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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood First Look – Blazkowicz is Back

by Prima Games Staff

Last year Bethesda, with the help of Machine Games, released Wolfenstein: The New Order, a game that returned the classic first-person shooting franchise to form, once again focusing on the unstoppable B.J. Blazkowicz as he put the hurt on the Nazi regime in an alternate historical setting. Even without multiplayer the game fared incredibly well, especially when it came to solving every enigma code, so it comes as no surprise the publisher is hard at work on a new chapter in the series.

The Old Blood, which releases next week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, acts as a prequel to the events in The New Order, as players follow Blazkowicz and company across a pair of crucial missions. The first takes place in a location that fans of the series will be familiar with – Castle Wolfenstein – as he battles a maniacal prison warden and the castle’s twisted inhabitants.

From there, Blazkowicz visits the city of Wulfburg, where he runs across an obsessed Nazi archaeologist whose artifacts could lead to big supernatural trouble, a dark and ancient power that even the gun-toting hero won’t be able to stop.

Similar to the first game, there will be no shortage of action in The Old Blood, as you’ll face off against both soldiers and General Deathshead’s horrific creations, like a chaingun carrying freak that will require a lot of bullets to bring down, and snipers with dead-on accuracy, which could spell trouble for Blazkowicz. Of course, once we figured out how to beat Deathshead in The New Order, the boss fight wasn’t so tough.

Naturally our hero will have access to an impressive arsenal. The Old Blood will introduce a number of new weapons that he’ll be able to use to put down the Nazis.

The first is a twin set of pipes that serve as both powerful melee weapons and a means for climbing up walls. Blazkowicz will drive these pipes into the walls as he works his way up, and then grasp the pipes for either quick strikes across the head, or if he sneaks up on a guard, a fatal stab.

Second, Blazkowicz now has access to a special crossbow-shaped gun that delivers an explosive punch. This is useful for clearing out small spaces, as he can hurl an explosive bolt down the hall that will easily wipe out soldiers waiting for him. It’s also good for long-range shots, indicated with the scope attached to the top of the gun. The only downside is that it probably uses up quite a bit of ammunition, so you may want to keep an eye open for containers holding more.

Finally, there’s a new pistol. The trailer below features this gun in action, with easy aiming mechanics and bullets that can put down opponents in just a couple of shots. It may not be the most powerful weapon out there, but it’s effective when the situation calls for it. Other enemies and weapons will be introduced in the final game, though Bethesda has yet to reveal all of the details.

One thing’s for sure, nostalgia will certainly run high throughout The Old Blood. Castle Wolfenstein is a great place to explore, with a cool redesign that’ll appeal to longtime fans and newcomers to the series.

The game will be a bit on the short side, it costs $19.99 and only contains two mission, but those who enjoyed The New Order should get their money’s worth from The Old Blood. It has enough action to keep players entertained, and the new additions – particularly those brutal pipes – will make slaughtering Nazis thrilling. That said, Prima will post a free Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough next week.

If you still need to beat last year’s game, read Prima’s free The New Order walkthrough, where we tell you exactly where to find Anne’s Wedding Ring.

Now watch The Old Blood trailer to see the new Castle Wolfenstein!

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