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Dark Souls 2: Harvest Valley – Head to Earthen Peak and the Iron Keep

by Bryan Dawson

Continue your journey with Prima’s Dark Souls 2 Guide and Walkthrough!

Head into the cave to the right and light the bonfire, but be careful of the poison that sits in the pool just in front of the entrance. This area is filled with poison, so have items ready to combat the effects. Speak with Chloanne, the women just ahead, then continue down the path to the left. 

When you reach the poison mist, head left to find a skeleton and a Lifegem. Drop down to the dirt mound on right, then quickly make your way across the poison mist and collect the Fading Soul and Titanite Shard on the other side. Quickly move up the stone ramp. If the enemy follows you, combat the foe once you’re safely out of the poison. 

Pick up the Torch at the top, then head down the path ahead. Move up the first ramp and climb the ladder to find 10 Hexing Urns at the top. Climb back down to the bottom and take down the enemies at the end of the path. The larger enemies should be strafed, then attacked after they attempt their ball of darkness projectile attack. 

Head back up the ramp to the middle section and climb up the second ladder. Take down the two enemies and pull the lever at the left end of the path to raise the gate below. Head through the gate, then into the side tunnel to the right to find another bonfire. Light it, then continue down the main tunnel into the next area. 

There’s a chest down the path to the left, but you need to clear the poison mist before you can safely claim it. Take the path on the right, then take the bridge, or head all the way to the right if you wish to avoid larger enemies. Engage the smaller enemy as you make your way up the wooden path and toward the windmill.

At the top of the wooden path, watch out for the enemy in the room at the top of the ramp. It attacks if you get too close. Instead of going into the room, head down the path to the left and into the cave at the end, on the right.

Take out the enemy in the room ahead, but be careful, as this enemy is a bit more formidable than the ones you’ve been fighting in this area. Block its attacks, then follow with one or two attacks of your own before blocking again. Defeat the enemy, then head up the stairs and kneel before the armor to learn the praise the sun gesture, and join the covenant if you desire.

Head back into the room you passed before, but wait at the entrance for the enemy to come out if you haven’t already defeated it. The pots in the room are poison, so be careful not to break them. If the pots are in the way, you can head back outside and to the left, then continue into the tunnel where two more enemies await. Be careful of the pots here as well, and climb up the ladder to the left to reach the same room you just left, but now you’re on the other side of the pots. Continue through the doorway and into the next room to reach Earthen Peak. 

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