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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – Struck Down

by Prima Games Staff

The cut scene talks about the Ghosts, letting us know that outside the wall, in No Man’s Land, their reputation lingered like a shroud of fear. Merrick and Keegan were two of the men their dad had spoken of in the Prologue. They were headed to San Diego to free their man AJax from the Federation. Logan and Hesh used to only imagine the Ghosts, now they wanted to be one of them.

You take control of a remote sniper rifle to begin the mission. Your goal is to locate the captured soldier from the last mission, Ajax. Scan the stadium field, but you won’t find your target. He’s to your 12 o’clock in the press boxes. 

Grab the grenade launcher as instructed and tag the trucks. Don’t worry about hitting the jeeps, just go for the larger vehicles. Jump into the truck and blow the charges when instructed. Once you come to a stop, jump out and start taking down targets. Work your way to the left and up the stairs, this gives you a tactical advantage with the high ground. There’s a sniper rifle there if you’re interested as well. You’ll have to move back down the stairs again soon, and when you do, use all the weapons at your disposal. One of your more enticing options is the dog attack, so give it a shot. When you get the all-clear, regroup at the door and take over the remote sniper as instructed.

You’ll see three Federation soldiers through your scope. As soon as you take the first shot, the rest of your squad breaches. Scan to the right and take down the lone remaining soldier if he’s still standing. When the room’s clear, you switch back to Logan. 

Ajax isn’t there, but Riley has his scent. As you begin to move, you’re engaged by an RPG group. Switch back to the remote sniper and take them down. Get back to following Riley, who leads you to a partially open garage door. Once you put your gas mask on, toss some Tear Gas under the door to send the enemy patrol scrambling. Just start taking them down; this is pretty much an execution. 

The second wave is more capable of harming you, so grab some cover and pick them off. They’re all pretty much straight in front of you, so it’s not too much trouble. After the last bad guy drops, start trailing Riley to Ajax’s location. 

When you hit the door, go with Keegan, who will lead you to an alternate entrance. Breach as he tells you to. When you head inside, it’s a slow motion scene, so start nailing Federation soldiers. There’s about 10 of them in total, but Keegan and Riley hold their own, making it a little easier for you. When it’s all clear, you’ve found Ajax but he’s not doing well. Just before he dies, he lets the team know it was Rorke, and that he’s targeting the Ghosts.

As soon as you’re attacked, switch back to the remote sniper and go to work. There’s no shortage of targets, so make your shots count. You need to cover the Ghosts as they make their escape. When they give you the word, switch back to Logan and start working you own way out. Fight your way to the chopper and cover your own exit with the remote sniper again. Focus on the turrets on the tops of the jeeps. As you fly out of the stadium, Elias (your father) radios in to tell you to get back to For Santa Monica, since it’s under attack.

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