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Alien: Isolation Mission 10: The Trap – Get to the Airlock, Flamethrower, Noisemaker V.2

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

At the beginning of this mission, your objective will update to Collect the Flamethrower. Head inside the room and grab it from the counter, then make sure to snatch up any other supplies tucked away on the shelves. When you head back to the main area, your objective will update to Go to Lorenz Systech Spire.

Before you head out on your journey, take a moment to enter as many side rooms as you can in order to loot up. If you’re maxed out on any items, craft something and then keep looting. When you’re ready to go, exit the main room where you were talking to the Marshal, taking the short hallway just to the right of the save game feature.

Backtrack all the way out of this area, turning left when you spot the Towerlink Transit System sign. Pass under the one on the right, continuing on and down the stairs to Towerlink 02. There should be a sign above it that says Destination Lorenz Systech Spire. Call the transit, boarding it when it arrives and choosing the option to go To Lorenz Systech Spire. This will update your objective to Get to Lorenz SYS/TECH Spire, although we’re not sure how the update differs from your previous objective.

After the standard cut scene that plays while you’re traveling, disembark from the transit and turn left, going up the stairs with the Lorenz Systech Lobby sign above it. Your objective will change to Get to the Server Hub, so go through the door that has the Lorenz Systech Lobby and Security signs above it, then turn left to return to the room where the four humans hunted you back on Mission 3 – Encounters.

Approach the center of the room to meet up with two people who seem to be in on the plan, then head up the stairs to the right, taking another right and moving forward until you reach the Tech Support door on your left.

After going through the door, head down three flights of stairs and pass under the Tech Support sign. Move forward and take the small set of stairs on your right, heading into the Tech Support HQ booth and accessing the Sevastolink terminal. Browse to the Utility folder then Door Control, choosing the option to Open Door.

At about this time, you’ll get a new objective that asks you to Seal Off the Stairwell, and you’ll also see a Synthetic wandering by just outside Tech Support HQ. We threw a Flare to distract him, then snuck inside Server Hub Reception when he went to investigate. This proved to be pointless for us since it wasn’t hostile, but you might consider killing the Synthetic, just because it will eliminate it from your Motion Tracker and allow you to keep better tabs on the Alien.

Once you’re inside Server Hub Reception, go up two flights of stairs and take a right and go through the door with the Seegson Security and Tech Support signs above it. Inside that room you’ll find lots of supplies, and you can access the Seegson Security area. Feel free to use the Sevastolink terminal inside Seegson Security and on the desk, browsing to Utility and choosing to Open Cells. This will allow you to properly loot the entire area, but we would advise to not open the Lorenz Systech Lobby door. This serves no purpose beyond giving you access to the lobby where you talked to the two men.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve looted Seegson Security, backtrack out the way you entered the area, turning right before you go up the small set of stairs. Approach the device with the cables leading to it and choose the option to Initiate Lockdown, using your Maintenance Jack to close the entrance to Seegson Security, and thus the Lorenz Systech Lobby.

Right about now, you’ll want to get out your Flamethrower. The Alien has arrived and it doesn’t look the least bit impressed with your shenanigans. Use it sparingly, giving the beast short blasts from your fire spewing device of death until it hightails out of the area. When the Alien is gone, confirm on your Motion Tracker that the coast is clear and get back to your objective to Seal Off the Stairwell.

Leave this room through the only available door to return to the stairwell, then go to the top floor and through the door. Turn to your left and approach another device with wires coming out of it, choosing the option to Initiate Lockdown. This will update your objective to Lock Down Server Hub Reception Corridor, and if you haven’t already bumped into the Alien again you can likely expect to at any moment. Keep chasing it away with your Flamethrower and get back to the objectives at hand.

Return to the stairwell one more time, going down one flight of stairs and choosing to Override Door Mechanism on the device next to the Server Hub Reception door. This will open the door, allowing you to head inside and access the Sevastolink terminal behind the reception desk, and also updating your objective to Activate Ricardo’s Override Command.

