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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Guide to the Mira District

by Prima Games Staff

There are two tremendous areas you’ll be able to explore in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The first is New Los Angeles, which we’ll cover in great detail in a forthcoming breakdown. The second is Mira, consisting of five different continents thriving with alien life. You’ll find lots to explore within each of these provinces, along with plenty of danger – so make sure you have a good battle party on hand before making the journey.

Below is a quick lowdown of the five continents you’ll find in Mira.


Out of all the continents in Mira, Primordia has the most in common with Earth. It looks like an essential Eden, with miles of terrain that ranges from sandy beaches to peaks that can be climbed (particularly with your Skell suit), as well as grassy lands that connect them all together. However, looks can be deceiving, as you’ll need to deal with a couple of races of aliens in order to effectively traverse the land.

First up are the piscinoids, which you’ll find roaming among the beaches. However, there are also a few large indigens making the rounds, which are sure to make your life a living hell if you’re not careful.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: Any part of the province is worth exploring, but you’ll find a number of plains and lakes to discover to the east, along with a cool Castaway Cavern located to the very north.


Just northwest of Primorida you’ll find Noctilum, which is essentially a large forest-like area that has a lot of beautiful sights to behold in its own right. However, you’ll want to proceed with caution, as it can be quite easy to get lost in any of its given areas, from Dead Man’s Gulch to the Sentinel’s Nest.

You’ll deal with a number of creatures big and small, so be sure to have a battle team ready. Also, if you get a chance, seek out the Skybound Coil Tree, which is one of the biggest highlights.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: You’ll probably begin in the lower part of the vicinity, where you can explore the various locales, like the Twin Hammers and the Ensconced Citadel. If you can though, head north, where you’ll find the Divine Roost and the Sentinel’s Nest.


Considered the badlands of Mira, you’ll find a lot of desert in the continent of Oblivia, although the giant structures that still remain are a sight to behold, hiding a deeper mystery that lies buried somewhere in the sand.  You’ll also find various rings carved into the land throughout the world, which you can check out to find treasures and rare collectibles – along with a few enemies that aren’t willing to let you pass by with them so easily.

It’s pretty wide in scope, and covers several miles of terrain, so be sure to take your time exploring Oblivia. It’ll certainly be worth it.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: There are various lookout points to both the east and the west, particularly the Mount Edge Peak and Kintrees. Try to make your way to the northeast as well, though, as you’ll find the Floating Reef and Borian Caravan, amongst other highlights.


Out of the five offered continents, Sylvalum has a true alien presence, making it almost the opposite of Primordia. You’ll thoroughly enjoy exploring it regardless, as you deal with a strange haze and a stunningly designed sky while checking out the various rock formations left behind. You’ll definitely want to dig deep here to find the treasures hidden throughout, and learn a thing or two about the majestic formations in the process.

One word of warning, though – watch out for the indigens. They mean business.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: The upper portion of Sylvalum is loaded with the most highlights, including several summits and rock formations to check out. However, make sure you pay a visit down to the southeast, where the Cleaning Spring holds many secrets.


Last but certainly not least, there’s Cauldros, the final continent you’ll come across. However, it’s also the most populated with aliens, as you’ll deal with the Ganglion, a nasty race of creatures that don’t take lightly to humans whatsoever. You’ll want to make sure you’re at a good, high level before you even think about taking them on.

If you can survive their wrath, you’ll find plenty to explore here, including various ruins and mining platforms that hold a number of secrets. Just make sure to keep an eye out for patrols.

Where’s the Best Place To Start?: Cauldros is immense, so try to stick somewhere around the middle, where you’ll be able to check out the Capital Wreckage and the Emerian Battleground. That said, it never hurts to explore to the north and southwest as well, discovering everything from the Bestial Utopia to the Wildcat Fortress.

Happy exploring – and stay on your guard!


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