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Bravely Default Free Walkthrough Chapter 4: Black and White- How to Beat Command Central, Everlast Tower and the Temple of Earth

by Prima Games Staff

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the incredible amount of game to cover, this walkthrough will get you where you need to go and follow the main storyline. There are several features and side quests thrown at you on the course of the adventure. We loosely cover them here. For more details, refer to our General Tips & Strategies guide, and be sure to check here on Prima for future updates.  

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We are now providing all the max HP stats for each boss, considering many of you are playing this adventure with your own preference for difficulty. The max HP corresponds on Hard difficulty.   


Eternia’s entrance is blocked by a massive Ice Golem. This is technically a boss, considering its high HP, but you won’t have too much trouble compared to previous encounters. Make sure to equip ice-defense items, such as the Ice Charm, before you say hello. We were already at Level 50 at this point, but Level 45 is more than enough to take this foe down—given the fact that your job levels are most likely level 10 or higher. 


  • HP: 81,000 (Max)  
  • Weakness: Fire 

The Blizzard Blast attack can be deadly, considering it can strike all your party members with moderate-to-high damage. Its thrusting punch can also injure a single character, so be prepared for a possible KO. Use all your fire-based spells, weapons and specials if need be. We had a much easier time using a Ninja, Valkyrie, White Mage and Red Mage in this battle. Go heavy on the offense, and defend your healer until you need him/her. 



  • Arctic Wind 
  • Elixir
  • Rebuff Locket  

Once you defeat the Ice Golem, enter Eternia beyond the trail. As you enter Eternia, a cut scene will be presented: Edea reunites with a former classmate. It appears Edea’s mother is being held at the Central Healing Tower.

Head over to east end of Eternia. In between the houses lies an  Arctic Wind. You can also find an Elixir behind the house (just left of the Healing Tower’s entrance).  

Go ahead and enter the Healing Tower in Eternia (north). Ascend the stairs to be greeted by a nurse. The team follows her inside and meet Edea’s mother, Mahzer Lee. There appears to be three pathways leading to Central Command; some being longer and tougher than others. Exit the tower and then upgrade all your equipment and spells. When ready, leave Eternia via the west exit. 

Note: Re-enter the Healing Tower and return to Mahzer’s room. You can find a Rebuff Locket behind the northeast wall. 

As mentioned, there are three pathways you can take to reach Central Command on the World Map. We cover each one in the sections below. 


The east path is clear of any bosses, making it the easiest route to take. You can continue east from this route to reach Gravemark Village. The village is worth a visit, since you can find a Light Curtain and Ice Charm within the graveyard. The old man also lets you stay in his cabin to rest up. Once you return to the overworld, follow the trail westward and then north to reach Central Command.  


The west route takes you to the Dragon Zombie boss. Be sure to equip any fire-based special moves, spells and poison-resistant equipment. 


  • HP: 33,750 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Fire, Light  

The Dragon Zombie should not be much of a threat. Hopefully you’ve upgraded your magic spells. Remember that undead creatures are weak to light—in this case, the Curada, Cura and Cure spells will all be efficient, along with your fire attacks. Its Poison Breath strike will attempt to toxin your whole party, so clear the status as needed. The Bite attack can also nail your party moderately, so recover some HP when the time comes. Keep in mind you’ll have to fight this boss twice, since it revives itself! 

Note:If you continue westward from this path, you’ll reach Vampire Castle. The entrance is locked, but this will be a place of importance later for a side quest. 


You’ve got some guts if you chose this route. You’ll be pitted against the Guardian. Switch all your offense and specials to lightning-based. 

Boss! Guardian

  • HP: 121,500 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Lightning 

Lightning is the key, but boosting your physical defense is also important, considering the Guardian can increase his attack power. He appears to get assistance from the Eternian base; powerful flaming rocks inflict severe damage to your party. We recommend keeping your healer defended and then replenish health following the attack. 


Whatever path you choose, each one leads to Central Command (and you can fight both bosses if you please). When you arrive at the base, you’ll be greeted by a cinema. Following the cinema, ascend the long stairs to reach Central Command’s interior. 

There’s only one door open, so head to the east side and exit the hall through the passage. There, you’re pitted against Victor and Victoria. 


  • HP: 94,500 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Light


  • HP: 108,000 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Dark  

This battle can be challenging. The idea here is to dismiss Victoria first; she’s got the least HP, and she can cast Doom on your characters. If you don’t have a Dark Charm on your character (or the Cure Doom Staff Special), that person is screwed. You want to rely heavily on Reflect (from your White Magic), because any of these pesky spells are going to mess your party up. Luckily, Victor casts a holy attack; reflecting this to Victoria will cause massive damage to her. 

