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Alien: Isolation Mission 1: Closing the Book – Explore the Torrens

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Prima’s Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

When the mission begins you’ll play as Amanda Ripley, the main protagonist of Alien: Isolation. When you have control, head over to the flashing console along the wall that says System Monitoring A with your name, Amanda Ripley, written above it. Follow the instructions to interact and receive your first objective, Explore the Torrens.

Exit the room through the only door you can and take your first left, following the hallway until another door opens for you. When you enter the room, head to the opposite side and interact with the personal storage locker that has your name above it. This will complete the secondary objective, Get Dressed.

Feel free to explore the room, but when you’re done, exit out the door you entered through, then follow the hallway until you can go either right or left. You’re heading left, following the hall until you reach an intersection. Go to your right and through the door at the far end to find Taylor sitting at a table. Approach her to trigger a conversation, but feel free to explore the room as the two of you chat. Look for a green light on the wall to Taylor’s left. Approach it and interact to gather up some supplies. When you’re done talking, you’ll have knocked off the Speak to Taylor secondary objective.

Exit the room Taylor is in through the door you entered, then take the hallway that splits off to the right. Follow it until you hit another intersection and take the path to your left. The room that Samuels is in will be just on your left. Enter through the only door and talk to him to complete your secondary objective, Speak to Samuels.

Your new objective will be to Go to Bridge for Briefing, and it’s about as easy as objectives get. Just follow Samuels through the ship, passing by the room where you previously spoke to Taylor. Feel free to look around when you arrive at the bridge, making sure to Collect Your Briefing Documents from the desk behind the captain when instructed to do so. This will complete all the objectives you have for this mission, although the game may not notify you as it has done previously.

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