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PAX East | Celebrating 35 Years of Tetris

by Liana Ruppert

PAX East has come and gone but the memories will last forever. Our very own Editor in Chief (it me) Liana Ruppert joined Indie Obscura’s Morgan Shaver for an incredible panel during the showcase to celebrate all things Tetris. 


From the often-forgotten Tetris Battle Gaiden to the more recent experiences seen in Tetris 99 and Tetris Effect, we talk about it all with fans from around the world. For those that couldn’t make it out to Boston, we wanted to share the experience with our readers, though don’t expect the BioWare one we did to go live: it got a little too M-rated for the Prima socials. 

What about you? What are some of your thoughts on the points raised in the video above? Favorite Tetris experience? Does Tetris 99 belong in professional esports? Tell us all of your thoughts by hitting us up on Twitter @PrimaGames, let’s celebrate Tetris! 

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