Nimble the Cloud is a character that players will run into quite often throughout their time in Yooka-Laylee. Players first encounter with this speedster will occur in Tribalstack Tropics, the first world of the game. At first glance the race against Nimble can seem quite challenging. Not only is she very quick, but she floats above the ground, so wet and ice along the riverbed racetrack does not affect her speed or handling. In this article we’ll help players win the race, beat Nimble the Cloud in Yooka-Laylee and claim a Pagie from Nimble.

How to Win

The key to winning against Nimble is to keep Yooka and Laylee’s Reptile Roll completely charged. Thankfully this can be accomplished by jumping and collecting the various Butterflies that are scattered around the race track.

First, prepare for the race by getting ready to start rolling. Using the Reptile Roll move is the only way that players can complete this race and win against Nimble. Once the race starts, take off rolling and make your way around the track. Keep an eye out for Butterflies, as you’ll need them to keep your power charged in order to keep Yooka rolling.

There really isn’t much strategy to the first race, as all you need to do is roll around and collect Butterflies while staying ahead of Nimble. The race becomes much more challenging later one, when the riverbed is wet or iced over.

If you still find yourself struggling to complete the race and beat Nimble, come back after you’ve had a chance to find some Power Extenders. These items allow you to make use of your powers for extended times, which can make them perfect for completing more challenging and difficult situations that require powers like the Reptile Roll. Players should also keep in mind that jumping resets momentum, while also retaining your current speed. This is exceptionally useful in later races, when the riverbed is wet or iced over.

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