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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Guide to the New Los Angeles District

by Prima Games Staff

While the outer world of Mira offers plenty to do, the inner sanctum of New Los Angeles is also a fascinating place, as you’ll be able to stretch out your BLADE skills while exploring the planet.

There are five districts to visit, so be sure to use the guide below to get the breakdown on each one, and see what you should check out.

Administrative District

This is practically the center of New Los Angeles, as you’ll be able to visit the BLADE Tower and see everything it has to offer. Be sure to visualize the progress you’re making within the game, as humanity continues to thrive in its new home.

It also has a variety of activities to offer, as you can visit the Hangar to see what kind of traffic comes in, as well as the Mimeosome Maintenance Center in case you have something in need of repair.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: The BLADE Tower and Concourse are easily your best bets, although if you’re in a shopping frame of mind or want to tackle some new missions, it never hurts to stop by Armor Alley and Mission Control as well. It’s not quite as big as Mira’s larger areas, but it’s still fascinating.

Commercial District

This district is probably one of the better urban areas you’ll come across in the game, as you’ll be able to explore its many strip malls and cafes. You’ll also run into fellow BLADEs recovering from their workday, along with a few aliens for good measure. Relax! They’re friendly for the most part.

It consists of many interconnected streets, mainly revolving around Melville, although there’s also a Founders street and Barista Court if you feel like checking them out.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: The whole district covers a good amount of ground, but you can see everything it has to offer within a small amount of time.

Industrial District

If you’re looking for progress to be made within New Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Industrial District. Here you’ll find the many hangars and manufactories where stuff is made, although most of it runs via automated means. No matter, as you’ll be able to get new missions from the Outfitters Test Hangar, and visit the West Gate for good measure, which can lead you to Primordia.

There’s also a Repenta Diner located in the area, where you’ll find a few fellow BLADE soldiers hanging out, if you feel like striking up a conversation.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: This is a rather large area, with the Central Industrial District and the Outfitters Test Hangar covering a lot of ground. Be sure to stop by both Repenta Diner and the Hangar to see the most of what this area has to offer.

Ma-Non Ship: While this is probably the most compact district in the bunch, the Ma-Non Ship is still a fantastic sight. You’ll be able to park this ship across from BLADE Tower following chapter five, and there you can frequent the many friendly alien species you come across in the game. They’ll fit right in with the community, even with those wary of aliens (considering what happened on Earth).

You’ll interact with a number of these characters, while at the same time checking out what’s happening within the ship’s decks. Make sure you understand that the whole thing won’t open up until you complete the Prone Sweet Prone mission. Only then can you access the Port Side. It’s worth it, though.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: Head to the main deck first, then cruise over to Starboard to begin interacting with alien characters you encounter. Eventually you’ll want to mosey over to the Port Deck as well, once you make enough progress within the game.

Residential District

Finally, you’ll go to the main area where humans rest their weary heads after a long day in the city, the Residential District. Here, you’ll find five different areas divided up within this small corner of the map, including a small Sports Complex where residents can show their competitive side, as well as a Water Purification Plant.

The other areas consist mainly of homes in Ishmael Hills, as well as a beautiful Deliverance Park and a Cathedral, in case you feel like getting your religion on. It’s your choice, but it’s all worth seeing, especially considering how serene it is.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: The Park is a nice place to get some air and relax after all that monster battling, and the Sports Complex can be fun as well.

Be sure to check out the continents of Mira, and for more tips, visit our Xenoblade Chronicles X eGuide.


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