Alien: Isolation Mission 5: The Quarantine – Passcode, Keycard, Dr. Morley

Find Morley's office, get the passcode and escape the Alien to acquire the Keycard.

What’s My Password?

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In this detailed guide for Alien: Isolation, we spill all the secrets.  Places, passwords, keys… everything you need to complete The Quarantine Mission.  Even spoilers like who’s alive, and who’s not.

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Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

To start the mission, your objective will be to Go to Samuels and Taylor. Step off the transit to reunite with your Torrens crew, then head through the nearby door and up the stairs. Move forward and grab the map to your left, then from there, turn around and head through a nearby door. Go up the stairs near where the two cameras are, then step onto an elevator when a voice tells you to.

As you step off the elevator, your objective will update to Get into the San Cristobal Medical Facility. Instead of going up the stairs, turn to your left and pass between a series of shelves, then hop into the ventilation system on your left. Climb the ladder and travel through the vents until you fall to the floor, then move forward and head up the stairs in front of you.

It’s at this point of the game that you’ll be introduced to Dr. Kuhlman, and after a short conversation you’ll get an updated objective to Find Morley’s Office. Head through the door to the Psychiatric Ward and follow the hallway as it curves to the left. Take your first left, going under the sign that says Welcome Area. Continue following that corridor until you pass under a Senior Consultant sign and go down a set of stairs. Dr. Kuhlman should comment that you’re headed in the right direction.

Make sure you’re constantly checking your Motion Tracker as you approach the Senior Consultant door and use your Access Tuner to get inside. Dr. Kuhlman will comment that that’s Morley’s office, and tell you to look for a pass code. Interact with the Sevastolink terminal and go through the files. You’ll find that the pass code is 1702, and can be found under Shared – Hospital Quarantine.

At about this point, an alarm will sound and your objective will update to Find Dr. Morley’s Keycard. Just so we’re all on the same page, alarms typically attract the Alien.

Make your way out of Morley’s office and toward the stairs you used a short time ago. We’re not sure if it will be the same for you, but this is where the Alien came through the vents, meaning full on stealth mode from here on out.

When the coast is clear, take your first left at the top of the stairs and make your way down the hall. Use your Motion Tracker to keep tabs on the Alien, but keep moving until you see the Staff Quarters door on the left side. Open it using the code you find in Dr. Morley’s office, 1702.

Move into that area and pass through another door that says Staff Quarters above it. Grab any supplies you find inside, using the locker to hide if the Alien shows up. Your primary interest is the whiteboard at the back of the room, however. Approach it to have your objective updated to Investigate Rooms on Dr. Morley’s Rounds.

Leave the room and turn to your right, going down a small flight of stairs and following the hallway. Look for a room on your right that says Psychotropic Clinic above the door. Go inside and snag the Pipe Bomb V.1 off the desk, then head to the back of the room and save your game. It would be a shame to lose all this progress due to death by Alien.

Speaking of the Alien, he’ll still roam around the area, so hide under the tables or in the locker if he makes an appearance. When you’re fairly confident the beast isn’t around, leave the room and turn to your right, following the hall and going through a door at the end of it and once again on your right. Take your third right and use your Motion Tracker to locate your objective, Room A-29.

Once you’re in the room, feel free to press the Emergency Override button next to the door, then grab the Keycard off Dr. Morley who is very dead and laying on the floor. With item in hand, it’s time to get out of there and make your way back to Dr. Kuhlman.

Leave the room and turn to your right, going back through the Staff Quarters door and turning left. Simply follow the corridor as far as you can, turning right after you go up the small set of stairs. Continue to move forward until you pass through a door with no name and into a larger area, going into the Day Room.

Turn left out of the Day Room and take the corridor to your right, following it all the way through the door that says Visitors above it. This will bring you back to Dr. Kuhlman, and after a short conversation you’ll need to follow him by going through the door with Welcome Area written above it. Doing so will bring on an intense cut scene, after which your objective will be to Take the Elevator to the Lower Hospital. Turn in the opposite direction of where Dr. Kuhlman was standing and get on the elevator to complete the mission.

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