Once Victoria is defeated, you can turn your attention to Victor. Although he can cast attacks, he tends to heal himself quite often—keep the aggression on him—and again, Reflect will make a difference in winning. Your dark magic and Summoner will be extremely helpful as well, though he can reduce affects with elemental defense. If all else fails, special attacks apply here. 

Winning this battle earns you the two new asterisks: the Arcanist and Spiritmaster. The Arcanist allows you to perform the highest magic attacks, and uses spells such as Poison and Corpse. The Spiritmaster grants the character the highest healing spells, increases your magic attacks and more. As usual, you’ll unlock additional abilities as the job level increases. 

Now that we’ve taken care of the cute couple, it’s time to return to Central Command’s main hall. Head inside the north room to witness a lengthy cinema. When you wake up, you’ll take control of Edea. 


If you inspect Edea’s bed, you’ll be able to rest any wounds. It isn’t necessary now, but keep in mind you can return here shortly. Attempt to leave the room, only to trigger another lengthy cinema. 



  • Light Curtain (B2) 
  • 5000pg (B2) 
  • X-Potion (B2) 
  • 3000pg (B2) 
  • Excalibur (B2 – Hidden) 
  • Life Charm (B1) 
  • X-Potion (B1) 
  • Dragon Fang (B2) 
  • Zeus’s Wrath (B2) 
  • Bacchus’s Wine (B2) 
  • Pantheon’s Wrath (1F) 
  • Turbo Ether (47F)
  • Gold Hourglass (47F) 
  • Lilith’s Kiss (47F)
  • Divine Fists (48F)
  • Assassin’s Dagger (48F) 
  • Locked Chest (48F) 
  • Holy Lance (48F)
  • Stardust (49F) 
  • Elixir (49F) 


  • Archdemon: Light 
  • Teufel: Earth, Light 
  • Lilith: Wind 
  • Silver Wolf: Fire 
  • Duchy Pike Guard: Lightning 


Edea escapes her bedroom, arriving in Central Command’s prison estate. You now need to rescue all of your party members—they’re all being held in a prison cell on this floor, and are easy to find.  Go immediately south to find Agnès. Inspect the cell’s door to free her. Right below Agnès’s cell (in the southeast corner) is a chest holding a Light Curtain. 

Go west from Agnès’s cell to find Tiz. Free him, then go inside the next cell (west) and grab 5000pg from the chest. From the west side, move north and snag the X-Potion in the northwest corner, then free Ringabel in the nearby cell. Now collect 3000pg inside the cell to your right. 

Make your way to the southwest corner of B2. There’s one remaining chest on B2 in a cell that’s locked. To the right of the staircase is a hidden passage leading to the chest. Open it to claim the Excalibur sword. Afterward, ascend the southwest stairs to reach B1. 


Follow the path north. Take a quick left in the northwest corner and grab the Light Charm inside the chest. Next, work your way to the east end (passing multiple paths). In the northeast corner, grab the X-Potion inside the chest. 

There are several south passages below. Take the one closest to after collecting the previous chest, leading to a Dragon Fang. Follow the next south path (left of you). Follow this all the way to the east side of B2. Go north at the first intersection to claim Zeus’s Wrath from the chest. Travel south and then east towards the marker on your map. Before heading there, grab Bacchus’s Wine from the south passage. 

Approach the gate marked on your map. There, you’ll meet up with Sage Yulyana; he’ll “open” the gate for you. Beyond the gate lies the stairs leading back to 1F. 


Back on 1F, you’ll find out the north door is now open. Head there and jog to the northwest area. There, you’ll find a chest containing Pantheon’s Wrath. Once you’re ready, save up at the Adventurer, then ride the northeast elevator all the way up to 47F (watching a cut scene in the process). 


There are three chests on this floor: one in the north-central hall, and the other two in the southeast hall. They contain a Turbo Ether, Gold Hourglass and Lilith’s Kiss. When you’re finished collecting,ascend the southwest stairs to 48F. 


Head inside the central hall and go southwest to claim the Divine Fists from the chest. Backtrack to the central hall and take the east passage to reach the south corridor. Here, you’ll find an Assassin Dagger. There’s another Locked Chest in the northeast portion of the central hall (and one last chest you’ll collect in a bit). 

If you need to replenish your party’s health, exit via the northeast passage to return to Edea’s room and rest at the bed. Afterward, return to 48F’s hall and go south from Edea’s room. This leads to the stairs leading to 49F. 


Wrap around the hall counter-clockwise. Follow the path until your reach a branch to the left. Go through and head north. Descend the stairs here back to 48F. Collect the Holy Lance inside the chest, then return to 49F.  

From the stairs, go south and follow the outer-edge path to find a Stardust. Now work your way in the central hall, looping around to reach the lift. Be sure to open the chest to the right of the lift for an Elixir and save your game. When you’re ready, take the lift leading to the next boss. 


