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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – Brave New World

by Prima Games Staff

The mission begins with an opening cut scene. The narrator explains that the Federation is a collection of South American countries. They took control of ODIN and turned it against America with plans of an invasion. The Federation underestimated America, who fought them to a standstill despite being severely weakened. America is now in a defensive war against a more powerful enemy.

You take control 10 years later, still playing as Logan. Your dog, Riley, now joins yourself and Hesh. Follow Hesh and Riley through the building to the outside. The Hollywood sign confirms that the setting is currently Los Angeles. Riley will seek out and attack a target. Don’t worry about him; start taking down anyone else in the area. There’s lots of cover, so use it to your advantage. Even though hip firing will work, aim down your sights for better accuracy. 

Move up with Riley and Hesh to find some Federation soldiers executing civilians. Engage them and move up using the dumpster if you need cover. Work your way through the gas station and through the large pipe. The helicopter poses the largest threat to you, so shoot the soldiers out of it. Just keep moving up and working your way through the hoards of opposition. Keep in mind you have several grenades to throw into the large clusters of bad guys. Once all is clear, grab the rockets as you’re instructed. Point the laser at incoming helicopters and fire. Keep the choppers painted with the laser to make sure each rocket hits its mark. When you get the all-clear, jump into the vehicle with the rest of your squad.

You regain control 20 minutes later at Fort Santa Monica. Be sure to check out Riley being a typical dog going for a car ride. Follow Hesh and regroup with Elias. Hesh explains that the Federation is executing civilians. Elias informs you that you’re going to No Man’s Land. You’ve been on the defensive for too long and it’s time to strike back. When Hesh asks what part of No Man’s Land you’ll be heading to, Elias responds with, “You’re going home.”

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