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Bravely Default II Launching on Steam Next Week

by Lucas White

This afternoon, Square Enix announced that Bravely Default II, previously exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, is coming to PC via Steam. This new version of Square Enix’s ambitious JRPG sequel will launch on Steam September 6, 2021. That’s… next week. Customers interested in picking Bravely Default II up can get a 10% discount if they buy it before September 13.

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The game’s store page is already up on Steam, showing its various features and system requirements. You can add Bravely Default II to your Wishlist right now, but you can’t order it quite yet. The price isn’t on display or listed in the announcement press release either. Buying Bravely Default II on the eShop is a normal $59.99, but physical copies fluctuate, currently going for $29.99 on Amazon, for instance.

Square Enix, like many Japanese developers and publishers, have brought games to PC more and more often. This isn’t the first time for Square Enix making a move like this either, as Octopath Traveler eventually made its way to platforms like PC and Xbox following a period of Switch exclusivity.

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