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Alien: Isolation Mission 8: Haven – Gas Torch, Flashbang V.2, Revolver, Marlow

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

The first objective of this mission is to Get to SCIMED Transit Station. Exit the elevator and take the first right, using the lever to open the door. Head inside, going down the stairs and turning to your left. Fire up the Security Access Tuner to open the door, move forward and turn left, going down a large set of stairs to trigger a cut scene.

When the cut scene ends, you’ll be asked to Get to Transit Control. Move across the room and up the stairs just to the left of the save game mechanic, passing under the Towerlink Transit System sign and going through the door along the left wall. Follow the hall and turn left at the end, using your Maintenance Jack to get through the locked door.

Once you’re inside the elevator, press the button to go To Transit Control, then step off to receive an updated objective asking you to Reactivate the Transit at the Main Console. Grab the Flashbang V.2 from the table and walk to the middle of the room, choosing the option to Use. This will cause someone to show up and investigate, leaving you the option to either sneak past or take him out. We took him out, then moved to the same side of the room that we entered on, choosing the option to Use Lever.

Move around the outside of the room in a counterclockwise fashion, stopping and choosing the option to Use the computer. This will update your objective again (it’s more of a reminder), asking you to Reactivate the Transit at the Main Console.

As soon as this is done, turn around and get ready to take out a Synthetic (Walking Joe or Android). This one means business, so try to avoid hand-to-hand combat. We used our Revolver, which is risky given the Alien is never far away, but it worked out. With the Walking Joe down, head back to the center console and for the third time, choose the option to Use.

Your objective will update to Get Back to the Transit Station, which normally means it’s time to backtrack, but since the elevator appears to be down, it’s time to find another route.

Head down the nearby stairs and into the open door adjacent to the elevator. You’ll see a dead dude on the ground that you can search, then go through another open door to see a second dead body. Grab the Cutting Torch from the table, then save your game and backtrack to the main room behind you.

Go up the small set of stairs and choose the option to Use Gas Torch to cut through the panel covering the vent. When the panel is removed, climb inside and follow it all the way through. When you emerge, look to your left and choose the option to Use Lever to open the door. Once through, turn to your right and go down the stairs, updating your objective to Take the Transit Car to Solomons Habitation Tower.

Head over to Towerlink 02 and call the transit. This will trigger several humans to enter the area. It’s up to you whether you hide from them or kill them all, but when the transit arrives, get onboard and choose the option to go To Solomons Habitation Tower. One of the hostiles spotted us, but we ignored him and sprinted onto the transit.

After a short cut scene, your objective will update to Regroup with Samuels, Taylor and the Marshals, then shortly after to Get to Colonial Marshal Bureau.

Step off the transit, turn right and save your game, then head up the nearby stairwell. Pass under the Solomons Galleria sign and into the next room, hanging a slight right and going through the door under the Colonial Marshals sign. Walk through the next room and go up the stairs, going through yet another room to and chatting with one of the Marshals. When you’re done, your objective will update to Talk to Marlow. Go to the back right corner of the room to speak to him and complete the mission.

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