the boss, skip down to the Main Route section of this walkthrough.

Optional Route

From the Profaned Capital bonfire, do not go down the ladder just behind it yet. You will be getting to that momentarily, but first there’s some loot to be had in the opposite direction. Climb down the ladder near the middle of the room and look for the large hole in the side wall.

Go through the hole and drop down to the area below. To one side is an item you can’t reach yet and stairs that lead to nothing. You want to go in the opposite direction, toward the wooden ramp that leads into the tower. As you move another Headless Gargoyle attacks. Take it out then head inside the tower to see a Crystal Lizard ahead.

Don’t attack the Crystal Lizard just yet. Instead head down the first narrow corridor to the left, as soon as you enter the tower. There are a number of gabs in the floor and if you fall through you will land in a toxic pit with Sewer Centipedes all around you. It’s not a fun place to be, but taking the path to the left allows you to kill all of the Crystal Lizards while avoiding the gaps in the floor.

At the end of the first corridor, head right to see the first Crystal Lizard you can safely attack. Kill it, then head down the next corridor to the right to find the second Crystal Lizard. You obtain a Twinkling Titanite for each Crystal Lizard.

Go left from the second Crystal Lizard, then head up the stairs to the left to collect the Rusted Gold Coin from the item corpse. Go back down the stairs and head through the opening ahead to find yourself on a platform above the toxic pit. You can use this higher vantage point to attack the Sewer Centipedes below with ranged attacks. This will make it easier once you drop down there.

Collect the three Blooming Purple Moss Clumps from the item corpse to the far right. Either clear the visible enemies from the platform above or drop down and take care of them. Once they’re gone, drop down and collect the Purging Stone from the item corpse in the middle of the toxic area. Be careful not to stand in the slug for too long or you will take considerable damage.

If you’re willing to risk taking damage, you can move through the large hole under the platform to find more Sewer Centipedes guarding a Poison Gem and Cursebite Ring. It’s very difficult to traverse through this area without taking damage, so have some Estus Flasks at the ready. On the opposite side of the area (near the structure) there’s another Sewer Centipede and an item corpse that holds a Shriving Stone.

Near the Shriving Stone there’s a door that leads into the lower portion of the tower. However, if you enter from the ground you’ll have to go through quite a bit of the toxic slug. Instead, head up the stone ramp in the middle of the area and climb the ladder. Circle around to the left to reach another hole in the wall. Before you go through, drop down to the rooftop below (to the left), then drop down again to find yourself right in front of the door, and very close to the Shriving Stone item (and Sewer Centipede). There’s solid ground here so you can fight the enemy and collect the item without being stuck in the slug.

Collect the item, then open the nearby door to find three Monstrosity of Sin enemies inside. These enemies are not to be taken lightly as they can inflict significant damage in a short time if you allow them to. The best strategy is to move in and out of their attack range until they try to attack you. Dodge the attack then strike them two or three times depending on the speed of your weapon. Back away and repeat the process until the enemy goes down.

If you remain too close they will continually roll around as they attack. If you’re good at dodging this shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid, but it’s still safer to simply move completely out of their attack range. As always, fighting them one at a time is preferred. If you have difficulty separating them, climb back up the ladder and run around to the side of the roof to spread them apart (usually only one will continue to follow your movements high above). This allows you to head back down the ladder and engage just one at a time.

Take all of the enemies down to obtain the Eleonora weapon, then collect the three Purging Stones from the item corpse on the far side of the room. Head back outside and up the ladder. Circle around to the left again and head inside the upper section of the tower. Another Monstrosity of Sin enemy waits for you here.

Kill the enemy, then break the pots in front of the tall altar ahead to find an item corpse holding a Court Sorcerer Hood, Court Sorcerer Robe, Court Sorcerer Gloves and Court Sorcerer Trousers. On the opposite side of the altar is a Mimic disguised as a chest. Kill the Mimic to find the Court Sorcerer’s Staff, then head down the stairs in the corner to find Rubbish on the corpse below.

