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Wuthering Waves Patch 1.0, Phase 1 Banner – Resonators, Weapons, and More

Time to get lucky!

Wuthering Waves is finally here after years of development and its first set of gacha banners introduces a lot of rewards and characters that players can obtain. Here’s an in-depth preview of everything you can get in Wuthering Waves’ event and standard banners during patch 1.0.

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Wuthering Waves Patch 1.0, Phase 1 – Event Banner Preview

Wuthering Waves kicks off its launch with a pretty strong character at its forefront. The event banner titled Prevail the Lasting Night features the one and only, Jiyan—a powerful character, admired for their strong dashes and incredible Aero damage output. In theme with Jiyan’s debut, the featured weapon banner titled Absolute Pulsation is the character’s best-in-slot broadsword, Verdant Summit.

Event Character and Weapon Banner

Each event banner requires premium currency for players to pull. The character banner requires Radiant Tides while the weapon banner requires Forging Tides. Both currencies and other currencies like Lustrous Tides can be bought through the in-game shop with real money or other premium resources such as Astrite.

The pull percentages aren’t that bad, either. The percentages are pretty standard and similar when compared to other games like Genshin Impact. Every 10 pulls guarantees a four-star character or weapon, while every 80 pulls assures a five-star character. If you’re unlucky and don’t pull Jiyan before those 80 pulls, you have a 50% chance of obtaining Jiyan through the guaranteed pity roll when you reach 80 pulls. If you fail that fifty-fifty roll, your next pity pull will guarantee that you receive Jiyan. In terms of percentages, you have a 0.8% chance of pulling Jiyan and Verdant Summit naturally.

Besides the pull chance and five-star character and weapon, these banners feature other interesting rewards as well. You can obtain the four-star characters named Danjin, Chixia, and Mortefi from the event character banner. Adding on, the weapon banner featuring Verdant Summit also allows you to pull for a few other stronger weapons. You can obtain Dauntless Evernight, Variation, and Hollow Mirage.

If you plan on playing for a long amount of time or maybe you’re fortunate enough to purchase a bundle or two of Astrite, we highly suggest pulling for Jiyan and Verdant Summit. Both the character and weapon combined can take you incredibly far in the game. Jiyan is one of the strongest damage-dealing characters in Wuthering Waves and when paired with Verdant Summit, the character obliterates enemies and slices through bosses like butter. Jiyan is definitely a must-have for any team.

Wuthering Waves Patch 1.0, Phase 1 – Starter and Standard Banner Preview

The standard banners are a little different since they’ll most likely never change. You can expect this banner to stay the same for a while, if not forever. Currently, there are three standard banners, including the promotional starter banner titled Utterance of Marvels, which is perfect for new players.

Promotional Starter Banner – Utterance of Marvels

The promotional starter banner offers the chance for you to obtain one of five, five-star characters at 50 pulls. These characters are Verina, Encore, Calcharo, Lingyang, and Jianxin. Each character is unique in its own way, but only one is guaranteed once you pull 50 times. After 50 pulls, the banner will close and you won’t be able to roll again. It’s worth mentioning that you can obtain four-star characters like Yangyang, Chixia, Baizhi, Danjin, Sanhua, Taoqi, Mortefi, Aalto, and Yuanwu from the banner, as well as various weapons. This feature means you’ll have the chance to pull for four or more four-star characters, as well as a five-star character. The greatest part about the banner though is that it only costs 40 Lustrous Tides instead of 50 because of the promo discount. We highly suggest rolling in this banner so you can obtain a five-star character early into the game.

Standard Character Banner – Tidal Chorus

The last two standard banners are probably the worst in Wuthering Waves because there’s no promotional discount or added value to pull percentages. In the standard character banner, you’re pretty much pulling for the same characters in the promotional starter banner for a more significant cost at 10 Lustrous Tides per 10 pulls. We only suggest rolling on the standard character banner once you’ve finished rolling on the promotional starter banner.

Standard Weapon Banner – Winter Brume Weapons

The standard weapon banner is a little different as you’ll primarily be rolling for actual weaponry, but the cost is the same at 10 Lustrous Tides per 10 rolls. The pull chance is basically the same as the standard character banner, but you at least get to choose which five-star weapon you can obtain at 80 pulls by cycling through the options. We only suggest pulling off this banner if you’re looking for a specific weapon in the late-game stages.

But that’s everything there is to know about Wuthering Waves’ first set of gacha banners. For more tips and tricks, check out How to Get Echoes in Wuthering Waves.

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