  • HP: 47,250 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Dark 

This battle is all about timing. For every turn, Braev will defend in Default. He usually does this two or three times in a row. In the meantime, you can cast Protect to get ready for his consistent attacks. Once he selects Default for the third time, command your party with your best attacks (surprisingly, Aeroga works extremely well against him). 


When you become the victor, you’ll acquire the Templar asterisk. The Templar is a sufficient class in guarding your party and commencing powerful attacks, while favoring sword and armor. Think of it as a Knight on steroids with better physical offense.  


Remember Vampire Castle that we passed on the way to Central Command? Well, after defeating Braev, you can now head back there to earn another asterisk (remember, take the west path from Command Central’s trail to get there). We don’t recommend engaging in this quest until Level 60 or so. 

When you arrive, you’ll speak to DeRosso at the entrance. He’ll tell you that you need to find six keystones to unlock Vampire Castle’s gate. The locations are scattered throughout the overworld. If you recall, you may remember stumbling upon the stones while venturing around the overworld. For each one you examine, you’ll be pitted against a corresponding magic dragon. Check the list below. 

  • Earth Keystone: At the lake, southwest from Eternia. Defeat the Ladon dragon. (Weakness: Wind)
  • Wind Keystone: Just west of Ancheim; defeat the Wyvern Dragon. (Weakness: Fire)  
  • Fire Keystone: Immediately west of Grapp Keep; defeat the Salamander dragon. (Weakness: Water) 
  • Light Keystone: Beyond the grass field northeast of Yulyana Needleworks. Defeat the Shinryu dragon. (Weakness: Dark) 
  • Water Keystone: Defeat the Mizuchi dragon. (Weakness: Lightning)
  • Dark Keystone: On the land strip behind Lantano Villa. Defeat the Jabberwock dragon. (Weakness: Light). 

With all dragons defeated and keystones gathered, return to Vampire Castle. Venture through the dungeon to reach DeRosso. The majority of his attacks are physical; use some defensive classes and evading abilities. The Knight, Templar, White Mage and Ninja will all be efficient in using Shield Lore, Rampart, any healing and Utsusemi. 

(Special thanks to Pete Davison from USgamer for the Rampart tip in this battle!) 

The Vampire has excellent magical defense (and physical) at the start. The sole purpose for this class is to steal abilities from all foes you encounter—including bosses. But keep in mind you need to experience the attack to acquire it. 


After another sad cinematic, head out the north exit back to the overworld. Make your way to Everlast Tower (marked on your map)—due east. 



  • Turbo Ether (2F)
  • Ancient Bow (1F) 
  • Earth Drum (1F) 
  • Turbo Ether (1F) 
  • Rune Blade (1F – Hidden) 
  • X-Potion (2F) 
  • Elixir (3F) 
  • Locked Chest (3F) 
  • Kiku-Ichimonji (3F) 
  • Dark Shield (4F) 
  • Gold Hourglass (4F) 
  • Dragon Fang (4F) 


There’s nothing you can access on 1F yet, so head up the stairs straight ahead to 2F. 


Several stairs are present on 2F. First, head inside the south room and grab the Turbo Ether from the chest. Go east from the room and descend the southeast stairs back to 1F. There, grab the Ancient Bow and then head back up to 2F. 

Back on 2F, descend the stairs in the northeast corner back to 1F. Go south from the stairs to find an Earth Drum. Now head over to the west side, pass another staircase and discover another Turbo Ether from the chest. 

On the northwest side of 1F, you’ll see a window. Walk right through it to find a hidden passage and go east to find a Rune Blade. Afterward, ascend the northwest stairs back to 2F. 

Returning to 2F, go east and grab an X-Potion from the nearby chest. Now turn around and head south from the stairs we descended. Ascend the stairs below you to 3F. 


Go south at the first split and stay right to reach the southeast corner of this section. Grab the Elixir from the chest there. Then return to the northmost path and follow it east (you’ll pass a locked chest). On the far east side of 3F, you’ll find some stairs—descend them. 

Returning to 2F, ascend the stairs directly below you (second-from-the- bottom, east side). The stairs lead back to 3F; collect the Kiku-Ichimonji sword here, then return to 2F. 

Once you return to 2F, head over to the northwest corner and ascend the staircase (second-from-the-top) to arrive back on 3F. On 3F, make your way to the southwest-corner section and descend the stairs there. 

Arriving back on 2F, you can talk to the Anchorite of Thunder in the east room. Before you do, equip any lightning-resistant equipment (such as the Thunder Charm). Your party needs to withstand an efficient amount of damage, so if you’re not comfortable, you can always come back (or leave, safe and then return). If you survive it, you’ll earn the Dues Ex Machina summon; an effective thunder-based summon.  

Now head back up to 3F. There’s only one more staircase we haven’t used yet. It’s roughly in the center (closest to the locked chest). Ascend there to reach 4F. 


