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Bloodborne Guide – Lecture Building, Nightmare Frontier, Amygdala Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Lecture Building

Now that you killed The One Reborn, ascend the steps and then look for the mummy. This allows you to reach the Lecture Building. There’s a chance you’ve already been here if the Giant Being grabbed you at the Yahar’gul, Unseen Village entrance.

Walk up to and activate the Lecture Building 2nd Floor lamp and then exit through the door to face Graduate monsters.  Although they have a longer reach than many enemies in Bloodborne, they’re quite slow and you’ll avoid their attacks with ease. Stunning these foes, however, is somewhat difficult.

After slaughtering the Graduates near the door, beware the ones located on the other side. Walk to the opposite end of this hallway, turn right and battle the Reaper. Now turn right and kill the Graduates. Walk past their corpses and you’ll discover a body containing a Blood Stone Chunk.

While in this hall, make note of all the doors. Go to the lamp and then enter the door across from it. Pick up six Sedatives off the body inside and then go to leave, staying on guard for the Graduate that suddenly appears. There’s also another Graduate near the ceiling. You can bring this creature down by hitting it with a Pebble. From there, walk across the balcony to kill a Graduate, and read the note close by.

Go through the door to enter another room, then walk through another door to re-enter the main hall. Turn left and take the next door to find a note on a table. See the door that glows purple? This takes you to the Nightmare of Mensis. We chose to visit the Nightmare Frontier, so ignore this purple door for the time being. Don’t worry, you will explore Nightmare of Mensis in due time.

Walk back to where you saw the Reaper and pan the camera to the right to find a door. Enter and walk into the room, then walk along the balcony. Walk through the door on the farthest side of this area and you’ll discover a chest. Inside is a Communion Rune.


Once again, return to the Reaper’s former location and descend the ladder in the corner. Approach the Mutant Spider and attack once, then dodge backwards so you don’t get trapped inside the portal. This may sound weird, but go up to the Mutant Spider and talk to it. The creepy arachnid will give your hunter the Beg for Life gesture. If you continue chatting with the Mutant Spider, you will then get an Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune that will increase stamina 15 percent.

You’ll see a door ahead, so go through it and open the next door. Proceed with caution to avoid the portal that suddenly appears, then interact with the Lecture Building Lamp. Now exit through the same door and continue exploring this hallway.

Look left and walk through the door. You will then go through another door into a room.  Take out the Graduate and then look to the right to find a body holding a Lecture Theatre Key.  There’s another corpse in this room with some attire, Student Trousers and a Student Uniform.

Walk to the other side of this room and go through the door, heading back to the place you came from. Walk roughly halfway down the hallway to the right, and now take the first door to the left. After opening this door multiple Graduates will appear from another room. Use the doorway to kill them one by one.

With the Graduates deceased, walk into this room and look left to see more Graduates.  Kill these enemies and continue walking towards the door on the right. Explore this room and take the Augur of Ebrietas, used to call on Ebrietas.

Look right of this chest and walk through the door. You are now in the previous room. From here, walk into the purple door to access Nightmare Frontier.

Nightmare Frontier

Walk up to and interact with the Nightmare Frontier lamp, then pass through the entrance directly ahead of your hunter.  Approach the cliff edge and pan the camera left to catch the Imp attempting to make a quick getaway.  Dispose of this creature, look to the left and go up the hill.  Before reaching the top of this hill, look left to see a body with Madman’s Knowledge.

After collecting the item, creep up behind the Werebeast and nail this enemy with a Charge Attack and then a critical strike.  Now go right and fall down to find another body, this one with two Lead Elixirs. Take the path and do your best to sneak attack every Werebeast you come across.  Make yourself aware of the one standing still and the other one on patrol.

Eventually you’ll come to a green lantern. Keep pushing forward, look left and then go up the hill. Two Hunters will attack around this time. Should both attempt to kill you at the same time, high tail it out of there so you can increase the odds of battling them one on one. When they’re dead, go uphill and you’ll see a body with a Fading Lake rune; this will reduce damage from fire by five percent.  Now return to the lower area.

Look left and you’ll see a woman ringing a bell. Circle around her location and you’ll fight against an Undead Beast.  With the Beast dead, look around to find a body containing two more Blood Vials. Although you can keep moving, we returned to the upper level to deal with some Octosquids.  Avoid their spitting attacks and then rush these creatures. Be especially cautious with the big Octosquids, because their spitting attacks leave behind a poison cloud that sticks around for a little while.

