10 things you missed in GTA 6 trailer (december 4, 2023)
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10 Things You Missed in the GTA 6 December 4 Trailer

With so many takeaways, the release date of 2025 for GTA VI couldn’t come sooner.

The GTA 6 first official trailer didn’t disappoint, leaving us with so much to unpack. Besides knowing that GTA VI will be PS5 and Series X/S exclusive and that its release date is set for 2025, there were plenty of other things to see coming in the next installment.

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The 10 Things You Missed in the GTA VI Trailer

Where to start with one of the most anticipated video game trailers of 2023? There was so much going on; dissecting the trailer would give us 50 talking points or more. So, in this piece, I’ve taken what I think would be the top 10 takeaways you could have missed during Rockstar’s first GTA 6 trailer So, let’s dive deeper into the trailer.

GTA 6 Trailer Opening Scene: A Bigger Prison & Base Jumping

Right off the bat, we can already see some changes in the first scene of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. The first change we see is the size of the prison and how much bigger it is going to be.

Considering how the trailer plays out, the prison will play a big role, with a prison break looking like one of the first missions of the main story. Another takeaway from this opening scene is the sky-high structure, suggesting we could see base jumping return to GTA.

New Confirmed Locations: The Everglades, Port Vice/Keys, VCI Airport & Kelly County

Looking into the locations and assuming that GTA 6 will have an even bigger map than its predecessor, you’ll already notice some of the new locations if you pay close attention.

The Everglades (Unconfirmed Name of the Swamp)

We’ve picked up that the Everglades will make their first appearance in Grand Theft Auto. The swamp is coming, and we see that this introduces more than just a new location on the map, but also some new wildlife and means of transportation.

The fan boat looks as if it will make its way into GTA 6 as one of the new vehicles. Awesome sauce!

Highway Road Sign With New GTA 6 Locations

One of the funniest screenshots in this selection is the iconic crotch grab (I predict it to make a name for itself in the world of memes). This one screenshot gives us Grand Theft Auto fans plenty of takeaways about some new locations.

Visible on the highway road signs, we can see:

  • Vice Beach,
  • Port VC/Keys, 
  • VCI Airport, and
  • Kelly County.

3 Go Postal Will Continue to be Your Delivery Service in GTA VI

It appears that Go Postal will again be included in GTA 6 as your one and only postal service provider. In one of the scenes where an alligator is seen entering a shop (as seen in the image above), you can see the Go Postal logo on the front door.

Lots of Wildlife in Grand Theft Auto VI

The diversity of wildlife is quite visible throughout the trailer, with alligators being the most prominent of all animals. One of the wildest animal scenes in the new GTA 6 trailer is the alligator getting taken out of the pool by animal services.

The cutest thing you’ll see on a GTA reveal trailer, however, has to be the little ​​Chihuahua running on the beach with its owner. The dog, the gator, and the hundreds of flamingos in the swamp all indicate we could see plenty of new wildlife and animals.

Could First Person Shooter Be an Option in GTA VI?

The scene with the police raid or swatting has sparked a big debate amongst the GTA community. The debate is whether there will be an FPS option in GTA 6.

Nothing confirms if this will be a new feature. However, if you were to consider the non-gameplay scene, it could suggest we are in for another gameplay option in GTA when roaming the streets and up to no good.

Vice City Will Be Much Bigger in GTA 6

From the city buildings to open fields, people in the streets to people on the beach, Vice City looks as if it will be getting a lot bigger in GTA 6. With new locations, easter eggs, and old locations returning. Everything appears much bigger and denser than before.

There are so many more buildings in the skyline view at the start of the trailer and in bits in between. If you go back and compare it to GTA 5, you’ll stop and agree that there is going to be more to explore in Vice City. The streets and the beaches are more crowded with people and objects, suggesting higher density populated areas with more activities for sure.

You Could Be Able to Buy and Sell Yachts

A big Easter Egg is all of the yachts in the ocean and ported by peers and docs. This could mean that yachts may make a return in 2025 with Grand Theft Auto 6.

This not only confirms that the streets of Vice City are expanding but the life on the water also appears to be getting more added to it. Hopefully, this means we are able to buy, sell, and steal yachts.

There Could Be Big Customization Plans in GTA 6

Judging by all of the land, air, and water vehicles in the trailer, we could be spoilt with customization from the launch day of GTA VI, and that customization itself is going to play a big part in the game. Customization was only a DLC in previous titles but that could all change when GTA 6 releases.

What stands out the most are the offroad pickups in the Thrill Billy Mud Club scene, the night drags and racing in another scene, and the dirt bikes and four-wheelers in a couple of other scenes.

TikTock & Instagram Reels Will Play Big Role in GTA 6 Social Media

It looks as if live feeds and highlight reels that we’ve grown accustomed to in real life are coming to Vice City and its people. There are loads of uploads going on and it could mean that reels will play a massive role in the game.

10 Grand Theft Auto VI Confirmed Factions

Holdup, wait a minute. We end the listing off with the gang factions as we see the names of Thrill Billy Mud Club and the High Rollerz Lifestyle throw up signs and rep their respective factions on social media.

Factions are a big part of what makes GTA, Grand Theft Auto. It’s not surprising to see them name two of the gangs in the game this early on. There is another sign of factions in the trailer where riders on four-wheelers and bikes can be seen wreaking havoc on the public while on a live broadcast chase.

There you have the list of things you could have missed in the first official GTA 6 trailer. For more on the latest trailer drop, read the post on 8 Things GTA 6 Trailer Gets Right About Florida, and see how well Rockstar depicts Florida.

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