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Yoshi’s New Island Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The original Yoshi’s Island for Super Nintendo is one of the greatest games of all time, and fans will find plenty to love about Yoshi’s New Island. Available for 3DS, gamers will once again take control of Yoshi as the popular dinosaur carries Baby Mario through an attractive hand-drawn world. While there’s little complexity behind this adventure, these beginner’s tips will have you collecting coins and throwing eggs like a champ.

Tip: Collect 100 gold coins to receive an extra life.

Make Eggs, and Always Keep Some Handy

The hungry Yoshi can devour enemies. From there, you have two choices: spit the bad guy at other enemies, or transform it into an egg. Personally, we suggest doing the latter. You’ll need eggs to complete various puzzles and hit hard-to-reach items inaccessible with Yoshi’s trademark Flutter Jump. You can have up to six eggs on Yoshi at all times, so never hesitate to make more when running low.

Tip: To throw an egg, tap X to bring up the aiming cursor, then tap X again to lock it in place. To cancel, press the crouch button. Even better, you can press L or Y to pause the cursor, making it easier to aim the egg.

Replay Levels to Find Collectibles

Nintendo did a fine job hiding red coins, smiley flowers and other items. Thankfully, time is on your side. You won’t have to worry about a time limit while exploring a stage, and you’re free to replay levels.

Tip: You can toss eggs to collect just about everything in Yoshi’s New Island.

Don’t Waste Eggs

You never know how long it will be before you encounter enemies or egg blocks (these produce an egg each time you hit one until full). For this reason, use eggs wisely.

Tips: Eggs ricochet off hard surfaces. Keep that in mind when trying to collect objects.

Don’t Always Use Rocks to Crush Enemies

Under normal circumstances, it’s a smart idea to use enemies to produce eggs than needlessly squashing them with rocks. At the same time, crushing them may reveal a hidden item, hence the need to replay stages for 100 percent completion. By all means, though, use these rocks to reach high platforms.

Tip: Use Yoshi’s Ground Pound to break objects and access new areas.

Thoroughly Explore Before Entering Pinball Flippers

Once Yoshi passes through a set of pinball flippers, you won’t be able to backtrack. Make sure you’ve explored every inch of a stage before doing this.

Tip: Lose Baby Mario? Get him back before all of Yoshi’s Star Power (top right corner of the screen) depletes. If the counter reaches zero, Yoshi loses one life. Thankfully, collecting stars increases the Star Power up to 30.

Use Binoculars to Solve Puzzles

Jump into a floating pair of binoculars. Doing this lets you use the 3DS gyroscope to get a much better view of a stage, making it easier to break pipes and collect coins with a Mega Eggdozer, a super huge Yoshi egg.

Tip: You can turn a giant enemy into a Mega Eggdozer. Press B, then rapidly tap B to make Yoshi devour this bad guy.

Don’t Jump on Enemies as Mine Cart Yoshi

You won’t destroy them. Instead, it will affect your ability to finish this motion controlled course before time runs out. This also applies to Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi and Jackhammer Yoshi.

Tip: Keep an eye on the bottom screen to see how many stars, red coins (20 per stage) and smiley flowers you have to collect/have collected.

Collect Everything

Never leave gold coins behind. Collecting them all may reveal a valuable item.

Tip: Hit flying white Shy Guys for 1ups!

Know Your Eggs

There are eggs of different colors in Yoshi’s New Island; each one signifies something different. A green egg produces one gold coin, a yellow egg produces three gold coins, a red egg produces two stars and a purple egg gives you one red coin.

Yoshi’s New Island is available now for 3DS.

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