Turns out, there’s also poison in the water, so don’t jump in. Instead, use Molotov Cocktails or Pebbles to trick the Octosquids to come to you.  In addition, pan the camera to the right to discover a cave. Go inside and destroy the Bell Caller, then go back to where you saw the Werebeast and take the path on the right.

After making it out of the cave alive, go left but be careful! Fur Giants hurl boulders at you.  Yes, there is a Werebeast nearby, but focus your attention on the Fur Giants since those boulders are a nuisance.

Push forward and you’ll come to a stone bridge on the left.  Instead go right and you’ll encounter a Daddy Imp; almost the same as a normal Imp, except it’s bigger and will leave behind more items upon death.

After killing the Daddy Imp, pan the camera right of that bridge and there’s a ramp that allows you to see the area below. Walk up to the edge and fall.  This not only grants access to this location, but unlocks a shortcut that’ll take you to the Nightmare Frontier lamp.  

Go back to the bridge we told you to avoid and cross it, then walk into the cave ahead.  Deal with the Fur Giant, then immediately turn around and take the path on the left. You’ll see a corpse, this one containing a Clockwise Metamorphosis rune, which increases your hunter’s HP by 10 percent. Return to the location of the now dead Fur Giant and walk along the path on the right.  Explore to find a body with a Stunning Deep Sea rune; this grants +200 poison to your weapon of choice.

There’s another cave, so head in there and kill the Octosquid.  Turns out this place is Octosquid city (not literally), so destroy all of them and then look for a body close by containing a Frenzied Coldblood.  Now take the path leading to the area bellow and kill more Octosquids, but also be extra cautious of the two Fur Giants.

If these enemies are too difficult to kill in a straight up fight, look for the green light and repeatedly dodge across the water. Slaughter the Fur Giant and then gain entry to another cave.  Go right and you’ll run into a Brain Trust.  As the name implies, it is a walking brain. On top of that, if it looks at you, your hunter goes into a frenzy. You want to hide as much as possible and wait for the Brain Trust to turn its “back” to you. When it continues its patrol down the hill, sneak up and hit the creature with a Charge Attack, then a visceral attack.

When you reach the end of this path, move left and then walk up to discover another Daddy Imp. Take this monster down and continue walking upwards to find a body with a Frenzied Coldblood.

From here, turn around and walk to the other end, then take the Madman’s Knowledge off the body.  Look left and keep walking this way and you’ll spy two Imps below. Go around the poison water and there’s a body containing one Madman’s Knowledge.  See the path directly ahead? We hope you have plenty of Blood Vials, because it will take you to the boss battle against Amygdala.  

Boss Fight with Amygdala

  • Beat Amygdala to receive the Ailing Loran Chalice

Amygdala possesses several attacks you’ll need to become familiar with in order to kill this intimidating character. It also doesn’t help that Amygdala towers over your hunter, but at this point, you’re used to being David to the game’s many Goliaths.

Ideally you should bring a long-range weapon to this boss battle because of the added reach. That said, we feel the Threaded Cane is extremely effective due to its impressive balance of both speed and length. You can use the Hunter Axe, but the fact that it’s slower means you’ll have a tougher time.

The first thing that stands out about Amygdala are its arms, of which, it has quite a few. Think of them as targets, along with the creature’s head, but it won’t be easy.  The arms often remain in the air and the head lowers only after specific attacks, making the legs the best option since they move slower. Hopefully you take our advice and opt to wield the Threaded Cane, since you’ll be able to hit Amygdala’s extremities more often.

Throughout the battle you should remain close to the boss but stand to the side. This allows you to avoid some of the creature’s attacks from the front while remaining within striking distance. Wander too far away and Amygdala unleashes lasers that are thankfully easy to avoid.

At the start of the battle, dodge Amygdala’s swipe attacks and land strikes of your own.  In addition, be on guard whenever the monster attempts to step on your hunter, or jump into the air in an attempt to crush him or her.  Be patient and whittle down Amygdala’s health bar to 50 percent. At this point the boss drops off two of its arms and tries to hit you with them. This gives it better range, but don’t change the game plan. Remain on the side and attack the head and arms when you see an opening.

Amygdala will eventually bring out a stronger laser attack from its head, but you should still be able to dodge with little effort. When this attack finishes you’ll notice the monster’s head near the ground, and you should immediately run up and get in some head shots. Do this and the fight will end in a timely fashion.

After killing Amygdala, walk up the steps and interact with Amygdala’s Chamber Lamp.

Did you skip too far ahead? Read Prima’s free Bloodborne walkthrough. When you’re ready to slay new monsters, continue with part 10, where we tell you how to kill Micolash, Host of the Nightmare and Mergo’s Wet Nurse.

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