After making your way through the Profaned Capital, the boss battle against Yhorm the Giant is actually a very easy one if you use the correct weapon. Unfortunately, you do not have that weapon in your possession just yet. It sits on the far end of the boss chamber, next to Yhorm the Giant’s throne. Wait near the fog gate for Yhorm to approach, then quickly run past him and collect the Storm Ruler weapon from the right side of the throne.

At this point you can attempt to equip the weapon while evading Yhorm the Giant’s attacks, but it may be easier for some to simply use a Homeward Bone to return to a previous bonfire with the weapon in-hand. Keep in mind you still need to wait for Yhorm to attack, then use the Homeward Bone between attacks so you have enough time to teleport without being interrupted. Generally Yhorm attacks twice, so wait until the second attack in the combo before you attempt to teleport or equip the weapon.

Once you have the weapon equipped and you’re ready to do battle, change into your two-handed stance (Triangle - PS4, Y - Xbox) and use your special attack (L2 - PS4, LT - Xbox). This charges the Storm Ruler, shown by a rush of wind surrounding the weapon. When the wind turns almost a solid white, the weapon is fully charged and you’re ready to inflict heavy damage to Yhorm the Giant.

Lock-on to Yhorm and use the fully charged special attack (R1 - PS4, RB - Xbox). If it connects it will inflict roughly 25 percent damage to the boss. Don’t just assume you can charge up and attack at will. Yhorm will still be attacking while you’re charging. You may have to dodge hits two consecutive attacks in the midst of charging your weapon. In addition, using the special attack will drain your stamina gauge completely, so if you happen to miss you may be in trouble depending on when you chose to attack.

When Yhorm gets down to 50 percent health, he adds a bit of fire to his attacks and will occasionally emit a blast of fire that has a moderate radius. Back away from Yhorm and use your special attack from a distance so that you don’t have to worry about the fire blast. Bring Yhorm the Giant down to obtain the Cinders of a Lord and the Soul of Yhorm the Giant.

If you’ve defeated the other Lords of Cinder up to this point, you will be instantly teleported back to the High Wall of Lothric to do battle against the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

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