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Zombie Gunship Survival – How to Loot Buildings Faster

by Josh Hawkins

As you progress through the levels in Zombie Gunship Survival, you may start to notice a decline in how much loot your soldiers are able to pull out of a building. Sometimes, they might even leave a building mid-loot, forcing you to miss out on valuable items you need back at base. In this article we’ll talk about loot speeds, how you can loot faster in Zombie Gunship Survival, and how you can loot buildings faster overall.

How to Loot Buildings Faster

Keep in mind that each mission that you partake in is timed, which means you’ll have to not only watch out for zombies, but you’ll also have to try to loot all of the buildings in each level before the timer runs out and your squad is forced to evacuate on the chopper. The best way to ensure that you aren’t having to leave buildings un-looted is to make sure your squad is set up to be both versatile, but also excellent at looting.

The best way to increase loot timing is to acquire loot that increase the loot bonus stat. The most likely weapons that this is found on are the Shotguns, which are used by Scouts. Now, while it is absolutely possible to have a party made up entirely of Scouts, you shouldn’t do this, as Assaults and Snipers are actually much better at engaging hostiles, as they have a much larger range of fire.

Of course, you can set your squad up how you like, but we would definitely suggest keeping it as versatile as possible.

Aside from equipping weapons with loot bonus stats, players should also make sure that they are paying attention to their squad, and the various threats that are in play within the missions that you take on. Players should always try to avoid forcing their squad members to fight zombies, or even destroy buildings that are in their way. This will ensure that your members can spend more time looting than they have to defending their current location.

You should also look out for any ground defenses, like towers, that you need to deal with as your soldiers will ignore looting to take down the towers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else you can do to ensure that your squad is looting buildings fast enough. Just pay attention, keep enemies off them, keep their path clear, and set up your squad to take advantage of some nice loot bonus stats and you should be good to go. You should also check out our guide on how to upgrade weapons, where we show you how to upgrade your weapons and make them stronger in Zombie Gunship Survival.