Head back outside and up the stairs to the right to find an Unkindled on the roof. He uses magic and a lengthy weapon, but should go down without too much difficulty. Kill him to find Logan’s Scroll, which you can give to Orbeck to learn more sorcery spells.

On the far side of the roof is a corpse that holds 18 Poison Arrows. Collect the loot then drop down through the center of the tower to reach the large altar you passed in the previous room. Collect the Wrath of the Gods miracle spell then move toward the stairs again. From the middle of the room look toward the wall to the left of the stairs to see a narrow archway. You can jump from the roof into the archway to reach a nearly hidden room.

Head up the stairs to find Siegward of Catarina if you’ve been keeping up with his quest line. If you collected the Old Cell Key from Irithyll Dungeon then you can open the gate here and speak with Siegward to obtain a Titanite Slab. Collect the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in the corner of the room and head back out to the rooftop.

Continue up the stairs to find yourself back in a different section of Irithyll Dungeon. Two Jailers patrol this hallway. You don’t need to fight the enemies, just run to the end of the hallway, collect the Jailer’s Key Ring and run back down the stairs. This item allows you to free Karla from the cell you passed in Irithyll Dungeon before entering the Profaned Capital.

At this point you have completed everything there is to do in this portion of the Profaned Capital. If you head into the upper portion of the tower (where you fought just one Monstrosity of Sin), and head down the stairs in the far right corner, there’s a hole in the wall that allows you to drop down and get back to the Profaned Capital bonfire.

Drop down, then climb up the ladder to the right to reach an item corpse you couldn’t get to before. Collect the two Rusted Coins, then climb up the nearby ladder to reach the bonfire.

Main Route

Once again, from the Profaned Capital bonfire, head down the ladder just past the bonfire. When you reach the bottom, there’s a bridge ahead with another Headless Gargoyle at the end of the bridge. Unlike the previous bridge battle, there are three Jailer Handmaids on the lower level to the right. They continuously shoot fireballs at you as you cross the bridge.

Your best strategy is to use a ranged attack to draw the Gargoyle close to the ladder so you have more room to fight. If you fight on the bridge, you won’t have a lot of room to dodge and you’ll have to avoid fireballs continuously. Kill the Gargoyle then run halfway across the bridge and drop down on the right to the lower bridge.

Collect the Onislayer Greatbow from the nearby item corpse, then quickly move down the broken stones to reach the path below. The Jailer Handmaids are up the stairs ahead. These enemies can curse you if you give them enough time. Instead, draw them over one at a time with ranged attacks, then cut them down quickly.

Pick up the Rusted Coin near where you dropped down from the broken stones, and the second Rusted Coin on the far end of the path (opposite the stairs). Continue up the stairs and kill the Jailer Handmaid standing directly behind the fire.

Move into the large room ahead to find paths to the left and right, as well as a path directly ahead that leads to the boss battle. There are Jailer Handmaids and Gargoyles to the right and left, along with a bit of loot. You would’ve had to fight them if you didn’t drop off the bridge to collect the Onislayer Greatbow before. However, since you took the alternate route you can continue straight ahead toward the boss battle and ignore the enemies to either side.

If you choose to collect the loot, several Jailer Handmaids and a Gargoyle wait to the left. Defeat them, then head up the stairs to find yourself at the end of the bridge where you encounter the last Gargoyle. Look to the right to see an item corpse that holds a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior.

In the opposite direction there’s another group of Jailer Handmaids and a second Gargoyle. Kill the enemies, then collect an Ember from the chest in the far right corner. The other two chests in the left corner are actually Mimics, so attack them one at a time instead of attempting to open them. The Mimic on the left holds a Greatshield of Glory, while the Mimic on the right holds two Rusted Gold Coins. With the loot collected, head down the center corridor and through the fog to fight Yhorm the Giant.

Continue on to the boss battle against Yhorm the Giant, or head back to our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide.

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