WoW’s Hallow’s End Start and End Date 2023

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The best World of Warcraft holiday is coming up in just over a week – Hallow’s End. It’s spooky season, ya’ll, and the Headless Horseman is getting the much-anticipated “holiday refresh” treatment. Here are the start and end dates for WoW’s Hallow’s End event.

World of Warcraft: Hallow’s End Event Dates

Hallow’s End runs from October 18 – November 1, with its end heralding the start of Day of the Dead in November.

As mentioned, Hallow’s End is undergoing a “refresh” of sorts, much the same way Brewfest did a few weeks ago. This will mean new rewards to earn and revamped Headless Horseman boss fight – including a Hard Mode – and new event quests. I’ll be posting a separate piece when the event drops which highlights all the new additions, so stay tuned!

There’s also a new introduction questline that outlines the lore of the Headless Horseman as a former Knight of the Silver Hand named Thomas Thomson who, cursed while inside the Scarlet Monastery, murdered his family. He beseeches the player to help him find his late wife, Suzannah, and things predictably go awry, culminating in a familiar battle in a new version of the Scarlet Monestary.

Hallow’s End Rewards

Among other things, the Headless Horseman can, ironically, drop a sweet-looking helmet. Players who defeat him also have a very low chance (somewhere in the ballpark of 0.5% per day) of receiving his mount. But fret not, because if Brewfest 2023 is anything to go by there are surely other, new rewards to earn this year as well.

If you still don’t have the Horseman’s Reigns after years of trying for it: join the club. Just remember, the chase is half the fun.

Players have been clamoring for a broom mount similar to the one temporarily available during the Hallow’s End event, and wouldn’t you know it there’s one available right now as a Trading Post reward!

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