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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Complete The Thames and Lambeth Boroughs, Unlock Sequence 8

by Bryan Dawson

Before you can play Sequence 8 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you need to clear three boroughs, which means completing all of the activities listed on the map for each borough. You already conquered Whitechapel in Sequence 3, so even if you’ve done nothing but story missions up to this point, you have at least one borough complete.

If you’re looking to move on to the rest of the story as quickly as possible, focus on The Thames borough since it’s the easiest to clear. For the third borough, check the map to see if you’ve done any of the activities for a particular borough. If you have, pick up where you left off, as most of the remaining boroughs have about the same number of activities in order to conquer them. We’ll cover two of the boroughs to give you insight into the process.

Once you complete all of the activities in one borough, the Gang War for that borough becomes available. Defeat a large group of rival gang members, then finish off the boss in combat to conquer the borough.

The Thames Borough

Templar Hunt: Tom Eccleston

Suggested Level: 4

When you reach the map marker for this Templar Hunt, head up the stairs to the west to the waypoint, then move over to the southernmost ship in the search area. This is where Eccleston generally hangs out. He occasionally leaves the ship and moves to the boat due north, then to the ship due east before returning to his starting point. Take down the sniper on top of his ship, then wait for him to leave and take him down with an air assassination to complete the optional objective.

Templar Hunt: Captain Hargrave II

Suggested Level: 4

When you reach the section of ships where Hargrave is holding up, clear a path to the Captain by killing the guards surrounding him. Kill Hargrave any way you desire, then pick up his body and throw it in the river to score the bonus from completing the optional objective. Once that’s done, leave the same way you came and get a safe distance away to complete the mission.

Templar Hunt: The Jekyll Brothers

Suggested Level: 3

This is similar to the other Templar hunts, but what makes it unique is that there are two targets instead of one. You need to kill both Kent and Raphael Jekyll. For bonus rewards, have a police officer kill one of them for you.

Raphael is an easy kill since only one guard patrols near him. He waits on the boat near the south side of the search area. Simply wait for the guard to walk away, then sneak up behind Raphael and kill him.

To get a police officer to kill Kent, wait for the nearby police officer and Kent to be in close proximity, then hit the policeman with a hallucinogenic dart and wait for death to come to Kent. Once both brothers are down, escape a safe distance away from the search area to complete the hunt.

Bounty Hunt: Emmet Sedgwick

Suggested Level: 3

There isn’t a lot to this bounty hunt. Head over to the target area and kill the handful of guards close by. Once the guards are down, sneak up behind Sedgwick and kidnap him to score the optional bonus rewards. With Sedgwick in-hand, leave the area and find the closest ally carriage (green points on the mini-map), then deliver him to the next final waypoint to complete the mission.

Bounty Hunt: George Scrivens

Suggested Level: 3

Like the other bounty hunts, your task here is to head to the map marker, activate Eagle Vision and locate George Scrivens. The search area isn’t large, so it won’t take long to locate him. Clear a path to the target by killing the guards in your way, then if you’re looking to get the bonus rewards, kidnap Scrivens. Once you have Scrivens in-hand, head to the closest ally carriage, marked in green on your map and deliver him to the final waypoint.

Bounty Hunt: Simon Chase

Suggested Level: 4

Your target generally hangs out around the south side of the search area. Once again, clear a path to the target by taking out the guards in your way, which should also give you a clear exit once you have him in custody. Head to the nearest allied carriage and drive to the final waypoint.

Lambeth Borough

Templar Hunt: Martin Church

Suggested Level: 3

Martin patrols the courtyard and isn’t difficult to find. In addition, the bonus reward only requires you to kill him with the hidden blade. It’s best to clear the snipers off the rooftops, then drop into the haystack in the courtyard and wait for Church and his guard to walk by. As soon as they turn their back to you, jump out of the hay and assassinate Church. Escape to a safe distance to complete the mission.

