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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: No One is Safe – Find the Russian Hideout

by Prima Games Staff

Once you reach the objective on your map, you’ll enter the fundraiser as Peter Parker. The first part is a lot of conversation and cut scenes. While the conversations seem interactive, how you go about them doesn’t change the story or gameplay at all. Progress how you please until you bump into the Russian.

Follow the suspicious waiter, changing into your Spider-Man suit when prompted. Use your Web-Pull to enter through the ventilation shaft, crawling through until you reach the other side, where you’ll find a few hostages pestered by three thugs. Since the bad guys are so close, Stealth Takedowns aren’t really an option, so jump down and deal with them face to face.

Continue to pursue the waiter, using your Web-Pull to lift the door, then Web Rush to dart through it before it closes again. Once you catch up with him, a tingling feeling will let you know danger is near. Dodge to fight the Brute.

The best way to take a Brute down is to use your Seismic Blast to stun him, then deliver some melee attacks before he recovers. Just make sure to use your Evasive Roll to stay away when he retaliates. As soon as the Brute (as well as his low-level backup) is down, head back to the party and assume the role of Peter Parker.

When you’re back at your starting point, spend some time listening in on the conversations around the room. Also be sure to look for any collectibles, although they have no impact on the story. The guest you are looking for is by the bar, near the entrance where you came in. After you’re done talking, Wilson Fisk will arrive, updating your objective.

Approach Mr. Fisk and run through the four questions you have for him. Of course, they won’t change a thing about the story, so tackle them in whatever order you please before finally leaving the theater.

Your next objective will take you to the Russian hideout, featuring four weapon crates that you need to destroy. Each one is guarded by a Brute, so Stealth Takedowns become difficult after a certain point. It doesn’t matter what order you attack the crates, but from our starting point, we saved the one that was 150 meters away for last since it’s near the next objective.

Keep utilizing your Spider-Sense, detecting guards around the area. There’s a lot of them, but each one can be taken out fairly easily with a Stealth Takedown. We spent about 10 minutes doing this, making the battles at the first three weapon crates much more manageable. The final crate is fairly simple too, only guarded by one Brute who can be taken out by stunning him with the Seismic Blast and then hitting him with some melee attacks.

Your next objective is to find an entrance to the hanger, something that cannot be done without a tough fight. Before you can hide, you’ll be spotted. Hop down into the middle of the battle, working on Evasive Rolls, Seismic Blasts, Web-Pull and Web Rush to take the gang down. When the last one falls, head up to the roof and enter the hanger through the ventilation shaft.

The final part of this mission has you rescuing a hostage from the Russians. There are seven bad guys to do away with, but you can use Stealth Takedowns to make your life easier. Focus first on the men who patrol the upper catwalks, slowly working your way towards the hostage. Once he’s rescued, you are on your way to Part 8 – The Hunters and the Hunted.

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