Once you’re using the Sevastolink terminal, browse to the Shared folder and choose Folder Code, revealing that the password to the Audio folder is 7789. Use this to listen to the audio log, then browse back down to the Shared folder and select the Bypass Program. This will allow you to access the previously locked Utility folder and Initiate Lockdown.

At this point, you should start to hear the Alien rumbling around in the ventilation shafts, so make sure your Flamethrower is always on standby. Your objective will also update to Lock Down the Server Farm, so step out from behind the desk, taking a left and heading through the door to the Server Farm.

Consider killing the Synthetic since it was hostile toward us, then take a door on your left and go down a small set of stairs. Grab the Noisemaker V.2 from the table in the room and turn around, going through the door and saving your game. Turn right when you’re done and go through the unmarked door, heading up the stairs before going down another set. Move to the left wall of this room, then pass through a small corridor with the Sevastopol Servers sign above it.

This room will most likely contain a wandering Synthetic and possibly the Alien. Sneak by or utilize your Flamethrower, but when the coast is clear, you’ll want to head to the Server Control door and use your Security Access Tuner to open it.

Head inside the room and check the desk for supplies, including Flamethrower Fuel that we found on top of it. Next, use your Security Access Tuner to have Administrator Rights Granted. This will trigger all the doors around you to open and your objective to update and instruct you to Escape the Server Hub.

It’s time to backtrack exactly the way you came, passing the save game mechanism as well as the table where you picked up the Noisemaker V.2 and going up the short stairs. The room you’re in now is called the Server Farm, and you should see a door to your right that leads to the Server Hub Reception. If it’s accessible, go through that door.

If that door is not accessible, you can use an alternate route. Look for a door at the bottom of a tiny set of stairs that has a Server Farm sign above it. Go into that room and through the door on the right to find an Access Rewire sitting on a wall. Interact with it, removing Door Access and setting Air Purification to Active. Continue on through another door up ahead, turning right and using your Maintenance Jack to Remove Brace. This will also deliver you to the Server Hub Reception area.

In case you’ve forgotten or we haven’t said enough, keep an eye on your Motion Tracker to ensure the Alien doesn’t ambush you.

Pass through the Server Hub Reception and back out into the stairwell that you’ve used repeatedly in this mission. Go down two flights of stairs and pass through the doors that lead to Tech Support, moving forward and going up another three flights of stairs and into the Lorenz Systech Lobby. At about this time your objective will update to Take Elevator to Gemini Exoplanet Solutions.

As soon as you pass through the Lorenz Systech Lobby doors, go up a small set of steps and then some more stairs on your left. Head through that door to find the elevator which is also on your left. Step inside and press the button to go To Gemini Exoplanet Solutions.

Step off the elevator and find the option to save your game in the corner of the room. You’ll also get an updated objective to Restore Access to Distribution. Go through the door to your left, then up some stairs on your right and through one more door. Follow this corridor to the end where you’ll be going in the door on your left, then follow this room until you spot a Synthetic at a terminal behind some glass. Be sure to avoid the motion scanners in this area, and if the Alien shows up, you’ll want to scare the beast off with your Flamethrower.

Look for a dead body at the side of the room, searching it to collect a Plamsa upgrade for your Cutting Torch. Approach the door next to the glass, all the while being careful not to step into the motion scanners that are constantly passing through the area. When the coast is clear, use your Cutting Torch to remove the panel covering the lever, then choose the option to Use Lever.

Pass through the door and deal with the Synthetic, then use the Sevastolink terminal to select the Utility folder and then the option to Reinstate Distribution Systems. This will update your objective to Find the Breakers to Bring Gemini Facility Online.

Exit back out the entrance that you used to enter this room, turning left and going through an unmarked door and toward your objective indicated on your Motion Tracker. Turn left at the end of the corridor and follow another hallway to a Depot sign, then use the Emergency Override to open the door. Head inside and hug the left wall, climbing the ladder when you come to it. At the top, make your way down the corridor, turning left into a room and passing through to another.

The room you’re in now should have several work stations and a door that can only be opened with a Maintenance Jack. Look for several circuit breakers along the far wall, approaching them and choosing the option to Reset Breaker. That will show an objective completed notification for Trigger the Analysis Lab Breaker Switch. From here, either backtrack down the corridor or use your Maintenance Jack to open the nearby door. Either way, you’ll end up at the ladder you just climbed to get to this level.

