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Thief (2014): How to Defeat Final Boss – Primal Erin

by Prima Games Staff

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Even though Thief only features two boss fights, each one presents a unique challenge. Yesterday, we showed you how to defeat the Thief-Taker General using both the non-lethal and lethal approaches. This time, we’ll show you how to effectively defeat Primal Erin, the Final Boss in the game’s last chapter, The Dawn’s Light.

Final Boss: Primal Erin

The good thing about this boss fight is that it doesn’t require players to bring any weapons. The bad thing is that Erin can give off extremely powerful blasts of Primal energy. As long as you put an object between you and her, you won’t take damage. Keep a close eye on your health at all times. If you’re getting low, eat some food to prevent death.

As soon as you can, run to your left and jump on the platform. Take cover behind the beams to avoid Erin’s first attack. As soon as you can, go to the northeast to see the first fragment floating in the air. Snatch it up and immediately take cover behind some nearby beams. Erin will pop up in front of you and retaliate with a powerful blast of Primal energy.

When things come down, head south, jumping from the platform and climbing another. Keep working around the exterior wall of the room until you are almost opposite of your original start point. Wait for a break in the attacks from Erin and grab the second fragment.

That’s two out of three. Erin will now release several clones as punishment for you grabbing the second stone. These mini versions of Erin can harm you, but in general, they aren’t very threatening. Stay hidden behind some beams until the coast is clear. The third and final fragment is to the southwest. Follow one of Erin’s clones to the edge of the floor and drop down. Collect the final fragment to end the battle.

Of course, you can collect the fragments in any order you wish. This is just the way that we found to be most effective. To see this method in action, check out the video below.

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