Templar Hunt: The Lambeth Bullies

Suggested Level: 3

This is another easy clear if you have hallucinogenic darts. Simply stand on top of any of the buildings in the search area and hit Ada and Clyde Striker with darts. They’ll take out each other and the nearby guards. No civilians will be hurt so you’ll earn the additional bonus as well.

Templar Hunt: The Fletchers

Suggested Level: 3

All you need to do to complete this mission and score the optional bonus rewards is to take out the sniper on the roof, jump over to the roof of the building closest to the two targets, then move over to the edge of the roof and hit both with a double air assassination. Once they’re down, grapple back up to the roof and continue to use the Rope Launcher to escape to a safe distance.

Bounty Hunt: Leopold Bacchus

Suggested Level: 3

When you reach the area surrounding the next waypoint you’ll be in hostile territory. Use Eagle Vision to locate the target, who is positioned underground. There are plenty of guards on duty, and it can be difficult to sneak around. If you engage one enemy, there’s a good chance you’ll attract the attention of several more. With that said, there are a few guards you can assassinate without drawing any unwanted attention. However you wish to handle the situation, clear as many guards as you can before you go after Bacchus so the path is clear when you come out with him.

There are two ways into the underground area where you can find Leopold. There’s a very large tunnel that’s easy to find, but taking this route doesn’t offer much stealth because Leopold and his guard will face you as you approach. The alternate way is a well-like hole in the ground near the southwest corner of the enemy’s territory with two guards nearby.

Head down the well and assassinate the guard near Bacchus. As soon as this happens Bacchus will attempt to run, but you should have no trouble stopping him, especially if you used the well entrance, as you’ll drop down right in front of the stairs. Take Bacchus up the stairs and leave enemy territory. Shove Bacchus into a carriage and head to the delivery point to complete the memory. If you encounter enemy carriages along the way, ram into them to stop their pursuit.

Bounty Hunt: Jesse Butler

Suggested Level: 3

Your target is located near the north side of the search area. Clear an escape path by taking out the guards at any of the exits, then Leap of Faith into the hay stack right next to the target or grapple to the rooftop behind him. Kidnap Butler and head out of the area and to the closest allied carriage, then circle around to the final waypoint to complete the mission and score the bonus reward.

Bounty Hunt: Mildred Graves

Suggested Level: 3

This bounty hunt is similar to most of the previous bounty hunts. Slowly clear a path to the target, but assassinating guards as you close in. Kidnap Graves, then head out the same way you came in. Put Graves in the closest carriage and head to the final waypoint to complete the mission and score the bonus rewards.

Child Liberation: Strain & Boil

Suggested Level: 4

Head up to the roof and assassinate the sniper near the second floor entrance on the northwest side of the building. Use this entrance to go into the building. Take out the guards here and disable the alarm so you don’t have to worry about it. There are two guards, but if you allow them to spot you, the rest will rush upstairs, allowing you to take them out at once. If you’re not that confident in your fighting abilities, work your way through the building, taking out guards as you encounter them. Free the children upstairs, as well as the two sets of children downstairs, then kill the foreman to complete the mission.

Gang Stronghold: Echostreet Alley

Suggested Level: 4

The easiest and fastest way to complete this mission is to simply hit one of the big guards with a hallucinogenic dart. He’ll end up clearing most of the other guards and leave you with only one or two left to take out. Unfortunately, this will likely kill the nearby Rook hostage so you won’t be able to get the bonus rewards.

If you’re looking to get all the bonuses, clear out the sniper on the balcony, then drop down and take out the enemies by the hostage.

Gang Stronghold: Battersea Bellows

Suggested Level: 3

To secure the bonus rewards, take out the sniper on the rooftop, then wait on the roof for the leader to move into air assassination range. Take him out, then circle around the area killing any remaining Blighters and free the Rooks. Once this happens the mission is done.

Now you’re ready for Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom. When finished, return to the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide, or unlock the Official eGuide for interactive maps and in-depth strategies.

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