Climb down the ladder and hug the right wall, exiting out the Enrichment Laboratory door and turning left. Follow the corridor to the end, then choose the option to Climb. Go left again, following the crawl space until you can exit into a room on the right side and near the end. Go through the door along this room’s left wall, waiting for the motion sensor to move from the nearby door and then going through it. Loot this room before exiting through an unmarked door, following the left wall until you find another breaker. Approach it and choose the option to Reset Breaker, completing the objective to Trigger the Decontamination Room Breaker Switch.

Your objective will now update to Initialize the Distribution Conduit. Backtrack out of this room and into the hallway where the motion sensor is located, crossing it and going through the unmarked door. Loot this room, then go through one of the Maintenance Shaft Access hatches to reach a crawl space. Turn to your left and follow the crawl space until you can climb out using a hatch that will deliver you into a corridor. Follow it to the end where you’ll once again see the Depot sign and a door on the right. Go through the door and head to the middle of the room where you can choose the option to Access Terminal. Scroll to the Utility folder at the bottom and choose the option to Initialize the Distribution Conduit. Stay in the Utility folder, but scroll down and select the option for Service Request.

Staying near the center of the room, move a few feet forward from the Sevastolink terminal and pull the lever to Stabilize Energy Flow. Then move clockwise around the center tower to find another lever, pulling it to Stabilize Energy Flow again. This will update your objective to Take the Freight Lift to Project KG348.

Exit the room from the opposite side that you entered by going through the Distribution door. Turn to your right and then go through another Distribution door on your left. Descend two flights of stairs, grabbing a map half way down and going through the Quality Control door at the bottom. Walk around the desk with the dead dude, then choose the Call Freight option along the right wall. This will open up a hatch that leads to the crawl space to your left. Get inside and follow it left, exiting into the second room on your left. That’s a lot of lefts.

This will deliver you to a room with a set of stairs and alarm going off. Walk past the stairs instead of going up them, then go through the Lobby door and board the elevator. Press the button to go To Project KG348.

After stepping off the elevator your objective will update to Access the Project KG348 Research Labs. Move forward and take the closed Reception door on your right, going all the way through the next area and exiting through the unmarked door. This will lead you to an area that is full of signs giving you directions to Project KG348, so follow them and choose to Use Plasma Torch to open the far door.

Once inside the room with the ladder, grab the map and receive an updated objective asking you to Restore Power to the Lab. Climb down the ladder and exit the area using the door on your left, following the corridor as it curves right and leads you through another door. Passing through it will reveal a Synthetic that has seen better days, and you’ll turn right and move counterclockwise for quite some time. Pass by the Analysis Lab corridor until you get to a very bright room, going up the stairs on your left labeled Synthesis Lab. When you enter the next room, look for and choose the option to Reset Breaker, then turn around and save your game.

Around this time you’ll also receive an updated objective to Activate the Primary Alarm System. Backtrack down the stairs and turn to your right, now traveling clockwise as the corridor curves to the right. When you find an open door on the right side of the hallway, go through it and approach the console in the center of the room. Whip out your Security Access Tuner and use it to fire up the console, then fend off the Alien with your Flamethrower if it makes an appearance, which it likely will.

Your objective will soon update to Escape the Lab, so head out of the central room and turn right, once again moving clockwise around the corridor. When you reach the door you’ll endure a short, scripted scene, and when that’s over your objective will be to Get to the Airlock.

Time to go back through the corridor, this time in a counterclockwise direction. As you make your way forward your objective will update to Pressurize the Airlock, so approach it and choose the option to Use Button to the left.

This will immediately update your objective to Wait for the Airlock to Pressurize, so bust out your Flamethrower and use it to fight off the Alien. If you run out of juice, try throwing a Molotov at it, but when the objective changes to Get to the Airlock, quickly hop inside to trigger a cut scene. When the scene ends, move into the next room and choose the option to Change, bringing the mission to an end.

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