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Yooka-Laylee – How to Complete the Shovel Knight Easter Egg Quest

Learn how to complete the quest given to Yooka and Laylee by the great Shovel Knight.
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

After you expand Tribalstack Tropics the level grows, and several new areas unlock. One of these areas includes an iconic indie-game character named Shovel Knight, who many may recognize from the original game, Shovel Knight, which was created by Yacht Club Games. In this article we’ll teach you how to find Shovel Knight Easter egg in Yooka-Laylee, and how to make it to the top of the temple and obtain the jewel that he longs for.

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How to Find Shovel Knight

As we stated above, Shovel Knight can only be found after you’ve expanded Tribalstack Tropics, the very first level of the game. After you have expanded the level, head back inside and make your way up the ramp from spawn, then head up the wooden ramp to the right. This leads you to an area with a skeleton explorer in a pot! Continue past this explorer and around the path that now curves around the mountain. It shouldn’t take you long to spot the Blue Burrower just ahead on the path.

Talk to Shovel Knight to learn that he longs for a jewel high atop the temple behind him. But, he can’t reach it himself, so he needs you to get it for him. In return he’ll tell you the secret to succeeding in any adventure, and even toss in a Pagie for your troubles.

How to Reach the Top of the Temple

Now it’s time to reach the top of the mountain and claim the jewel for Shovel Knight. Head across the bridge and start up the path that circles around the temple. The first section is made up of two wooden platforms that move when Yooka and Laylee put weight on them. Simply jump onto the first platform and seesaw it until you can jump to the second one. Now, jump to the first landing, which leads to the second section.

The second section of the path builds upon the same idea as the first. First, jump onto the seesaw platform, and let it raise up near the ledge that you want to jump to. Then, after it is high enough in the air, run and jump to the ledge. Now it’s time for the second part of this section.

This area is much more difficult to complete, as it requires timing your Slurp Shot just right. If you don’t have the Slurp Shot yet, then be sure to head back down and purchase it from Trowzer for 30 Quills. Once you have the Slurp Shot, return to this area to complete the quest and get your Pagie from Shovel Knight. If you already have Slurp Shot, then eat the frozen berries to the right and then shoot one at the button to the right of the revolving platform. This will cause it to stop. You may need to try this a few times before you get it just right.

Onward to the third section of the path! This area is much more difficult than the last, as you have a total of three platforms to position in the correct area. Thankfully there’s only one switch to deal with here, so grab some berries off the bush nearby, and then hit the switch with a Slurp Shot to get the platforms revolving. We recommend focusing on the center platform, as lining it up just right should line the others up correctly, too.

After you’ve lined all of the platforms up, and locked them into place by shooting the switch a second time, climb up them to move on to the next section of the path. Things are about to get a lot tougher, so take your time and be patient with your shots.

This is where things get really challenging! There are three platforms again, but this time they’re all set up on their own switches, so you’ll need to line each one up individually. Destroy the crates off to the right, then head down the wooden bridge and slurp up the frozen berries. Once you’re locked and loaded, hit the bottom left-most switch to trigger the platform on the far left.

With the first platform in place, grab some more berries and hit the switch on the far right to lineup the top platform.

Now, you’ve only got on platform left, and that’s the middle one. This switch is pretty tricky, though, as it moves side to side. Lineup your shot, and then wait for the platform to reach the desired area and fire away. Don’t worry if it takes you a few minutes (it took us a few tries too). Just keep trying until you have them all lined up and can climb to the top.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the top of the temple, which means you can grab Shovel Knight’s jewel and deliver it to him. You aren’t out of the fire yet, though, as there are two enemies up here that you’ll need to take care of.

Grab some berries off the nearby bush, and then shoot the totem pole enemies to knock their eyes off. Once the eyes are knocked off, take aim at the eyes while they’re stunned, and lay into them with your Slurp Shot. This should take care of them.

If you need to, grab a few more berries for your Slurp Shot, and then take aim at the massive jewel in the temple statue’s left eye. Knock it down and then walk over it to pick it up. Time to deliver the goods to Shovel Knight and get your reward! Head back down the temple path and turn in the jewel to unlock a new Pagie and learn the secret to succeeding at any adventure!

Now that you know how to complete the Shovel Knight quest, head back over to our Yooka-Laylee guide for more helpful articles.

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