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Yo-Kai Watch – How to Find and Make Friends With Yo-Kai

by Prima Games Staff

Yo-Kai Watch contains a variety of mischievous supernatural critters hiding within the fictional town of Springdale. Some are invisible to the naked eye, forcing you to explore the city and surrounding areas in search of these characters. This feature covers the three different ways to find Yo-Kai in the game and how to make them your friends.

Watch Mode 

Explore a bit, preferably near tall grass, cars and vending machines, and your radar may inform you of a nearby Yo-Kai. When the magnifying glass icon appears, tap the A button to enter Watch Mode. This lets you scan the environment with the Yo-Kai lens. If you see a purple shimmer, you found the Yo-Kai, but you still have work to do. Keep the lens focused on this area until the gauge completely fills up, and remember, some Yo-Kai will attempt to escape.

The magnifying lens icon will also let you know when you’re close to bugs and fish. You will need the fishing pole to catch fish. 

Yo-Kai Radar 

The Yo-Kai Radar will display a “?” when a creature is near. Go into Watch Mode and press Y to access the lens. See the needle on the top right corner of the screen? If it’s in the red, the Yo-Kai is close. Thankfully it won’t run away when found. 

When you track down a Yo-Kai with radar, speak to it. You’ll either battle this character or receive a special item. 

Yo-Kai Hangouts!

Sometimes you’ll see Yo-Kai with red exclamation points (“!”) above their heads, wandering about in buildings and alleys. These Yo-Kai are especially aggressive, and battling against them is a great way to earn lots of EXP. These guys don’t run. They want to fight!

Making Yo-Kai Friends

Some Yo-Kai automatically become friends with your character as part of the game’s plot. Other times you will need to find and then win a battle against a specific Yo-Kai, and there’s no guarantee it’ll join your party after defeating it in combat. However, you can increase the chance of this happening by giving the Yo-Kai its favorite food. Mochismo, for example, prefers Rice Balls, while Zerberker enjoys meat. 

Below are several more Yo-Kai, along with their favorite snacks.

  • Beetler: Vegetables
  • Kapunki: Rice Balls
  • Snotsolong: Seafood
  • Lafalotta: Hamburger
  • Dummkap: Candy
  • Mirapo: Chinese Food

For more tips, read Prima’s Yo-Kai Watch eGuide.

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