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Zombie Gunship Survival – How to Get More Metal and Supplies

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to keep upgrading your base, you’re going to need to gather more Metal and Supplies. Finding these items can be tricky at times, and in this article we’ll teach you some of the best ways to obtain more Metal and more Supplies in Zombie Gunship Survival, which will help you increase the size of your Hangar, Armory, and other parts of your base.

There are a number of ways to earn Metal and Supplies, and this guide will point out the three best ways to keep your Metal and Supply reserves full.

Complete Objectives

Objectives are a great way to obtain more Metal and Supplies, and there are plenty of missions waiting to be completed in Zombie Gunship Survival. There are actually two categories of Objectives that you can complete while playing Zombie Gunship Survival. First, there are regular Objectives, which reward you for reaching certain points in the game. These Objectives give you rewards for upgrading parts of your base to certain levels, and even for killing a certain number of zombies.

The second type of Objectives are Daily Objectives. These Objectives reset each and every day, allowing you an almost endless way to receive and acquire new shipments of Metal and Supplies. You can also earn a decent amount of experience for each Objective that you complete, which is really handy for leveling up.

Complete Missions

Completing missions is another great way to acquire plenty of Metal and Supplies, and it’s something you’ll find yourself doing quite a bit if you put any amount of time into Zombie Gunship Survival. We’d suggest looting every building you can in the various missions available, as this will increase the amount of loot you will earn. You can usually see how much loot each building has during the planning phase of the mission, where you choose where you want to drop your team in at.

Each time you complete a mission you’ll receive experience, Metal, and Supplies, so be sure to make your way through the various missions and defeat all your foes.

Defend Your Base

Defending your base is important, and every so often you’ll want to return from the battlefield and upgrade your defenses. Then, once your defenses have been updated, tap on the Defend Base icon on your game screen and start up your defense. If you’re successful, and you don’t let any zombies destroy your Headquarters, then you’ll receive a hefty sum of Metal, Supplies, and experience—all three are important to progressing through the game.

That’s everything you need to know to acquire lots of Metal and Supplies. Make sure you upgrade your storage buildings when you can, as this will allow you to constantly keep acquiring more loot from the various missions you go out on. You should also take a look at our Zombie Gunship Survival tips for more assistance with the game.

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