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Yo-Kai Watch 2 – How to Evolve Yo-Kai

by Josh Hawkins

The sequel to Yo-Kai Watch has finally arrived, and if you’re busy catching yourself some Yo-kai, then you’re probably going to need to know how to evolve them once they become strong enough. Now, now every Yo-kai can evolve into something else, so you’ll only be able to evolve certain Yo-kai that you catch. In this article we’ll break down how the evolution process in Yo-Kai Watch 2 works, as well as go over how you can tell if a Yo-kai can evolve into a stronger Yo-kai.

How to Evolve Yo-Kai

Evolving Yo-kai isn’t that hard, and you can always tell if a Yo-kai can evolve, because it will automatically make the transformation once it hits a certain level, unless you cancel it. This means you don’t have to worry about checking to see if a Yo-kai can evolve. Instead, just leave them alone, continue leveling them up, and if they can evolve, they will eventually evolve.

The exact level needed to evolve a Yo-kai is different depending on the Yo-kai type. Some Yo-kai in Yo-Kait Watch 2 will evolve at early levels, while others will need to be leveled pretty high until the evolution triggers. Typically, though, the later a Yo-kai must wait to evolve, the stronger its evolved form will be once the transformation is complete.

As we stated above, Yo-kai evolutions trigger automatically, however you do have the option to cancel them. Like your Yo-kai just the way he is? Then cancel the evolution and continue using it in its arlier form. If you later decide that you want to continue with the evolution, you can always choose to evolve that Yo-kai once it reaches its next level.

How to Level up Yo-kai Quickly

You can level up Yo-Kai quickly, thus making them reach their evolution level, by using Exporbs. These items grant experience to your Yo-kai without making you use them in battle. Of course, these items can be quite hard to find, so you’ll want to save them for your top Yo-kai. Instead, simply battle with your Yo-kai and it’s experience will build over time, allowing you to evolve it to even higher levels.

We’ll be covering more on Yo-Kai Watch 2 over the coming days, so be sure to check back for even more in-depth details about the game, and make sure to pick up the official Prima Games guide for all the best information about the game.

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