Go to the west end first and take the second path southward. There you’ll find a Dark Shield. Now return to the stairs and head over to the east side. Stick right in the east section to find a Gold Hourglass

Backtrack to the stairs and head westward again. Go down the first south passage you see and make your way down to the southwest corner. There you’ll find a Dragon Fang. Afterward, turn around and go east to find another staircase; descend them to return to 3F. 

Now back on 3F (in a new hall), go east and ascend the stairs leading to 4F. You arrive in 4F’s south section. Head west and ascend the stairs ahead to finally reach the Temple of Earth.  



  • Earth Charm
  • Earth Mallet 
  • Light Curtain 


  • Daedalus: Earth 
  • Mailed Dragon: Lightning 
  • Gastric Worm: Water 
  • Earth Lantern: Wind 

Luckily, the Temple of Earth has only one floor and is pretty much the same as the other temples. As usual, you can inspect the rooms here for additional information and dialogue. Don’t forget to snag the three items from the chests—an Earth Charm, Earth Mallet and Light Curtain. 

Once you’re ready, save your game at the Adventurer. You’ll want to have a well-built White Mage and/or Spiritmaster for the upcoming fight. Level 9 of the Spiritmaster has a support ability called Holy One, which boosts up your healing spells. Be sure to also equip your characters with some Courage Rings. Lastly, if you’ve rebuilt the River Parts Shop in Norende to Level 6, you’ll be able to use the Undead Slaying special and Cure Dread (if not, that’s OK). 

Proceed in the Altar of Earth for a cinematic sequence. Time to fight! 


  • HP: 108,000 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Light 

Your White Mage will be the savior of this battle, thanks to Lich’s weakness to light. Curada is the strongest healing power currently available from the White Mage, and with it, can cause well over 2000 + damage (during the Rejuvenation Special, this can cause up to 4000+). A Spiritmaster will help on the defense and support; Fairy’s Aid, Greater Spirit Ward (halves elemental damage for four turns) and Adaption (absorbs all elemental damage for four turns) all ease the battle. Use Curada often—both on your team—and on Lich. If you haven’t unlocked it, Cura will work, but less-effectively. 

Lich has strong offense, and his attacks can be increased by his Negative Energy spell. You’re capable of preventing this by using Dispel; just make sure you save a slot or two for your White Mage for healing and offense. Be wary of the fear and death it casts, and use Balsam if needed. It’s unlikely you’ve built the Hills Shop Parts to Level 10 for Cure Doom in Norende, so be prepared to use Phoenix Downs on your less-resistant characters. 

With Lich defeated, press the button prompt (X) rapidly to release the Earth Crystal. You’ve awakened all for four crystals—now we need to look for the Holy Pillar! On a side note, your Support Ability once again increases by one. Nice! Once you’re all set, exit the temple and return to the overworld. 

Three markers are pinned on the World Map. Technically, these are just zones where you can access the Grandship. Make your way back to Frostpeak Passage (by going through Eternia). Then call for the Grandship for a cut scene. Now that everyone’s happy, a new marker is placed on the map, way over to the southeast corner of the World Map.

Before flying over there, make sure you’re ready. Equip Dark Charm accessories and assign any classes/support abilities with good physical defense (the Knight, Ninja, Templar, etc.). Build the job levels if needed. Again, it’s not usually a good idea to switch all your character’s jobs all at once (switching one or two would be fine), but you’ll have time to boost up their stats by battling for EXP. Keep in mind if you unlocked certain abilities with the corresponding character, you can use them with a support ability. 

Note: If you haven’t completed any side quests and acquired new jobs yet (we’re sure you have), now’s the time to do so! 


The destination mark leads to the Holy Pillar. When you fly over there, enter the beam. Airy asks if you’re ready, because there’s no turning back. Choose yes when you’re set. From this point, another cinema ensues: Alternis crashes the party yet again! 


  • HP: 135,000 (Max) 
  • Weakness: N/A 

The only magic Alternis casts is Black Bane, causing a strong dark spell on your party (in addition to sufficient damage). The rest of his attacks are physical and less crucial at the start. Any light magic (excluding healing) such as Wind works well against him, as does physical offense; Ninja’s Ussersu (for evade and counter), Knight’s Stomp, Valkyrie’s Super Jump, etc. Towards the end of the fight, bigger problems arise, as Alternis executes his Minus Strike maneuver—instantly inflicting 9,999HP damage to a party member. Alternis will do this more frequently upon his death, so get your Raise spell and Phoenix Downs ready! 


Defeating Alternis awards you the Dark Knight asterisk. Although it costs HP, you’ll be able to execute powerful (and dark) attacks, making it an excellent ally for an aggressive fighter. 

With Alternis defeated, you’re greeted by a lengthy cinema, leading into Chapter 5: Yesterday’s Scenery. 

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